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Items List

Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

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This is the beginnings of the item list. What this list has are the items that I've collected which appear in the menu screen. All save the items that are kept in your bags, I've made a separate page for those.
Items Description
Bomb Blow things up, including enemies, walls, and certain rocks.
Boomerang Use this to stun enemies, or even kill some of the weaker ones. You can lock-on to up to 5 targets before throwing.
Bottle You can collect up to 4 bottles, and hold a variety of things in them; such as Fairies, Medicine, and water.
Deku Leaf Use it while on the ground to send forth a firce blast of air. While in the air you can use this to glide, however it drains magic while you're doing do.
Grappling Hook Latches onto distant grapple points. You can either climb up the rope, or swing to a far away ledge.
Hero's Bow Use this to shoot arrows. Usefull for killing enemies or hitting distant switches.
Hero's Shield Your first and primary form of defense, this shield can deflect most enemy attacks.
Iron Boots Wearing these makes you heavier, and therefore not prone to strong gusts of wind.
Master Sword The legendary Blade of Evil's Bane, this is about twice as strong as your normal sword.
Picto Box Use this to take pictures of various things. You can even save up to 3 pictures at once.
Power Bracelets Wearing these increses your strength, allowing you to lift very heavy objects.
Sail Unfurling this on the ocean enables you to move at a much faster clip, as long as the wind is behind you.
Skull Hammer Very heavy and powerful hammer. This can pound down large posts, shatter frozen enemies, and can even damage enemies with its shockwave.
Sword Your first weapon of the game, use this to harm enemies.
Telescope A temporary birthday present, this is used to gaze at distant objects.
Wind Waker A baton that can control the wind, when it's used properly.

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