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Boss Guide

Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

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This is the beginnings of a boss list for Wind Waker. I haven't fought all of the bosses yet, but I've got some strategies for the ones that I've beaten. The unfortunate part is that I don't know the official names of the bosses, so I'm making them up as I go.

Table of Contents


Dragon's Roost Cavern Boss
Items: Grappling Hook
Method: To initially hurt this boss, you need to grapple to the tail you see hanging from the ceiling. This is Valoo's tail, and he's not happy that someone's pulling it. The rock surrounding the tail breaks loose, and hits the Armored Firepede on the head, and cracks the Armor. Repeat this process 2 more times, all the while not letting his claws smash you. After that, he completely loses all of his armor. Now target him and use your Grappling Hook. It'll stun him, and he'll fall, putting his eye within range of your sword. So pull that out and start hacking away at him. Repeat as necessary, and he'll eventually kick the bucket.


Forbidden Forest Sub-Boss
Items: Deku Leaf
Method: While it's flying around, have your Deku Leaf ready, but put up your shield. When he swoops lower, use the Deku Leaf. The blast of air will hit the boss, and he'll be temporarily stunned. Use that opportunity to break out your sword and slash at him, then get ready to defend. He gets mad and shoots those sticky-spike guys at you.

Shake them off, and repeat the above process a couple more times. Eventually, you'll hack off one of his wings. Use the Deku Leaf again, and then slash with your sword to get the other one. Mothula is now ground-based, but still very much alive.

On the other hand, he doesn't have much health left and he's easier to hit. Target him and start slashing away, all the while shaking off the spike guys. After a few hits, another one bites the dust.


Forbidden Forest Boss
Items: Boomerang

Dodge the initial burst of tenticles, then break out the Boomerang. Target 5 of the vines that are holding him to the ceiling, and throw. Then, dodge more tenticles if necessary, and then take out 5 more vines. Repeat this until you get all of those vines. He falls, and the flower opens. Target, break out the sword, jump-attack him, slash once, and then run off of the flower petal. If you take too long, it closes on you and chews you, doing some damage. On the other hand, you can dole out more damage if you stay longer and then grab some hearts from the grass around the room. You can also smack him with the Boomerang, but I'm not sure if that truly does any damage or not quite yet. Keep repeating this process until he's defeated.


Tower of the Gods Boss
Items: Bow and Arrows, bombs
Method: First off, don't worry about running out of arrows. If you use your last one, the boss spits a pack of 10 out of his nose.

Now, on with the strategy. There's two hands and a head floating around the arena. The arena is surrounded by an electrical floor. It's best not to get knocked off. First, target the hands, and shoot arrows at the eyes in the palms. Each take a couple hits before they go limp and float harmlessly in the air. After you get them both, the head starts attacking.

Target one of the eyes. It's generally best to move to the side that you have targeted. In other words, if you're targeting the right eye you should strafe to the right before firing. This helps to ensure a hit on the eye, rather than having your arrow glance off of the nose. After you hit the eye once, don't immediatly shoot another one. Instead, wait. The bosses eyes disappear, and his mouth opens. Start running and rolling. You want to make sure that the stream of fire he starts shooting misses you, if you get hit you get thrown onto the electric floor. After the fire's done, target one of the eyes again and fire another arrow, then wait, then dodge the fire. Repeat this until both eyes are gone. At this point, he starts descending. Target his mouth and start running toward him. When he lands on the ground, toss a bomb into his mouth. That's hit number 1.

Only 2 more of those to go!

Round 2 is basically the same as the first one, so just repeat what you just did. The only difference here is the the hands take more hits. For Round 3, the head breaths fire at the same time the hands are attacking you. So make sure you target the hands, and not the head! At any rate, once the hands are defeated, they decide to fool you. They stay up, eyes open and all, and float around the ring watching you. However, they don't attack, so you don't need to worry about them. Just defeat the head again, and you're done!


Forsaken Fortress Sub Boss
Items: Sword
Method: Target him, and then wait. He starts floating high up in the air. He'll shoot a ball of energy at you. Hit this with your sword and it'll bounce back toward him. He'll hit it back at you, so just hit it again. The only trick is that the more it gets hit, the faster it goes. Eventually, it'll hit him and stun him. This is where you run in and start slashing away with your sword.

Now he gets up and vanishes. Wait for him to appear and target him. Wait for your A button to flash, and press it to do your counter-strike thing. He gets stunned, so start hitting him. The other option here is to just jump out of the way of his attack. At any rate, just keep repeating the above steps until he's defeated.


Forsaken Fortress Boss
Items: Skull Hammer
Method: When you start off, the bird is chasing you up the ramp. Just keep running, with some rolling thrown in for good measure. Ignore the enemies that drop in, they don't pose any threat.

Once you get to the top, the bird flies out and the floor closes. Target him, and then start moving sideways. Eventually, he'll thrust his head down to try and stab you with his beak. Dodge out of the way, then pound his head with the Skull Hammer. He'll start flying around, and try to dive bomb you. Target him when he starts to swoop in, then dodge to the side when the attack run fully starts. He'll miss.

Eventually, he'll land again and try to stab you. Just keep smashing him when he does, and dodging him when he swoops at you, until the helmet breaks.

Now he's helmetless, very angry, and has a new attack. He'll start hovering over the center of the platform and madly flap his wings. This creates a huge gust of wind which propells you toward the wall. The wall with the spikes all over it. Target him and start rolling forward to avoid hitting the wall. To hurt him, all you really need to do is dodge his attacks and wait for him to try and impale you with his beak. He'll still get stuck, and you should still smash him with the Skull Hammer. Only a couple of hits until he's vanquished!


Earth Temple Boss
Items: Power Bracelets, Sword
Method: Pull out your sword, then run into the closest available shaft of light. Aim a beam at him, and hold it there until he falls over. He just sits on the ground, dazed, for awhile and is impervious to all of your attacks.

In order to hurt him, run up to him and pick him up. Turn yourself so that you're facing one of the spikey pillars, then throw him. He'll land and roll into the pillar, then burst appart into the individual Ghinis. They're vulnerable, so start attacking. For best results, start charging up your Hurricane Blade (if you have it) right after you've thrown him. Once all the Ghinis start running around, unleash your attack and make your way around the room, taking out large numbers of Ghinis. After a bit of time, they'll reform into the Giant Ghini.

He's gains some attacks as you go. He'll try to suck you in, he'll try to blow you into the dangerous walls, and he'll make his lantern into a flame thrower. Just dodge them, roll against the wind, and repeat the attacking process until you slay all of the individual Ghinis.

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