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Heart Piece Locations

Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

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Gamecube Cheats & Hints


This is a guide to all the Heart Pieces that I've found so far. It's rather small at this point, but hopefully it can be helpful nonetheless. Stay tuned for updates!

Angular Isles

Where: Near the island's shores
How To Get It: Listen for the choir, or use Treasure Chart #15

Bomb Island

Where: Near one of the big island's Corners
How To Get It: Listen for the choir, or use Treasure Chart #20

Crescent Moon Island

Where: Near one of the island's points
How To Get It: Listen for the choir, or use Treasure Chart #11

Five-Star Isles

Where: Inside the submarine in the southern part of this square
How To Get It: Kill all the Bokoblins inside


Where: Any of them
How To Get It: Check the first wriggling mailbox you find

Where: Any of them
How To Get It: Sometime after you've traded in your 20 Golden Feathers, check a wriggling mailbox. You'll get a letter from the guy's girlfriend thanking you for your hard work. And, she decides to thank you with a Heart Piece.

Rock Spire Island

Where: In the near-by Shop Ship
How To Get It: Buy this from the "stranger" in the Shop Ship for 950 Rupees

Specticle Island

Where: The Target Shooting game
How To Get It: Hit all five "pirate ships" with 10 bombs or less

Star Island

Where: Bomb one of the large boulders to find a cave
How To Get It: Destroy all of the enemies inside

Tingle Island

Where: North-ish, find the Giant Squid
How To Get It: When you're being attacked by the squid, use your Canon (bombs) to hit all of the eyes, then use the Grappling Hook on the Treasure

Windfall Island

Where: Windmill/Lighthouse
How To Get It: Hit all three "squids" with 24 bombs or less

Where: Battleship game
How To Get It: Find the ladder in the back of the Windmill, then climb up and press the switch to make the mill operational again. At night, hop onto one of the cars and start riding to the top. Break out your Fire Arrows and nock one, then fire when you get lined up with the funnel opening. This lights the lighthouse, and makes a chest appear. Use the Wind's Requiem to make the wind blow toward the chest, then use your Deku Leaf to float to it.

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