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Songs List

Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

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This is a list of all of the songs you can learn for your Wind Waker, complete with information on how to get them.

Wind's Requiem

Description: Play this song to change the direction of the wind.
How to Get it: From the beach of Dragon Roost Island, go through the little tunnel and swim to the island. Read the stone, then break out the Wind Waker and play along.

Control Melody

Description: Used to control certain creatures
How to Get it: Return the first statue in the Tower of the Gods.

Balad of Gales

Description: Summons a Cyclone to instantly wisk you away to a location of your choice
How to Get it: Sail into a cyclone, then shoot Cyclos 3 times with an arrow.

Earth God's Lyric

Description: Awakens a new sage, and aids you in the Earth Temple
How to Get it: Get the Power Bracelets, then lift the large rock on Headstone Island. Enter and use the Wind Waker at the stone

Wind God's Aria

Description: Awakens a new sage, and aids you in the Wind Temple
How to Get it: Get the Iron Boots, go to Gale Isle, and then use the Skull Hammer on the statue to stop the wind. Enter and use the Wind Waker at the stone.

Song of Passing

Description: Changes day to night, or night to day
How to Get it: Find the Dancing Guy on Windfall Island and use your Wind Waker. Just sit there are let the 3/4 rhythm inspire him, then follow the song
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