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XBOX Hints & Cheat Codes

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Xbox Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Super Jumps

Jump as you are going up an evelator, right near the top. You will do a super jump. Secret areas, and other hard to reach areas can be found but using this jump trick.

Play in instant action mode with any Automaton and select Capture The Flag. Go into Mutators and select Low Gravity. Start the Eye Of Jahan level, get out of your base, then go to one of the two pyramids. Double jump forward into the middle of the front of the pyramid. If done correctly, you will keep going up and eventually to the back of the pyramid. Once your character is falling in back of the pyramid, he will be shot extremely high into the air.

Wall Jump

If there is a wall is to your right, jump up and to the right, then jump off the wall to your left.

Alternate Rocket Launcher Firing

When using the rocket launcher, hold Alternate Fire. Once you load two rockets, hold Primary Fire until all three are launched. This will make the three rockets launch in a tighter formation and will cause them to fire in a circular motion instead of going straight.

Using Your Adreneline

  • Agility - Down, Down, Up
  • Regeneration - Down, Down, Down
  • Invisibility - Right, Right, Left, Left
  • Berserk - Up, Up, Up
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