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Secrets, Hints & Cheat Codes

Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

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Gamecube Cheats & Hints

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (Prima's Official Strategy Guide)

Table of Contents

General Hints, Tips & Secrets

Get Hero's Charm
First, get the Cabana Deed from the school teacher (as described in the Windfall walkthrough in our strategy guide). Then collect 40 Joy Pendants (on top of the 20 you gave to the teacher). You can steal Joy Pendants from Bokoblins, so be sure to visit the outlook platforms on the ocean. Visit the schoolhouse again and present her with them. If you have more than 40, she'll take those, too.

As a reward, you will receive the Hero's Charm. You can equip this mask from the stats screen that shows your weapon, songs, and Triforce pieces. While it's equipped, you can see your enemies' hitpoints.

Get Hurricane Spin
Collect or steal Knight's Crests from the armored Darknut Knights. As soon as you have 10, go back to Outset Island and show them to Orca (the sword master). He will teach you the Hurricane Spin in return.

Tingle Statues
Connect a GBA to the GameCube and play with a friend to discover secret Tingle statues inside each of the five main dungeons. The statue locations are marked as red question marks on your Tingle Tuner. Use a Tingle Bomb on the question mark to reveal them.

You can sell each statue to Tingle's brother on Tingle Island. They are worth 50 rupees each. When you collect them all, you will get a whopping 500 rupees, so make sure that you're wallet isn't full!

Hidden Cave
In Forest Haven go to the waterfall at the beggining of the level. Stand under the tree branch (or next to the waterfall). Use your Grappling Hook to swing from the branch and into the waterfall on the right side (closest to the wall). You will end up inside. You can see torches along the wall and a few fire flies flying around. This is not required for the game but its a good place to relax.

When Bacon Attacks
No, there are no chickens in this game. But that doesn't mean Wind Waker doesn't continue the "don't tease animals" theme. Try slashing at one of the little pigs on Windfall or Outset Island a few times, and you'll see what this all means?

Easy Blue Potion
Although the Windfall potion shop makes blue potions using the Blue Chu Jelly, the shop keeper requires 15 of them before the potion will be offered for sale.

A much quicker and more cost-effective way is to use the grappling hook on the Deku Baba Plants at the entrance to Forest Haven to swipe seeds. Five of them can be traded for one blue potion inside Forest Haven's potion shop.

Easy Items
To collect Chu Jelly, Knight's Crests, Joy Pendants and the like more reliably, use your grappling hook on enemies. Bokoblins will yield pendants, Moblins Skull Necklaces, armored "Knuckle" knights crests, ChuChu's jelly, Kargorok birds Golden Feathers, and Boko Baba Plants seeds.

Free Soup Potion
After clearing the first dungeon (and getting the grappling hook item), capture a fairy in a bottle (or buy a red potion) and head back to Outset Island (it is all the way on the bottom row of the overworld, the second square from the left).
Visit your grandma in your house, target her and use the fairy/red potion bottle on her. She will give you some of her special, healing soup in return. When the soup is used up, get a free refill from your grandma anytime.

Hint: Ballad Of Gales:
After saving your sister at Forsaken Fortress, go to C4 or F3. When you see a cyclone go near it. A red-frog like creature named Cyclos will appear. Shoot him with your arrows until he surrenders. He will grant you the power of the cyclones to teleport you to different areas of the ocean.

Hint: Faster movement in the boat (King Of The Red Lions):
While in the boat, equip the sail, unequip it with A, then quickly equip it again (with Y, X, or Z) and wait for the slight jerk of the boat. Doing this will take practice and patience. You will be able to outrun seagulls, your boomerang for more than one minute, the annoying shark creatures, and the very big flying enemies.

Hint: Free ride:
You can get a free ride on the Beedle ships around the area that the ships patrol. Enter the shop, then leave, and stand still. After a short time, the ship will resume its usual sea path.

Hint: Mad water girl:
After you get your sword, go up to the girl with the pot and break it. She will cry and take 10 rupees from you.

Hint: Bomb Beedle's Shop Ship:
Go out and find any Shop Ship. Pull out a bomb and place it on the ship then get away from it. The blast will rock the boat and cause smoke to appear from it.

Hint: Constellations:
When traveling around the Great Sea at night, stop the boat and look into the sky. You should be able to see unusually bright stars that resemble constellations such as The Big Dipper and Orion's Belt.

Hint: Pig attack:
You can get attacked by pigs just as Link was attacked by the chickens in previous games in the Zelda series. Attack the pig a few times and it will turn red and attack.

To make pigs angry and chase you, hit then with a boomerang, arrows, bombs, or your sword. Hit the pig(s) at least four to six times to make the sound of a slap. After that, the pig(s) will jump, flip, then flash red and begin to chase you. The small pigs take off one heart, and the giant pig on Offset Island will take four hearts.

Hint: Cool off the pig:
Go to either Windfall or Outset Island. Hit the pigs with any weapon that will hurt them. Make sure you are close to the ocean. When the pig starts turning red and chases you, run into the water. The pig will have smoke coming off it briefly.

