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Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance

XBOX Hints & Cheat Codes

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Xbox Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

In-game reset
Hold L + R and press Start + Select during game play.

Control intermission sequences
Much like the Codec transmissions, you can also press L or R to zoom in
during an intermission. The harder you press, the more the zoom. You will
hear a gunshot. While holding the button, use the Right Analog-stick to
move the view. Also during certain parts of some intermissions are sections
where it looks like you are viewing the scene through a camera or
binoculars. You can use the zoom feature with these as well, and the
onscreen distance or zoom indicators will increase realistically the more
you zoom in. This also can be done at the beginning of the game, before
pressing Start.

Control title screen
Press White to hear a gunshot and see a flash at the title screen. Use the
Right Analog-stick at the title screen to change the background color.

Control Codec sequences
Press the Left Analog-stick or Right Analog-stick to move the faces. Click
the Left Analog-stick or Right Analog-stick to zoom in. When using your
Codec to contact Otacon or others in the game, press R to reveal Snake\'s or
Raiden\'s thoughts about those persons, with some funny phrases. You will
also hear who they really feel about their women.

European Extreme difficulty
Successfully complete the game under the normal difficulty setting.

Boss survival mode
Successfully complete Sons Of Liberty, all VR missions, all alternative
missions, and the Snake Tales missions to unlock boss survival mode.

Digital camera
Successfully complete the game. The digital camera will be available when a
new game is started.

The digital camera is locate in Strut E Shell 1. Go to the bottom of the
screen and locate the platform with three red lights on it. Climb up onto
it and equip the Z.O.E. Box. When the conveyor stops, press Action to climb
on. You will be taken to another room. Press Action again to get off and
retrieve the Digital Camera. Exit the room in the same fashion.

Stealth, Bandanna and Wig bonuses
Complete the following goals to get the Stealth (invisibility), Bandanna
(unlimited ammo for Snake), and the Wig (unlimited ammunition for Raiden).
To get Stealth and Bandanna, complete the Tanker mission three times on
three different difficulty settings (all on the same saved file) and get
all the dog tags. To get Stealth and Wig, complete the plant three times on
three different difficulty settings (all on the same save file) and get all
the dog tags.

After completing the game two times, Snake and Raiden will be wearing

Ninja Raiden
Successfully complete 50% of the VR Missions as Raiden to unlock Ninja
Raiden in the VR Missions.

Naked Raiden
Successfully complete 100% of the VR Missions as Ninja Raiden.

X Raiden
Successfully complete 100% of the VR Missions as Raiden and Ninja Raiden

Unlock European Extreme Difficulty Setting
Clear the game (Tanker, Plant or Tanker/Plant) on the Normal Difficulty
setting. The next time you start a game the European Extreme difficulty
setting will be available

STEALTH and Infinite AMMO for Plant
Collect at least 80 dog tags in plant misson and beat the game to receive
the brown wig (infinite ammo)
Collect at least 120 dog tags in plant mission and beat the game to receive
the STEALTH camoflague (invisibility)

Infinite GRIP and Infinite OXYGEN
Collect at least 160 dog tags on plant mission and beat the game to recieve
the orange wig (infinite grip)
Collect at least 200 dog tags on plant mission and beat the game to receive
the blue wig (infinite oxygen)

USP Suppresser
Beat the game and then save. Start a new game with the saved info. Go to
the Navigation Deck after you defeat Olga. Go to the place where you
recieve the Thermal Goggles and you should find this weapon on the middle

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