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XBOX Hints & Cheat Codes

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Xbox Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Finding The 25 Silver Keys

There are 25 Silver Keys in total, and ten silver chests to open throughout the game.

  1. Lookout Point: Near the statue, there's a path hidden by bushes, just hack your way through to get a silver key.
  2. Bowerstone South: It's on the balcony of the clothing shop.
  3. Fisher Creek: Try fishing at one of the northern fishing spots.
  4. Guild Woods: Remember that little wooded area with the beetles and the bandits during your child hood? Go there again with a fishing pole and fish from the spot you pick off the bandits with your bow.
  5. Greatwood Lake: Go up to the broken bridge in the northern section of the map.
  6. Orchard Farm: Try fishing from the eastern pier.
  7. Rose Cottage: This one requires some digging. Take your spade and look for a patch of dirt with red flowers in the old lady's backyard.
  8. The Hobbe Cave: Try digging with your spade in a ring of mushrooms at the northern section of the Focus Chamber. (that's where you freed the child and fought the nymph)
  9. Darkwood Lake: There a large stone with a hole in it, shoot an arrow through the hole, and out pops a silver key.
  10. Ancient Cullis Gate: Try fishing at the western bridge.
  11. Grey House: Try fishing in the north eastern pond, near the demon door.
  12. Oakvale: This is also a side quest given to you by the ghost down on the beach, go to the cemetary and dig under the statue with the axe.
  13. Twinblade's Camp: Try digging between the chest and the barrels in the southern section, beyond the shallow pond.
  14. Witchwood Stones: Try fishing across from the demon door.
  15. Witchwood Lake: Try digging near the statue that's glowing red.
  16. Knothole Glade: Try digging between a ring of plants in the southern section of the glade, between some houses.
  17. Windmill Hills: Try digging in the flower lined mound.
  18. Windmill Hills #2: Go behind the windmill, try digging in the flower lined mound.
  19. Headman's Hill: During the duel with Thunder, you'll fall into a cave, where you'll find a silver key if you fish in the pond.
  20. Bowerstone Manor: Marry Lady Grey to gain access, and then search the bed, careful this is an evil act.
  21. Lychfield Cemetery: Look in the southern crypt.
  22. Lychfield Cemetery #2: Just outside where the previous silver key was found, try digging in one of the graves.
  23. Lychfield Cemetery #3: Go through the gates, and to the west of the shack, and try fishing in the stream.
  24. Cliffside Path: Try digging on the northern hill.
  25. Hook Coast: Get into the lighthouse, either break down the door or pick the lock. The silver key is in a cabinet.

Silver Key Chest Locations

  1. Silver Key Chest: Greatwood Lake
    5 keys - Elixir of Life
  2. Silver Key Chest: Cave Larder
    5 keys - Will Master Elixir
  3. Silver Key Chest: Darkwood Lake
    15 keys - Arkens Crossbow
  4. Silver Key Chest: Grey House
    10 keys - Sharpening Augmentation
  5. Silver Key Chest: Witchwood Stones
    15 keys - Health Augmentation
  6. Silver Key Chest: Headmans Hill
    15 keys - Mana Augmentation
  7. Silver Key Chest: Bowerstone Manor
    15 keys - Katana Hiryu
  8. Silver Key Chest: Circle of the Dead
    10 keys - Piercing Augmentation
  9. Silver Key Chest: Hook Coast
    15 keys - Murren
  10. Silver Key Chest: Heroes Guild
    20 keys - Murren Greathammer

Demon Doors:

  1. Demon Door: Heroes Guild
    Reward: Elixir of Life, Tatto card and some books.
    Simply use your lamp in front of the door, and you'll gain access to the library.
  2. Demon Door: Greatwood Gorge
    Reward: Wellows Pickhammer
    This door only opens if you commit evil deeds. There are a few ways you can do this:
    • Eat 10 crunchy chickens in front of the door.
    • Get some people to follow you, and sacrifice them in front of the door with your sword.
    • Become completely evil, the horns, flies, smoke etc.
  3. Demon Door: Rose Cottage:
    Reward: Will User Bright Suit
    Give the door a gift (chocolates, rose etc.).
  4. Demon Door: Greatwood Caves:
    Reward: Ebonblade Cutlass
    Just get your combat multiplier up.
  5. Demon Door: Darkwood Marshes::
    Reward: Will User Dark Suit
    Defeat a horde of Hobbes.
  6. Demon Door: Barrow Fields:
    Reward: Will Master Elixir
    Get fat (try eatting over 20 apple pies or red meat).
  7. Demon Door: Grey House:
    Reward: The Axe of Ronok
    Get married to Lady Grey.

Treasure Clues Locations

  1. Treasure Clue #1: (Bounty Hunter)
    You get this from the sister when you complete the Bounty Hunter Quest (Guild Quest).
  2. Treasure Clue #2: (Lost Trader)
    You get this when you complete the Lost Trader Quest (Guild Quest).
  3. Treasure Clue #3: (Twinblade's Assassin)
    You get this when you kill the last of Twinblade's assassins at Hook Coast, but first you must kill all the other assassins in the following locations.
    • Outside of Knothole Glade.
    • Middle of the Prison Path
    • Witchwood Cullis (near focus stone)
    • Windmill Hill (at the windmill)
  4. Treasure Clue #4 (Knothole Glade):
    You get this by winning the archery contest at Knothole Glade.
  5. Treasure Clue #5 (Orchard Farm):
    This one is in a chest at Orchard Farm.
  6. Treasure Clue #6 (Windmill Hill):
    Do some digging in a mound of dirt on Windmill Hill (behind the windmill)

Solving The Treasure Clues
Start from the dock at Orchard Farm, and go through the apple orchard, down the path towards the barn. Dig between the first barn wall and the bales of hey and you'll find the frying pan.

Reknown Cheat
When you take a quest boast, and it'll take you to the boasting podium. From here all you have to do is use your spade to dig, since this area of the game randomly generates characters, everytime you dig, more characters appear. Now you just gotta show off your trophies to get all the fame you could ever want!

Reselling Houses = Tons of Gold
Buy a house in Oakvale, and then put up your trophies, smash the door and sell the house. Then walk in, grab the trophies, and buy the house. Since the trophies increase the value of the house, doing this multiple times gives you tons of gold.

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