Hint: Goron:
When you see a traveling merchant that asks (the big ones that you trade flowers with), stand near him and use the Deku Leaf to send a gust in his direction. It will blow off his hat briefly, and you can see his face.

Hint: Hyrule Field view:
When in Hyrule Castle, you will see a panorama view of Hyrule Field.

Hint: Turn and fall over ice:
When you are on a flat icy area, such as where you got the Iron Boots, run forward, then immediately turn around by pulling straight back on the Analog-stick. Link should fly in the air, turn face-down while in the air, and fall flat on the ice.

Hint: Boomerang chases Link:
Line up your boat with the wind, have your sail ready, and have your boomerang equipped. Hold down your boomerang button and turn around so that you are facing the back of the boat. Look slightly up into the sky from there, and throw the boomerang. It will fly very far. Watch it carefully. Right when it turns around and starts heading back towards you, put up the sail. Your boomerang will chase you. If done correctly, it can chase you for up to fifteen seconds.

Hint: Makar gets hit as Link:
In the Wind Temple, bring Makar with you near enemies other than Floormasters. Make sure that Makar does not follow you and get attacked. You will notice that Makar flashes red.

Hint: Frozen Link:
Go to Ice Ring Isle (5,2) without melting the ice. As soon as Link takes one step on the island, he will turn to ice with some decent visual effects.

Hint: Quicker Hurricane Spin attack:
When you are in a room full of enemies and you use the Hurricane Spin attack, it will leave you dizzy for a few seconds and vulnerable to enemy attack. However, if you do the attack then crash into a wall you will not become dizzy.

Hint: Enemies attacking themselves:
If timed it correctly, you can cause enemies to attack each other. Stand in between two or more of them. When they are about to attack, just roll out of the way. This is easier with enemies that have large weapons, such as Moblins.

Hint: Stemmed Deku Leaf:
If you run out of magic power, your Deku Leaf will be nothing but the stem.

Hint: Deku Leaf flare:
When floating with the Deku Leaf, if a enemy is about to hit you (such as a Peahat) in mid-flight, flare with the Deku Leaf. Do this by pressing the Deku Leaf's assigned button. This should be done just as an enemy is about to hit you, and you will not fall.

Hint: Seagull bait:
If you spread bait on the ground where seagulls are, they will come and eat it.

Hint: Deku Tree:
Talk to the Deku Tree and ask him about the Forest Korocks. He will put their locations on your map.

Hint: Easy Joy Pendants:
To get fifty Joy Pendants for Ms. Marie, who will give you the Hero's Charm, go to one of the lookout towers with Bokoblins on it. There are usually two on each platform. These towers are located on the Great Sea. You will need the Grappling Hook and the Song Of Passing for the best effect. Go onto the tower and use the Grappling Hook to steal the Bokoblins' Joy Pendants. Kill them, then play the Song Of Passing to change the time of day. When you return, fresh Bokoblins will be there and will have Joy Pendants. Continue this process until you have fifty.

Find a submarine with a Moblin (two or three) in their boat guarding it. Get the treasure inside the submarine, then use your Grappling Hook to steal the Joy Pendants from the Moblins. Enter and exit the submarine and steal the Joy Pedants again. Repeat this as many times as needed.

Hint: Easy rupees:
Go to island east of Outset Island (the Earth Temple one). On the beach, randomly do spinning attacks. Rupees will appear from the sand.

Hint: Unlimited arrows:
If you shoot an arrow at an enemy and miss, run up to where the arrow landed, and it will go back into your inventory.

Hint: Light Arrows:
When you get Light Arrows, you can destroy any enemy that is not a Boss with one shot. Also, if you shoot it at an enemy with the Light Arrow, it will go through them and also hit any enemy directly behind it.

Hint: Fire and Ice Arrows:
For a powerful attack, shoot an Ice Arrow at an enemy, then shoot a Fire Arrow at it.

Hint: Magic Armor:
Use the following trading sequence to get the Magic Armor. Once you get the Town Flower from Zunari in Windfall Island (B4), sail to Greatfish Isle (D2), and trade with the Goron for the Sea Flower. Trade the Sea Flower to the Goron on Greatfish Isle (D2) for the Exotic Flower. Note: You may need to wait a day before the Exotic Flower becomes available. Use the Song of Passing to make advance time. Sail to Bomb Island (E6), then trade the Goron the Exotic Flower for the Sickle Moon Flag. Sail back to Windfall Island (B4) and talk to Zunari to receive the Magic Armor. Note: This is very useful when fighting Gannon and Puppet Gannon.

Get the Town Flower from Zunari. Use the Ballad Of Gales and warp to Great Fish Island. Then, trade the Town Flower from the Goron Merchant. After you get Sea Flower, trade him again for Exotic Flower. Then, use Ballad Of Gales again and warp to Windfall Island. Talk to Zunari and you will receive the Magic Armor.

Hint: Deluxe Pictograph:
When you get the regular Pictograph, take it to Lenzo and show it to him. He will ask you to take pictures of certain things. When you complete that, he will give you a Joy Pendent and you will become his assistant. Go to Forest Heaven and capture a firefly in a bottle. Take the firefly over to Lenzo and show it to him. He will put the firefly in your Pictograph and it will become a Deluxe Pictograph. You can now take pictures in color.

