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Fish Clue List

Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

By chuntise

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This FAQ is for those who can't remember which fish said what about which island or can't keep track of all the clues that have been given. Please note that this FAQ does not attempt to interpret any of the clues except for occasionally identifying which island is being talked about for clarity purposes (i.e. four squares west, due east of here , etc.). The Islands are listed left to right and top to bottom. I have done my best to consolidate all of the clues verbatim but there may be minor errors here and there. All text contained hereafter © 2002, 2003 Nintendo.

Forsaken Fortress

I hear there's a fellow on Windfall Island who's collecting Skull Necklaces! You know who it is, fry? I don't. Sorry. What I CAN tell you is that those piggish monsters you see here in the Forsaken Fortress seem to carry those Skull Necklaces around all the time. Not that I think it's easy work stealing anything from the likes of those guys.

Star Island

I hear that somewhere out in the wide world is a handy arrow that can freeze anything. With something like that, you could even freeze that nasty monster in the Forsaken Fortress...for a while, anyway. But then, what would you do with a frozen monster, you say? Good question, fry. Why, I'd say you'd give that thing a whack and watch it shatter into teeny-tiny pieces!

Northern Fairy Island

The little shop master on Windfall Island apparently got his hands on a truly amazing treasure. He calls it Magic Armor or something like that. It's a pretty cool magical relic, from what I've heard. If you want him to give it to you, try staring deep into his eyes and winning him over with flattery, fry! Ahhh ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Gale Isle

Are you thinking you want to get into that cave, small fry? The one that's protected by the crazy winds on that island? Heh heh heh! OK, then. Let me just tell you a little secret... If you go five squares south and one square east from here, you'll reach Ice Ring Isle, where you'll find an item that will make you as heavy as stone! If you get that item, you won't have to worry about getting blown over by winds.

Crescent Moon Island

You'd best be careful sailing these waters on nights when the moon is full. Well, if you like pure, soul-freezing horror, fry, then maybe you can handle it.

Seven-Star Isles

If you see seagulls flying all around some sea waters, that's a sign that you need to be wary, fry. Because the seagulls flock to wherever Big Octos appear... BIG OCTOS, I tell you! Those things don't mess around!

Overlook Island

Hey, small fry, do you know about the golden Triumph Forks? They're there, I tell you... On that island... The chart's there, is what I mean to say. But the cliff there rises sharply, and even if you wanted to climb it, there aren't any ledges or footings for you to grab on to. So? What are you going to do, small fry?

Four-Eye Reef

You've seen those weird rings of light that appear on the surface of the sea, haven't you, small fry? Did you know that some of those rings only appear at night? Didn't think so.

Mother & Child Isles

They say that inside the ring of rock that makes up the perimeter of that island, there lives an incredibly beautiful fairy! But the thing is, nobody's ever met her. Supposedly, the only way you'll ever meet her is to take a ride on a whilrwind and drop inside that rock perimeter from the sky above. Doesn't sound easy, fry...

Spectacle Island

Beware the night when the crescent moon faces up! That's all I can tell you, small fry.

Windfall Island

Out on the cape of this island is this crazy dancing fool who can't tell day from night! The guy's nuts...but you've got to respect someone who's not afraid to just let it all hang out like that, you know? I've been watching him, thinking I'd try to learn that dance and compete with him from out here in the ocean... But I just can't seem to swing with that crazy, funky rhythm of his. That guy's incredible!

Pawprint Isle

Do you know what a ChuChu is, small fry? No, I'm not talking about the sound you make when you kiss someone! I'm talking about ChuChus! They're those slimy, monster-like puddles of goo that turn into blobs of jelly, stand up, and start jumping at you like crazy when you come near them. Well, in any case, there's lots of them on that island over there, so if you see any, I'd avoid them. They can get...nasty. Now that I think about it, every once in a while I see the potion brewer who lives on Windfall Island come here... Now why would he do that, fry?

