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Fairy Upgrades

Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

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There are eight different possible fairy encounters in Wind Waker -- and each leaves you with a very helpful upgrade.

There are six standard fairy wells. Upgrades are typically given in this order, independently of which fairy you visit at what point in the quest:

  1. Bigger Wallet: holds 1,000 rupees
  2. More Bombs: 60
  3. More Arrows: 60
  4. More Bombs: 99
  5. More Arrows: 99
  6. Bigger Wallet: holds 5000 rupees

Northern Fairy Island
Requirement: Bombs

Outset Island Fairy Well
Requirement: Deku Leaf, Bombs

Western Fairy Island
Requirement: Skull Hammer

Eastern Fairy Island
Requirement: Bombs

Southern Fairy Island
Requirement: Bombs

Thorned Fairy Island
Requirement: Skull Hammer

Additionally, there are two special fairies:

Mother & Child Isle Fairy
Requirement: Balled of Gales
Simply warp to this island with the Ballad of Gales and you will receive the Fire and Ice Arrow upgrades (once you have the Hero Bow)

Big Octo Fairy
Requirement: Boomerang or Bombs
Look for the swarm of seagulls in the quadrant and shoot the Octo's eyes to free this fairy. She will double your magic meter.

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