After getting the Pictobox from Tingle's Cell, go to the house near the bees that has a camera above the door. Walk in, go up the stairs, and look at a picture. Leave, then come back in. Lenzo will ask you to be his assistant. Answer "Yes", and after hearing his first request, go to the dock. Take out your Box and focus on the Mailbox. Wait until a man appears and puts a letter inside. Take the picture, bring it back, and listen to your second task. Go to the cafe, and throw a pot at the man at the table. Take the picture of him quivering and bring it back. Listen to your final task, and go outside of the entrance of the squid game. Focus on the lady (Linda), and wait until the man who walks around approaches. Take a picture when they look at each other and bring it back. Finally, go to the Forest Haven and capture a whitish-blue Firefly near the Deku Tree. Bring it back and show it to the Lenzo. You will receive the Deluxe Pictograph Deluxe. You can now make figurines for the Nintendo gallery (by going to Forest Haven and going to the top and flying down. Look for the crystal switch and fire an arrow at it).

Hint: Legendary Pictographs:
When you have the DX PictoBox, go back to Lenzo at night. He will sell you Pictographs of characters that only appear in intermission sequences for 50 rupees each. Note: The one he that he currently sells depends on the shape of the moon.

Hint: Figurines:
When you take a picture of the "Perfectly Round Pale Thing", go to Lenzo's. He will give you a Ganon picture. Take this to the Nintendo Gallery (when you get the Deku Leaf, sail to a Boko Baba plant and bounce up. Sail to the platform, exit, then make the wind blow north. Sail to the small island you saw, then transform into a seagull and hit the white switch to gain access). Go into the Nintendo Gallery and show him the Ganon picture. Exit, then play the Song Of Passing twice. Reenter and talk to him. Check all the rooms for the Ganon figurine.

Get the Fairy Queen's picture from Lenzo and take it to be made into a figurine. Go to see the figurines in the Ocean Room. The figurine continuously changes colors.

Hint: Grappling Hook:
If you are afraid to attack a monster at close range, use your Grappling Hook.

Hint: IN-Credible Chart:
To get IN-Credible Chart, you first must free Tingle. Go to the red postbox and you will see it is moving. Talk to it and receive a letter that will say "Cash-On-Delivery". Pay 201 rupees and you will receive IN-Credible Chart. This chart will help you receive all the Triforce Charts and Triforce Shards.

Hint: Master Sword:
Move the Tri-Forces to the white Zelda-like symbols (the Tri-Force things are in front of the Link statue). The statue will open and you will find Master Sword.

Hint: Pearl placement:
After you enter the pirate ship for the second time, Tetra's guard leaves the doorway open, letting you enter Tetra's room. Walk straight and you will see many charts and pictures. One of them has the three points where you can put the pearls.

Hint: Pictobox:
After you rescue Tingle from the jail cell, move the big box in the cell and crawl in. Follow these directions carefully: left, right, left, right, up, up, up, right, up, up, up, and right. If you have an encounter with a rat, you will hear it laugh, it will pull a string, and you will fall. You will end back up at Windfall island.

Hint: Protection Crystal:
Complete the trading quest to get the Protection Crystal from the trading eskimo. It cuts damage in half while using energy.

Hint: Sword power-up:
When you have bombs, go back to where you first met Tetra. You will find a huge rock. Blow it up and go in. Get a fairy in the fountain and pour it on your grandmother. She will give you a Soup .It heals magic and HP and doubles your sword attack. If you run out, pick it up again at any time.

Hint: Fish shooting game:
After you get the map of an area, find the fish again and throw fish food to him. He will allow you to play his Bow and Arrow game for 10 rupees.

Hint: Finding the Big Octos:
When seeking out the Big Octos, it helps to stop once you get into one of the squares that the Octo is in. Take out the telescope, zoom in as far as you can, and slowly pan around. You will eventually see the flock of seagulls, letting you know that the Big Octo is there. Once you find the seagulls, you can sail to them and fight the Octo.

Unlimited health:
This trick requires two bottles, and a telescope. Go to Grandma's and fill one bottle with Elixir. Set the bottle of Elixir to Y. Press Start + Y, then put an empty bottle in Y, where elixir was located. You will now have two bottles all together; one bottle full of Elixir, and one bottle half filled with Elixir. Set the full Elixir back to Y. Press Y + Start, then select the telescope on Y. You will drink the Elixir, but keep a whole bottle. This can be repeated as many times as needed.

Set one bottle of Soup to Y. Press Y + Start and put an empty bottle in the slot that the Soup occupied. Press Y + Start and you will have one full bottle of Soup and a half a bottle.

Understand Hyrulian language:
Successfully complete the game. This allows you to understand the ancient language of Hyrule. When you talk to the gods such as Valoo and Jabun, you will understand what they are saying.

Alternate costumes and DX camera:
Successfully complete the game and save at the end. Start another game with that saved game file. Ayril will be wearing the skull shirt from the ending, Link will wear his pajamas from the beginning all the way through the game, and the pictograph that takes color pictures will be in your inventory.

Successfully complete the game once to get "invisible" clothes from Grandma for Link to put on over his PJ's. Some Outsetians will say different things.