Dragon Roost Island

There's a real peculiar cave toward the backside of this here Dragon Roost Island. Yeah, real peculiar. But I doubt you'll ever get there to see it, small fry--unless you manage to sprout wings and fly, that is... 'Cause you won't be getting there otherwise!

Flight Control Platform

To the west of here, over on Dragon Roost Island, you'll see all kinds of rocks. Big ones, little ones...you get the picture. Anyway, they say that long ago, there used to be treasure hidden inside those things. Who knows? There may still be some left, so you should open your eyes and take a good look around...from as high-up as the sun to as low-down as your toes!

Western Fairy Island

I hear the bird-people who live on Dragon Roost Island east of here have invented an incredibly useful device that they call a Grappling Hook... No lie, fry! I hear you can throw that thing at monsters and use it to grab treasure they've hidden in their pockets. Talk about cool. Oh, and have you seen those imp-like creatures called Bokoblins that hang out on the lookout platforms at sea and stare through their telescopes? I hear those guys keep Joy Pendants hidden in their pockets, so if you get one of those Grappling Hooks, you can use it to swipe their pendants!

Rock Spire Isle

I wonder how long it's been since the light in Windfall's lighthouse went dark... It was quite a grand sight, I tell you, the way that ray of light shone out like a shaft of gold through the cold darkness. I used to gaze at it with dear Gillian... Anyway, I bet if someone could shoot a powerful spark into the top of that lighthouse, it would light up again! Of course, that's just my intuition talking... Then again, you should never doubt a fish's intuition, small fry!

Tingle Island

Let me tell you a little something about that island over there, small fry... The guy who lives there is named Tingle, but he won't grow up and act his age. He still dresses like a little kid. That...is not normal. Still, from what I hear, he can decipher maps like nobody's business! It just goes to show you that you can't judge a person on appearance alone, fry! Of course, the thing about this Tingle guy is that when it comes time to pay his deciphering fee, you'd better be ready to fork over some serious dough. Anyone who doesn't have a deep wallet won't be reading any maps, that's for sure.

Northern Triangle Isle

Let me tell you, something, small fry... The school on that Windfall Island has one gorgeous teacher! But the thing is, this gang of four little hoodlums is always causing trouble for her. Those little delinquents like to cause all sorts of trouble. They go climbing trees and hiding behind buildings instead of going to school... What a bunch of savages. Somebody's got to scold those scoundrels and set them straight for the sake of that poor teacher! You hear me, fry?

Eastern Fairy Island

Word is, they hold an auction every night over there on Windfall island. Every night the people gather in the Hall of Wealth to amuse themselves by spending a little money. Ah, the rich! Auctions may be a race to see who can bid the highest, but I'll let you in on a little secret: the key to winning an auction is to be both patient and bold. I'm serious, fry! From what I hear, they get some great things up on that auction block, too. ...Like heart-shaped stuff, among other things. Maybe that's just a rumor. You should try it out, small fry. You might just like it!

Fire Mountain

You see that there volcano that's spewing out lava like there's no tomorrow? Yeah, well, they say there's a great treasure hidden inside that thing. The thing is, everyone who's ever tried to get inside has just been blasted away by the great balls of fire that come shooting off the top. If you want to get inside, you ought to go find the island that's one square north and four squares west of here [to Mother & Child Isles]. That's where the power to freeze anything is hidden. ...Or so they say. Maybe it's not true. But it wouldn't hurt to look fry!

Star Belt Archipelago

I wouldn't sail through these seas on nights when the left half of the moon is missing... You'll regret it if you do, fry! I'm warning you! It's not my fault if you get so scared that you can't go to the bathroom at night anymore!

Three-Eye Reef

I met a really wierd guy on the island due east of here [Greatfish Island]. He had a pack on his back huger than any pack I've ever seen. I mean, it was B-I-G, fry! He said he was looking for treasure, but what does he expect to find in a place like that? I tell you...the guy is completely obsessed!

Greatfish Isle

You should come around these parts on nights when just a wee bit of the left half of the moon is missing. ...That's when IT appears, fry!

