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FIFA World Cup Soccer 2003

XBOX Hints & Cheat Codes

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Xbox Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Easy victories:
First, win a couple of matches in season or tournament mode. Save the game, then see what your next match is. Select "Simulate". If you lose that match, exit the mode and reload your game. With every win, save the game. This will ensure that you finish first.

Overall ratings:
Although you usually pay attention to overalls, as long as your player has good shooting, running, or fitness, he is usually very good. Note: nine and eight shooters are actually also good.

Seoul stadium:
Win the EFA trophy to unlock the Seoul stadium.

Stade de France stadium:
Win the Club Championship to unlock the Stade de France stadium.

Yokohama stadium:
Win the ECC trophy to unlock the Yokohama stadium.

Unbeatable challenge:
Win the World Tour tournament.

Easy goals:
When you start a match, change controls to the other team and hold Keeper Rush for the goalkeeper to rush out and get the ball. Pause game play while still holding Keeper Rush and change back to your side. The other goal keeper should keep rushing out and slide tacking you. Shoot from halfway and you should get a goal. Also for laughs, sometimes the goalkeeper grabs the ball meters from the box and nothing happens.

When you get a corner kick, aim it to the teammate nearest to the goal post (For example, a right corner, the person on the right goal post), then press Maximum Pass to him. When the ball gets to him, aim the shot pressing Up or Down then press Shoot. You will get an easy goal from the corner every time. The shooter must have a shot and accuracy ability that is high; the person should play on the right midfield when you are playing 4-4-3 (For example, use Zidane - Real Madrid).

In a corner, just pass the ball. A player will get the ball and kick it. Before he kicks it, move him near the goal. There is a good chance that he will score a goal.

When you have a throw-in near your opponent's goal, throw the ball as near as you can to the goal. As soon as your player gets the ball, he will kick it. Before he kicks it, move him near the goal. There is a good chance that he will score a goal.

Control the team that you are facing, and in the settings change the skill level to "World Class". Then, play as normal. Your team (the original one) will play much better.

Recommended players:
Create a great squad with the following players:

Oliver Kahn (starts on a German team)
Roberto Carlos
Rio Ferdinand (Man Utd.)
Alessandro Nesta
Pascal Cygan
Edgar Davids
David Beckham (Man Utd.)
Ryan Giggs (Man Utd.)
Victor Agali
Ruud van Nistelroy (Man Utd.)
A good player plays for Parma right mid. His stats are very good (overall 97).

Create a squad with the following players:

Oliver Kahn or David Seamen
Lilian Thuram
Alessandro Nesta
Roberto Carlos
Luis Figo
Patric Vieira
Edgar Davids
Thierry Henry
Gilberto Silva
Cygan or Zidane

Create a squad with the following players:

Oliver Khan (Bayern Munich)
Lillian Thuram (Juventes)
Alesandro Nesta (AC Milan)
Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United)
Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid)
Edgar Davids (Juventes)
Ryan Giggs (Manchester United)
Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
Mateo Brighi (Parma)
Ruud van Nistlerooy (Manchester United)
William Gallas (Chelsea)
Francesco Totti (AS Roma)
Paul Scholes (Manchester United)
David Beckham (Manchester United)
Fabian Batherez (Manchester United)
Cobi Jones (Los Angeles Galaxy)
Lucas Neill (Blackburn Rovers)
Alexi Lalas (Los Angeles Galaxy)
Luke Chadwick (Manchester United)
Diego Forlan (Manchester United)
Brad Friedel (Blackburn Rovers)

Create a squad with the following players:

Formation 3-5-2 normal
GK: Oliver Kahn (Bayern Munich)
RB: Lilium Thuram (Juventus)
CB: Rio Ferdinand (Man U)
LB: Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid)
RWM: David Beckham (Man U)
RCM: Roy Keane (Man U)
CM: Edgar Davids (Juventus)
LCM: Rivaldo (AC Milan)
LWM: Ryan Giggs (Manu U)
RS: Ruud Van Nistelrooy (Man U)
LS: Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
Jaap Stam (Lazio)
Zinedine Zidane (Real Madrid)
Patrick Kluivurt (Barcelona)
Mateo Brighi (Parma)
Edwin Van Der Sar (Fulham)

Create a squad with the following players:

Kahn (B Munich)
Thuram (Juventus)
Maldini (Ac Milan)
Nesta (Ac Milan)
Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid)
Davids (Juventus)
Figo (Real Madrid)
Pires (Arsenal)
Zidane ( R Madrid)
Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
Rivaldo (Ac Milan)
Del Piero (Juventus)
Henry (Arsenal)
Totti (As Roma)
Ronaldinho (PSG)
Casillas (Real Madrid)
Becks (Manchester United)
Giggs (Manchester United)
Ferdinand (Manchester United)
Owen (Liverpool)
Gerard (Liverpool)
Nistelrooy (Manchester United)

Create a squad with the following players:

O Kahn (Bayern Munich)
M solas (Juventes)
Lillian Thuram (Juventes)
M Lutiano (Juventes)
Raul (Real Madrid)
R Van Nistlerooy (Manchester United)
R Giggs (Manchester United)
R Carlos (Real Madrid)
R Ferdinand (Manchester United)
E Davids (Juventes)
P Nedved (Juventes)
Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
A del Piero (Juventes)
D Trezeguet (Juventes)
D Beckham (Manchester United)

Create a squad with the following players:

Formation 4-3-3
Kahn (B.Munich)
Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid)
Ferdinand (Manchester United)
Nesta (AC Milan)
Chamot (AC Milan)
Davids (Juventus)
Rivaldo (AC Milan)
van der Meyde (Ajax)
van Nistelrooy (Manchester United)
Shevchenko (AC Milan)
CissŤ (Auxerre)
Canizares (Valencia)
Thuram (Juventus)
Kluivert (Barcelona)
Di Viao (Juventus)
Ronaldo (Real Madrid)

Create a squad with the following players:

GK: Gianluigi Buffon (Juventus)
LB: Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid)
RB: Lillian Thuram (Juventus)
CB: Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United)
CB: Allesandro Nesta (Roma)
LM: Rivaldo (AC Milan)
RM: Mattio Brighi (Parma)
CM: Edgar Davids (Juventus)
CM: David Beckham (Manchester United)
RS: Rudd van Nistelrooy (Manchester United)
LS: Ronaldo (Real Madrid)

Create a squad with the following players. Note: The lowest player on this team is a 93.

Van Nistelrooy

Create a squad with the following players.

Formation 4-4-2
Svensson (Southampton)
Also, try Roy Keane, Crespo, or Vieri.

Create a squad with the following players.

Formation 4-3-3
Buy the following players. All starters are above 90 except for Beckham.

Formation: 4-4-2

GK: Oliver Kahn (B. Munich - 95)
DR: Lilian Thuran (Juventus - 91)
DCR: Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United - 93)
DCL: Roy Keane (Manchester United - 94)
DL: Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid - 91)
RM: David Beckham (Manchester United - 89); He takes free kicks
RCM: Edgar Davids (Juventus - 94)
LCM: Mattao Brighi (Parma - 97)
LM: Ryan Giggs (Manchester United -93)
RS: Ruud Van Nistelorooy (Manchester United - 93)
LS: Ronaldo (Real Madrid - 92)

G: David Seaman (Arsenal - 85)
D: Fernando Hierro (Real Madrid - 91)
D: Fabio Cannavaro (Inter de Milan - 90)
D: Alessandro Nesta (Milan - 91)
M: Raul ( Real Madrid - 90)
M: Luis Figo (Real Madrid - 90)
M: Rivaldo (Milan - 91)
M: Patrick Vieira (Arsenal - 93)
S: Gabriel Batistutita (Roma - 90)
S: Thierry Henry (Arsenal - 91)
S: Aneriy Shevchenko (Milan - 92)
Other players you can get include: Totti (Roma), Del Piero (Juventus), Owen (Liverpool), Guti (R. Madrid), Stam (Lazio), Kluivurt (Barcelona)
Select a squad like this.

Formation: 4-3-3
Cudicini (Chelsea)
Lauren (Arsenal)
Campbell (Arsenal)
Ferdinand (Manchester United)
Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid)
Beckham (Manchester United)
Zidane (Real Madrid)
Pires (Arsenal)
V.Nistelrooy (Manchester United)
Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
Henry (Arsenal)

Buffon (Juventus)
Figo (Real Madrid)
Nesta (AC Milan)
Forlan (Manchester United)
Trezeguet (Juventus)

Davids (Juventus)
Giggs (Manchester United)
Radzinski (Everton)
Rodrigo (Everton)
Toldo (Inter Milan)
Li Tie (Everton)

Create a squad with the following starters:

GK: Oliver Kahn
LB: Roberto Carlos
RB: Thuram
CB: Rio Ferdinand
CB: Alessandro Nesta
LM: Ryan Giggs
RM: Guti or Cisse (Auxerre)
CM: Patrick Vieria
CM: Del Piero
CF: Ronaldo
CF: Thierry Henry

Create a squad with the following players.

Goalie: Oliver Kahn
Defender: Roberto Carlos (Real Madrid)
Defender: Fernando Hiero(Real Madrid)
Defender: Lillian Thuram (Juventus)
Defender: Rio Ferdinand (Manchester United)
Midfielder: Roy Keane (Manchester United)
Midfielder: Edgar Davids (Juventus)
Midfielder: Patrick Viera (Arsenal)
Midfielder: Mateo Brighi (Parma)
Forward: Rudd Van Nistelrooy (Manchester United)
Forward: Andriy Shevchenko (Milan)

Cisse (Auxerre)
Andy Van Der Meyde (Ajax)
Ronaldo (Real Madrid)
Michael Ballack (Bayern Munich)
Canizares (Valencia)

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