Successfully complete the game the first time. When asked if you want to make another save file, answer "Yes". When you play the new game, the Pictograph Box will be in your inventory.

Successfully complete the game three times on all three slots. Note: You cannot copy one game three times. After you have three completed games, restart the game in the second slot. You will be able to choose the color of Link's clothes.

Crescent Isle

Hint: Crescent Isle: Ghost ship:
Go to Crescent Isle on a full moon and wait awhile. You should see a green ship that resembles Tetra's. Note: It can shoot cannon balls at you.

Diamond Steppe Island

Hint: Diamond Steppe Island: Map:
After you get the Hookshot, go to Diamond Steppe Island. Once there, you will find the map that will enable you to get on the Ghost Ship.

Dragon Roost Island

Hint: Dragon Roost Island: Dazed Medli:
When visiting Dragon Roost Island For the first time, do everything up until you get to toss Medli to the other side of the spring. Miss throwing her and make her hit a wall. Stars will appear like when you place a high bid in the auctions, and she will say "Link, I didn't know you were triplets" or something to that effect. This will not affect your adventure in any way if you toss her correctly the next time on the inclined rock facing, and the wind is blowing north.

Hint: Dragon Roost Island: Rupees:
After you get the Bomb Pouch (which makes it easier) go to Dragon Roost Island. Go to the part of the island near the Wind Shrine and bomb the large rock there. Drop down the hole that is revealed and complete the simple puzzle of defeating enemies. Your prize for completing this is 50 rupees. However, many jars are also in there, containing another 40 rupees that regenerate every time you enter that room. In about twenty minutes, you can have about 750 rupees easily.

If you do not have the Bait Bag, buy it from the man who has a boat which is a store. Get the Pear, and use it to take control of a Seagull. Fly up the wall where there is a line of Bomb Plants leading to a rock ledge with a chest on it. Run into one of the Bomb Plants. This will set off the chain and break the ledge. Return control to Link, and the chest will be near the signs with an up arrow on it.

Talk to the postal worker at the top floor. When speaking with him, you will get the chance to help him sort letters within a time limit. He will pay you depending on how many you sort in that time. Note: After awhile you will have to break your records to get paid.

When you get the bow and arrows, go to Dragon Roost Island and get close to the wall in the front left side of the island. Look up and you should see a line of bombs leading up to a rock. Use your bow and shoot the bomb, making a chain reaction up to the rock. Then, go next to the sign under the rock to find a treasure chest containing a silver rupee (200 rupees).

Hint: Dragon Roost Island: Unlimited Joy Pendants:
Go to Dragon Roost Cavern after you get the Grappling Hook. Go inside and get to the part with the Bokoblins. Do not kill them yet. Use the Grappling Hook to steal their Joy Pendants. Go outside, then enter again. Repeat this as many times as desired. This is extremely useful if you are trying to get the Hero's Charm.

Complete the Dragon Roost dungeon, making sure to uncover the Warp Pots with green and yellow smoke coming out of them. Then, return with the Grappling Hook. Steal the Joy Pendants from both of the Bokoblins with your grappling hook and jump through the green portal. Then, jump back through the portal you just came from and get the Joy Pendants again. Repeat this as many times as needed. This is a very useful when getting the Hero's Charm and Cabana Deed.

Go into the second room. There should be a Warp Pot and two Bokoblins. Defeat the Bokoblins and they might drop one or two Joy Pendants. If they do, leave the cavern, reenter, and repeat. If they do not drop any, go back in and do it again.

Earth Temple

Hint: Earth Temple: Controlling Medli:
Use your Wind Waker and play the Command Melody (Left, Center, Right, Center). You will be able to control Medli and fly for a little while. You can also pick her up, jump off a high ledge, and fly for a short time.

Hint: Earth Temple: Easy rupees:
Use the Deku Leaf on the beach at the Earth Temple. Rupees will randomly appear from the sand. Note: This only works once.

Hint: Earth Temple: Play catch with the Floor Master:
This can be done in the Earth Temple or any other place with Floor Masters. Have your bombs equipped. When you lock on to a Floor Master, take out a bomb and get ready to throw it . When the bomb is about to explode throw it at the Floor Master. It will catch the bomb, and if your timing was good, it will explode in the Floor Master's hand, causing it some pain. Note: If you throw the bomb too early, the Floor Master will catch it and throw it back, hurting you.

Forest Haven

Hint: Forest Haven Island: Refill magic:
When you are running low on magic, find one of the flowers that shoots you high into the air. Jump into it. Do not tilt the Analog-stick in any direction. Allow yourself to be thrown up and down several times and your magic will be refilled.

Hint: Forest Haven Island: Rupees:
Once you get the Cabana Deed, go inside the Cabana by The Forest Haven. Once inside, take out your grappling hook and aim for the pots. Break the four pots and a lot of rupees will appear.

Once you get the Cabana Deed, go inside the Cabana by The Forest Haven. Once inside, take out your grappling hook and aim it at the ceiling. There will be a little bar. Swing on it and jump off. The fireplace will turn off. In the fireplace will be a hole. Jump inside to find thousands of rupees.