Cyclops Reef

You've seen those weird rings of light that appear on the seas at night, haven't you? Yeah, well, those things are a sure sign that there's treasure in the deeps, fry! But let me tell you, there are some lights that don't always shine. Yeah. There are these special ones that shine like crazy, but only when you open a Treasure Chart! They say that those mark the spots where the greatest treasures are hidden!

Six-Eye Reef

They've got a shop over there on Windfall Island--a nice outdoor shop! Did you know that, small fry? And in that shop they've got this really fine safe that looks to be brimming full with riches...and they just leave it sitting outside--day and night! I tell you, one of these days that thing is going to get hauled off by a thief! Mark my words, fry! Of course, if I were to find a thief in the act of thieving, I'd stop the perpetrator right there and catch the rat red-handed! I'm sure if I did, the owner of that shop would thank me. Yeah, he'd be happy. ...That would be the honest thing to do!

Tower of the Gods

I've done a fish-fortune on you, small fry, and from what I can tell, it looks like you're fated to come to this place many times. And the keys that control that fate are none other than the lucky items known as the Triumph Forks! Yeah, they're some sort of magical utensils! If you want to learn more about the Triumph Forks, talk to that guy, Tingle! That's what the fish-fortune told me! Now, I know I may only be a fish, but my fortune-telling is uncannily accurate! You'd better believe it, small fry!

Eastern Triangle Island

Tell me, small fry... Have you ever caught a fairy before? 'Cause from what I've been told, when you've been beaten to a pulp by monsters and such, and you think that you've finally met your match... If you've got a fairy with you then you've got nothing to worry about. Don't you wish you had something handy for carrying fairies around with you, fry? If you want one, go south from here until you see a miserable-looking submarine floating on the sea. Look there!

Thorned Fairy Island

Tell me, small fry, do you have any of them Golden Feathers? I hear those things are all the rage with Rito ladies on Dragon Roost Island these days. They just go ga-ga over them! But the thing is, the only way to get a Golden Feather is to defeat one of those bird-mosters...or so they say. Yup! Rito men who have girlfriends sure have tough lots in life, I tell you!

Needle Rock Isle

You've seen the boats sailing around here with the real huge cannons, right, fry? I bet you those things have their hulls packed with treasure! Of course, if you don't have a cannon yourself, there's no way you'll ever sink one of them...

Islet of Steel

Tell me, small fry, have you ever heard of the fabled set of Triumph Forks? Well, it's right there, my young fry... On that island... You know... A chart, showing you where to find them... Of course, getting it's the hard part.

Stone Watcher Island

So tell me, small fry, have you heard about the golden Triumph Forks? There are such things... And there's a chart that'll show you where to find them on that island there. If you want it, try asking that huge, grouchy-looking stone watcher! I doubt you could even budge the thing, though... You've got skinny arms, fry.

Southern Triangle Island

A famed pictographer lives far to the north of here on Windfall Island. He's apparently real wise and talented in the ways of pictography. He's even said to have legendary pictographs that he treasures above all other things. He keeps them hidden away in a secret safe, or so they say. By the way, small fry... What exactly is a pictograph, anyway?!

Private Oasis

So, tell me, small fry... Have you heard of the golden set of Triumph Forks? It's right there, I tell you! A chart that shows you where they are! In that house! If you want it, you'd better go in there and scour the place from floor to ceiling!

Bomb Island

You ought to come sail these seas on nights when the right half of the moon is missing... It'll give you the shivers, fry!

Bird's Peak Rock

Tell me, small fry, have you ever heard of the golden Triumph Forks? They're there, on that island... Or, at least, a chart leading to them is there. Where's it hidden, you ask? Well, for the answer to that, you'll have to ask a gull.

Diamond Steppe Island

Oh, I've got some great information, small fry! Lucky you! If you use the treasure that's hidden on that island there, the thing that vanishes as soon as you get near it... it won't vanish anymore! You know...IT! I'm talking about it! That thing that appears on nights when a wee bit of the right half of the moon is missing! Don't you know what I'm talking about?! IT!

