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XBOX Hints & Cheat Codes

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Xbox Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Different Ending:
Beat Halo's Campaign on Legendary to see a slightly longer ending movie.

Secret Cave:
There is in level 5 a secret cave at the botton of the map entrance. It comes out on the side where they are not expecting a side attack from that side and it shall be easier.

Battling The Flood:
Using a combination of assault, Shotgun, and grenades works best...

Warning: Only use the [sticky] grenades at a far distance, especially for the little ones.

Shotgun - use on big floods, and little floods.

When those little guys, that jump up at you, are all grouped together use the shotgun, it shoots out a lot of bullets at a time (you can see this if you shoot at a smooth wall, or the ground, you can see all the marks it makes).

Use Assault rifle if the guy is standing still, if he or you are moving too much it moves your aim very badly and you waste bullets and have to re-load more often and then they have a clear shot.

For the grenades use them when you know something is behind a wall.

For sticky grenades you MUST ALWAYS REMEMBER to use them at a safe distance because if you shoot it on one of those little guys that follow you you will get hurt bad too because of the blast that they brought with them, same with the big guys.

Don't use your grenades all at once. They are to important, and sometimes rarest when you need them.

How to get to the bottom of the maw.

First, Get in a Hog and go to the big gap. Turn to the left and instead of going in the tunnel you will end up on a platform.ride off that and land on the "keyboard" ledge. From there go down and land on another platform. Ride off towards the wall and you will be on the bottom with about a minute or so. It is just a big open space. There is also a banchee down there, that you can fly!! Just Kidding. It takes a lot of practice to get down there me and my friend were trying for about 2 hours and about 40 tries to make it.

Get in a Covenant Tank:
How to ride a covenant tank. Im pretty surprised this hasnt been published yet. In assault on the control room, when you have the tank. Going up that big rocky hill before the drop ships come down, you can kill all the people from the drop ship then get a covenant tank. Well you don\'t have to kill the guys from the dropship but you'll probly die otherwise. Get you sniper out and aim at the tank. If youre good you can get the elite before he gets in the tank. When you get to the tank press x and get in. Unfortunatly the plasma cannon has a very slow reload time but its still cool to ride.

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