Hint: Forest Haven Island: Trophy club secret entrance:
Instead of entering the Forest Haven and gliding down to the Trophy club, sail over to the Trophy Island and go around the back. Do not go too fast or you will sail past it. You will see an indentation on the back of the island. In that indention is a ladder. Climb up the ladder and you are there.

Hint: Forest Haven: Triforce chart inside cabin:
First, go to Windfall Island, and trade 20 Joy Pendants from the teacher and receive the Cabana Deed. Go to the island with a huge waterfall with a swimming pool and cabin. Stand next to the door and show the Cabana Deed. A person will tell you to come in. Go inside and use your Grappling Hook at the top. Swing until the fire at the fire place is gone. Go under and find your way to a Triforce Chart.

Forsaken Fortress

Hint: Forsaken Fortress: Avoid getting caught:
To avoid getting caught by the spotlights, find where the spotlight is located. Go to the stairs, and kill the person controlling it with a stick in one of the pots.

When there are blue enemies with large lips walking through the hallways, pick up the barrels (which should be at the beginning of each hallway) and Link will drop them over himself. When the blue enemies are not looking, walk while under the barrel to reach your goal.

Hint: Forsaken Fortress: Entering the tunnel:
On your first visit to the Forsaken Fortress, get caught. When you are inside, smash the pot on top of the shelves to get into the tunnel, which leads to the dungeon map. If done correctly, you will not get hurt.

Hint: Forsaken Fortress: Unlimited Joy Pendants:
Go to the room where you obtained the compass. There should be an enemy near the treasure chest. Do not kill him, yet. Instead, use your Grappling Hook on him to get a Joy Pendant. Kill him, leave the room, and repeat as many times as needed.

Ganon's Tower

Hint: Ganon's Tower:
After you complete the four courses at the beginning of the dungeon, go to the room with the candles and jump down the pit. What follows is similar to a maze. First, go to the door in the back. Then, go to the following doors in these directions: left, foward, left, right, and foward. You will now encounter Phantom Ganon. Hit the balls he throws at you with your sword. He will hit it back and you will need to hit it back at him. Keep doing this until he gets hits. He will become stunned. Run up to him and hit him with your sword. He will disappear, and a chest will appear .Inside are Light Arrows. You will encounter him again soon, but you just need to hit him with the Light Arrow once to defeat him.

Once you have passed the first room with the four bosses in Ganon's Tower, you will reach a room with three doors; two normal doors on the left and right side of the room, and one large one in the middle which you cannot open yet. First, go through the door on the right and drop into the large hole in front of you. Once in the next room, you will have to fight Phantom Ganon. This time, you will only have to hit him once or twice to kill him. Once you have defeated the Phantom in that room, pay attention to which way his sword falls down. Once it is on the ground, look at the direction that the handle of the sword is pointing at. This indicates which room door you need to go through next. After repeating this a few more times, you will leave the maze and enter another room, where you again have to fight a weak Phantom Ganon. Defeat him, open the chest to receive the Light Arrows, and go back up to the main area via the transporter. Once in the main room, use the Light Arrow to kill Phantom Ganon in one shot. Pick up his sword and strike the wall with the picture of the pig Ganon on it. You have now passed the Phantom Ganon Maze section of Ganon's Tower.

Hint: Ganon's Tower: Secret Portal:
In Ganon's Tower, go to the room where you dropped down into the pit/maze to get the Light Arrows. You should be contacted by the King of Red Lions. He tells you about the similarities about this room and the one opposite that is filled with water. Look at the four sets of candles with only certain ones lit. Take note of the number of candles on each one in order from left to right. For example, four lit, two lit (Archway), three lit, and one lit. With that information, go to water room and look at where the candles should be. There are crystal switches there. Take out your Boomerang and target them by the number of candles that were lit at the spaces. Once that is done, throw and you should trigger an intermission sequence, making a portal that Ganondorf was using to get to the Great Sea before you pulled out the Master Sword. The King of Red Lions should also appear. If you sail into the portal you will appear at the derelict Forsaken Fortress.

Hyrule Castle

Hint: Hyrule Castle: Pictures:
There are two pictures inside near the entrance. On the right, there is the king. On the left, there is Princess Zelda with a group of assistants who all coincidentally look like Tetra's pirates.

Ice Ring Island

Hint: Ice Ring Island: Unlimited Knight's Crests:
When going inside Ice Ring Island for the first time, uncover the Iron Boots then walk past the blowing wind. You will find a hole. Go inside it. You will see a number of enemies frozen. Do not unfreeze them. Just unfreeze the Knight. After killing the Knight, he will give you a Knight's Crest. Leave the hole, then go back down. The Knight will be there, frozen again. Unfreeze him, and kill him, get another Knight's Crest, and repeat as many times as needed.

Hint: Ice Ring Island:
When you are on Ice Ring Island, start running. Once you reach a good speed, hold the Analog-stick in the opposite direction. Link will attempt to turn around and ends up falling flat on his face.