Five-Eye Reef

Long ago, there was this huge fairy who lived to the south of here, in the forest on Outset Island. But now, all that's left is the ruins of the fairy fountain where she lived... It's sort of sad... But to tell you the truth... I hear there still IS a fairy there. Yup! She's still alive and kicking down there, fry!

Shark Island

Tell me, small fry, have you ever been caught in one of those cyclones? The wind deity, Cyclos, uses those cyclones to fly across the sea instantaneously, or so I've heard. Could be just a rumor. Boy, if you had that power, you wouldn't have to spend so much time sailing back and forth across the sea all the time. Wouldn't that be nice, fry? But let me tell you, there's no way he'll give up his power easily! You can't get near the guy so you'll have to figure out how to shoot him from a distance. Don't you have a weapon that can pierce things from a distance? You know, fffwip? FFFWIP, I tell you! You get my point, fry?!

Southern Fairy Island

Listen up, small fry--this is just between you and me... On Ouset Island, buried beneath the black soil...there's some serious treasure. I know it sounds like I'm trying to pull your leg, but I'm serious. Try digging there!

Ice Ring Isle

There's this amazing treasure inside that freezing ring of ice over there. But even if you wanted it and tried to get inside, you'd just be frozen solid as soon as you approached the shore. But...if you go four squares north and three squares west [to Mother & Child Isles], you'll find the power to melt any ice--no matter how cold! Search for it, small fry!

Forest Haven

Just a wee bit north of this island, I've sometimes seen a merchant of incredible girth with a monstrous pack on his back. Now, what could he be doing on that lonely little isle? I tell you, there are some strange folk in the world, fry...

Cliff Plateau Isles

Hey, small fry, do you know about the Nintendo Gallery? The only way in there is to hit a switch that's way up high on the Forest Haven. But the only way to do THAT would bo to bribe one of the gulls by putting a little bait on your head!

Horseshoe Island

On the island due east of here [Outset Island] lives an old man who was once a master swordsman. He's got proof of it, too: he has a Knight's Crest. Want to know what that thing is, fry? Well, too bad... I can't go giving away every secret!

Outset Island

I heard that beneath the big-head boulder on top of the hill here on Outset is where the greatest treasures of all, the golden Triumph Forks, are buried. But actually, fry, I must have misheard or something... 'Cause this one guy told me that what was actually buried beneath that weird rock was a chart to this shard of something called a Triforce. Whoever heard of that? That's crazy! there's a big difference between 'Triumph Forks' and 'Triforce'! I mean, I think someone intentionally buried something misleading there.

Headstone Island

Small fry, there's a real heavy stone head blocking a cave on that island. Don't you wonder what's behind it? Don't you want to get in there? Heh heh! Let me tell you a great secret! If you go north four squares and east three squares to Fire Mountain, you'll find an item that gives you the strength to easily lift anything, no matter how heavy it is. With that thing, you could lift that stone and toss it out of your way as if it were light as a feather.

Two-Eye Reef

I tell you, lately no one around these waters has seen the beautiful fairy who bestows magic power. She used to live here, fry. All anyone ever sees anymore are the Big Octos that have been appearing lately. Maybe they scared her off... Oh no! I sure hope...they didn't eat her!

Angular Isles

Northeast of here is the Forest Haven... They say a truly unique kind of firefly is indigenous to that place. You heard of it, small fry? It emits bursts of light in seven colors! Supposedly it's as beautiful as a rainbow! If you want to capture one though, you'd best have a bottle to keep it in.

Boating Course

Lemme ask you something, fry... Have you been using [the R button] to make your boat jump? Well? Have you? ...Of course, going out to sea just to jump around would be real dumb, if you ask me. Anyway, what you can do is tilt [the control stick left or right] to move your tiller just as you land... That's how you make a sharp turn. If you didn't know that, why don't you try it out?

Five-Star Isles

Have you seen it, small fry? ...The Ghost Ship? 'Cause it's real. It's even been seen here, in these very waters... On nights when the crescent moon faces down... That's when horror rises...


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