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Bag Items

Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

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This is a list of the different items that you can keep in your bags. Currently, I only have the Spoils Bag and Bait Bag items up. I'm still debating over how to display the Delivery Bag items, and whether or not I should keep the trading sequence as a separate entity. Stay tuned for updates!

Spoils Bag Items:

Items Left By: Uses
Joy Pendant Bokoblins Unsure at this time
Golden Feather Birds, Peahats Give 20 of these to the guard by Medli's room to get an Orange Rupee, worth 100 Rupees. Later, you'll recieve a Heart Piece in the mail from his girlfriend.
Skull Necklace Pig Warriors Unsure, but they can be sold to Beetle for 5 Rupees each.
Boko Baba Seed Boko Babas Trade in 4 of these at Hollo's Potion shop in Forest Haven to get a Blue Potion
Knight's Crest Iron Knuckles Give 10 of these to Orca on Outset Island to learn the Hurricane Blade technique.
Red Chu Jelly Red/Yellow ChuChus Give 5 of these to the owner of the Potion shop and get a free Red Medicine.
Green Chu Jelly Green/Yellow ChuChus Give 5 of these to the owner of the Potion shop and get a free Green Medicine.
Blue Chu Jelly Blue ChuChus Give 5 of these to the owner of the Potion shop and get a free Blue Medicine.

Bait Bag Items:

(These are bought in some of Beetle's Shop Ships)
Items Uses
All-Purpose Bait Essentially Gourmet pet-food, this bait attracts all sorts of animals.
Hyoi Pear Use this to attract seagulls, and then control them.
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