Mother And Child Island

Hint: Mother And Child Island: Fire and Ice Arrows:
In order to get the Ice and Fire Arrows, you will first need the bow and arrow. Next, fill up to maximum with arrows. Set sail and find a big cyclone that resembles a tornado. Sail directly into it and there will be an intermission sequence showing a giant frog on a pink cloud. He will be in the center of the cyclone. Shoot him three times with the arrows. This is difficult because your boat is moving constantly and the wind is strong enough to blow your arrows off course. After hitting him three times he will teach you a melody that allows you to control his cyclones. Call his cyclone and have it take you to Mother And Child Island. It will drop you in a fairy pool, and the Great Fairy will give you the Fire and Ice Arrows. By doing so, you will also get to travel across the sea quicker.

These arrows help you get strength (Fire Mountain) and weight; like a stone (Ice Ring Isle). The strength and weight help you get inside those two temples to get the Master Sword's power to repel evil back.

Outset Island

Hint: Outset Island: 5,000 Rupee Pouch:
On the very top of Outset Island, float across the gap with the Deku Leaf. Bomb the rock in front of the cave and talk to the Great Fairy. She will give you the Rupee Pouch.

Hint: Outset Island: Rupees:
There is a big house behind Orca's house. Talk to the blonde woman. She will tell you she wants a pet for her kids. Crawl up to a pig, pick it up, and throw it into the pen where the woman is located. She will reward you with rupees. Collect all the pigs and she will keep rewarding you for each of them.

On Outset Island or almost any beach, look for little crabs. They will hide when you are too near. However, if you act quickly and hit them rapidly, you will get one to five rupees.

Note: You must have the Tingle Tuner and a Game Boy Advance link cable for this trick. Use a Tingle Bomb on the farthest ledge near Link's House. Fly over to the ledge and there will be a new large pot there. Break it with your sword. There will be a orange rupee worth 100 rupees there. You can drop down and enter Link's house, come out again, and repeat this for as many rupees as desired. Note: This is the answer to the riddle from the Tingle Statue's Passwords.

Sail to Outset Island and climb the rocks behind your house. Sidle over to the next rock and set the wind to the west. Use the Deku Leaf to sail to the next rock. Make sure your Tingle Tuner is on and Tingle Bomb the "!" location. A large pot should appear, containing 100 rupees. Then, use the Song Of Passing to change the time of day. The pot will reappear, allowing you to get 100 more rupees. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Look carefully to find a crawl space. Crawl in, and you will be in a room under Link's house. Open the chest to get 100 rupees.

After you complete the Wind Temple, use your Hookshot on the tree at the top next to Grandma's house. Then, pick up the huge stone-shaped face and throw it. Go down the hole. This the hole where you get a Triforce map at level 30. These are the flowing levels where rupees can be found: Levels 10, 20, 30, and 40. Note: At level 50 (the last level), you can get a piece of Heart after you defeat four black Darknuts.

There is a house near the watchtower with very long grass surrounding it. Go inside the house and crawl under the bed to find a chest containing rupees. If you cannot get into the house during the day, play the Song Of Passing and try at night.

To the left hand side of Grandma's house is a gap that you can crawl through. Crawl in and turn left to find another secret room containing rupees.

Feed the all-purpose bait you buy from the man who floats around in his boats around islands to the pigs.

Hint: Outset Island: Triforce Chart and Heart piece:
You must have Power Bracelets, a Mirror Shield, and the Hookshot/Deku Leaf. If you have the Hookshot, go to where Grandma's house is located and travel to the right. Use your Hookshot on the tree in order to reach the area where the head-shaped rock is located. If you have a Deku Leaf, go on top of the bridge, change the wind direction to west, and glide down to the area. Lift the rock and enter the hole. Defeat all the enemies and enter into the next hole. Continue for about twenty minutes. You should find a chest with a Triforce Chart inside. Use your shield to reflect light on a large statue. It will crumble and reveal a hole. Enter it and defeat all the enemies, then enter the hole when the fire disappears. The levels get more difficult; bring fairies. At the last one, you will receive a Heart piece. You must complete all fifty levels in order to get the heart.

Hint: Outset Island: Grandma's Special Soup:
Go to Grandma's House. Talk to her, and she will mutter "Link... Aryll... don't leave poor Grandma". Leave and go to the forest at the top of Outset Island (where you saved Tetra). Go to the big rock blocking the Fairy Fountain. Use a Bomb to break the rock. Jump inside. After talking to the Fairy, use an empty bottle to capture a Fairy. Bring the fairy back to Grandma's House. Let the Fairy go and it will go around Grandma. She will feel better and give two servings of her special soup to you. This fills you energy meter and doubles your attack power.

Hint: Outset Island: Hero's Sword:
You must have a training session with Orca. He will not give it to you until your sister is kidnapped. It is best that you see her first.

Hint: Outset Island: Hurricane Spin attack:
Go to Outset Island and give Orca ten Knight Crests and he will teach you the Super Spin Attack. To perform it, hold B, wait until it fully charges, then release. Link will then spin rapidly for six seconds.

Hint: Outset Island: Heart piece:
Talk to the old man who gave you your first sword. He will ask if you want to fight him .Choose "Yes". Hit him 500 times without getting hit 3 times and he will give you a Heart piece. If you hit him 1000 times, he will cry and call you master.

When the pig is fat, if you have the Power Bracelets you can pick him up. Take him across the wooden bridge and drop him on the black dirt. Spread all purpose bait around him and make him dig. He will dig up a Heart piece.

Hint: Outset Island: Mad Orca:
Go to Ocra's house (the person that gave you your first sword) and hit him six times without talking to him.

Hint: Outset Island: Digging pig:
Throw the pig in the pen then complete the Wind and Earth Temples. Go back and the pig will be a lot bigger. Throw some bait in front of it, and it will dig.

Paw Print Island

Hint: Paw Print Island: Secret cave:
There is a large, dome-shaped object on the main island. Look carefully around the side of this dome to find a well hidden hole which can be crawled into.

Shark Island

Hint: Shark Island: Easy items:
Use the following trick for easy Joy Pendants, Skull Pendants, and Knights Crests. Go to Shark Island and once there, activate all the switches within the time limit of the first switch being activated. Once you activate all the switches, the fire around the grotto will disappear. Go inside. Be careful; make sure you have adequate health, magic, and arrows. Have your Hook Shot equipped. Once you enter the center of the room, you will be jumped by numerous enemies. Steal Joy Pendants from the Bokoblins with you Hook Shot. Later, there will be the Moblins (pigs with pikes). You will get Skull Crests from them. Even later, there will be the knights in armor. Upon defeating them you will get Knights Crests.

Taura Island

Hint: Taura Island: Finding the Tingle Tuner (GBA):
When you get to Taura Island, you will find Tingle trapped in a jail cell. Set him free by smashing all the jars in the corner of the room and step on the switch. After a discussion, Tingle will give you the map to Tingle Island and the Tingle Tuner. You can now use your Game Boy Advance to communicate with Tingle.

Windfall Island

Hint: Windfall Island: Purchasing the Sail:
While on Windfall Island, you will meet an Eskimo named Zunari. He will offer you an item named "That" for 80 rupees. Buy "That" to find out it is the Sail. The Sail is required to use the King of Red Lions.

Hint: Windfall Island: Hero Charm:
After you have completed the hide 'n' seek game on Windfall Island, you will be able to give Ms. Marie (the teacher) Joy Pendants. Give her 41 pendants and you will receive the Hero Charm. This allows you to see enemies' hit points.

Hint: Windfall Island: Cabana Deed:
Speak to the schoolteacher, Ms. Marie. She will tell you a story about the boys that do not want to attend her class. Speak to the four boys outside (a.k.a. the Killer Bees). Agree to play their game of hide 'n' seek. After catching all of them, they will give you a Heart Piece. After you play their game, talk to the schoolteacher. She will tell you of her obsession with jewelry. Give her twenty Joy Pendants and she will give you her Cabana Deed.

Hint: Windfall Island: Sea chart:
After collecting twenty Skull Necklaces, take them to the old man on the top floor of the auction house. He will then give you a sea chart in return.

Hint: Windfall Island: Tingle Tuner:
In order to get the Tingle Tuner, walk to where the dancing man is at during the day. If you have not already gotten the Song Of Passing, talk to the man. He will say that he does not remember the rhythm. Take out the Windwaker and just sit there. Do not touch the C-stick or it will not work. He will say that he remembers the beat and shows you the Song of Passing, which turns night into day and vice versa. From the dancing man, walk straight into the building. You will find a wooden door. Enter it and a man will ask if you are a fairy. He will then ask if you will help him out of his jail cell. Go over to the left of his cell. Against the wall, there is a switch hidden by pots. Step on it to free him. After doing so, he will give you the Tingle Tuner. This will allow you and a friend to play two player mode using a Game Boy Advance link cable. At the cost of some rupees, Tingle will help Link through any dungeon.

Hint: Windfall Island: Heart piece:
When you have the Fire Arrows, go to Windfall Island and find the sort of long stairs that will guide you to a switch that turns on the windmill. Go in the night and try to turn on the big light on the top by using the little "cars". When turned it on, a chest will appear on a little island nearby. It contains a piece of Heart. Reach it with a Deku Leaf. Then, talk with the man near the windmill, and he will be happy and give you a piece of Heart.

Fire Arrows are required for this trick. Go in the door where the lady in the orange is standing next to, and where the little kids are hanging around. Go up the stairs, and through the door.Talk to the man. Make the wind blow north and talk to him again. Jump down. Where the two women are talking, look at the ledge above them. Climb the ladder that is there. Step on the switch, and the windmill should start running. Run to the ferris wheel again and jump in one of the cars. Quickly get your Fire Arrows ready. When you see a mouth on the top, quickly shoot it inside. Talk to the man, and he will give you a Heart piece.Then, a chest containing a Heart piece will appear on the small island near the Bomb Shop.

Hint: Windfall island: Auction:
After you free the girls from the Forsaken Fortress. go to Windfall Island at night. Go to the bottom floor of the rich man's house and talk to the Eskimo. Join the auction every night, and make sure you have at least 3,000 rupees. Items that can be won include a Heart piece, Treasure Chart, and a Joy Pendant.

Hint: Windfall Island: Swimming pig:
Throw one of the pigs in the water. It will swim back to shore.

Hint: Windfall Island: Gassy pig:
There is a spotted pig that will fart green gas as you walk when picked up.

Hint: Windfall Island: Sailing music:
Go to Zunri's outdoor shop. Move directly in front of a stall. Make sure it is night and play the Song Of Passing. If done correctly, you will hear sailing music.

Hint: Windfall Island: Smash cups and plates:
Go inside the coffee house. Climb on the shelf at the back. If you walk slowly into the cups and plates, you can push them off and smash them.

Zunari Island

Hint: Zunari: Magic Shield:
Get Flower One from Zunari on Windfall Island after defeating God's Tower. Bring it to the Goron Trader on Mother and Child Island (2,F) and he will give you Flower Two. Bring Flower Two to the Goron Trader on Great Fish Isle (2,D) and he will give you Flower Three. Bring Flower Three to Zunari and you will receive the Magic Shield. This allows you to cut damage taken in half, but also takes Magic Energy.


Hint: Bottle locations:

Medli will give you your first bottle before entering the Dragon Roost Cavern.
After defeating Dragon Roost Cavern, go to section E6 and find a submarine. Defeat all the monsters inside to claim your prize.
When you get a letter from Beedle about a sale, go to section C2. Look for his ship. He will sell you a bottle for 500 rupees. You can also buy a heart piece and map there.
Go to Windfall Island at night. Talk to the girl next to Zunari's shop. She will tell you to go away. Do so and she will start to run. Follow her at a safe distance. When she stops, find somewhere to hide. At the end of her run, she will try to open a chest. Creep up on her. If done correctly, she will ask you some questions. Answer them all with the first choice.

Hint: Giant Squid locations:
There are six Giant Squid hidden throughout the ocean. You can see where they are by looking for seagulls flying in a circle over the water. When you sail your boat in the correct spot, a Giant Squid will appear. To defeat the squid, lock onto the eyes with the boomerang. The following is a list of Giant Squids and their rewards:

Four Eyed Squid: (4,A) Great Fairy: 2x Magic MeterEight Eyed Squid: (1,B) 100 RupeesEight Eyed Squid: (5,C) 100 RupeesEight Eyed Squid: (6,E) 100 RupeesTwelve Eyed Squid: (3,E) Heart ContainerTwelve Eyed Squid: (6,G) Heart Container

Hint: Submarine locations:
There are a total of seven submarines located in the sea. The following is a list of all seven and what you receive for completing them:

Submarine 1: (3,A) Treasure Map 14Submarine 2: (7,A) Heart ContainerSubmarine 3: (6,C) BottleSubmarine 4: (4,D) Heart ContainerSubmarine 5: (7,F) Red Map, Watch Tower LocationsSubmarine 6: (3,G) Treasure Map 22Submarine 7: (5,G) Treasure Map 9

Hint: Triforce Map locations:

Map 1: E2. There is an island protected by some bomb ships. Take them down and go inside the entrance. Play the Wind Song on the Wind Mark to get the treasure map with Map 1.
Map 2: E5 .First, you need to get the camera from the Tingle Cell Maze. After that, talk to the teacher at Taura island. After that, go outside and talk to the kids. They will challenge you to a game of hide and seek. The first kid is in a tree near the dock; roll to get him. The second kid is behind the bomb shop. The third kid is behind the gravestone. The fourth kid is on the balcony near the gate from where you first started. After that, you will get a piece of Heart. Talk to the teacher to get 50 rupees. Talk to the kids again and they will tell you to find a hidden Happiness Necklace for their teacher. The necklace is near the Bomb Shop. Once you are dowe with that, give the necklace and twenty more to get her deed. Go to E5 and enter the house. Smother the flames by using the Grappling Hook on the ceiling. Go through the maze and you will find the Wind Mark at the end. Play the song to get the map.
Map 3: E7-. Knockout the birds and change to a seagull with a seed. Hit all the switches, and the bars over the door will open. Drop down for the Wind Mark and the chest.
Map 4: Various. First, go to Diamond Island. Go inside and complete the maze to get the pirate map. Look at the map to see how many times the moon needs to change to get to Diamond Island. Play the Sun Song and wait on Diamond Island for the boat. After it appears, go inside with the boat and defeat all the enemies to get the chest with the map in it.
Map 5: E1. Defeat the golden bomber ship to get the treasure map. Follow it to the location to get another one. Do this again, then one more time for the Triforce map.
Map 6: G2. Go onto the rock at the top where the beginning of the bridge is located. Fly over to the lone stone on the far cliff and lift it up to find a hole. You must defeat thirty floors of enemies. Every ten floors there are recovery and ammunition items. The last floor has the Wind Mark and map.
Map 7: E3. Lift up the rock to find a hole. Drop in to fall into an arena. Defeat all four doors filled with enemies to get two knights to appear. Defeat them to get the door with the Wind Mark.
Map 8: A7. Hookshot from tree to tree to get to the hole. Repeat the same steps as for Map 7, except this time there are four knights.
To decode the maps, go to C3 and pay Tingle 398 rupees.

Hint: Trash in the ocean:
When you lower your hook from your sailboat near a glowing mark in the water, you might pick up trash, such as a boot, instead of a treasure chest.

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