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Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

XBOX Hints & Cheat Codes

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Xbox Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes


When entering these codes, keep in mind that using any specific code replaces the others, so only one can be active at a time. If a mistake is make entering a BLACK-WHITE code, start the cheat over at step 4. The cheat will remain active as long as you don't change menus using the (L) and (R) triggers. Leaving and entering menu mode does not reset the BLACK-WHITE cheat code, so you need only repeat steps 1, 3 (if necessary), and 5 to repeat the last cheat. If the (L) and (R) triggers are used to change menus, the BLACK-WHITE cheat code is cleared and all steps will have to be repeated.

To Restore Health

  1. While in the game, hit B to bring up the menus
  2. Use the L and R triggers to switch to the Stats menu
  3. Use the D-pad to select the Health entry
  5. Press and hold A until the desired health level is reached

To Restore Magicka

  1. While in the game, hit B to bring up the menus
  2. Use the L and R triggers to switch to the Stats menu
  3. Use the D-pad to select the Magicka entry
  5. Press and hold A until the desired magicka level is reached

To Restore Fatigue

  1. While in the game, hit B to bring up the menus
  2. Use the L and R triggers to switch to the Stats menu
  3. Use the D-pad to select the Fatigue entry
  5. Press and hold A until the desired fatigue level is reached

Continuous Increase:

  1. Enter one of the above restoration codes.
  2. While the bar fills up, press B while continuing to hold A. The bar should continue to fill up whenever it is decreased. This will deactivate if you re-enter the menu.


Ald Velothi: Good armor
To find the full set of Ebony Armor (except the sword and shield which can be found at the Dren Plantation and other Ruinic sites), go to Ald Velothi, just north of Gnisis. From Ald Velothi, travel northeast to the Daedric Ruins. After entering the shrine, clear it out of whatever is in there and go to the corridor to the east. You will enter the Sunken Vault. Follow the little spiral rock formation down until you see someone standing on a platform. Jump or levitate to the platform and kill him. He will have the full Ebony set.

Avoid fall damage
To avoid damage from falling, do not jump off anything. Instead, just walk off the edge. This is helpful in getting to the bottom level of Vivec quickly.

Bal Fell: Invisible feet
If you want to have invisible feet, go to Bal Fell and go to the inner shine. Find the Ten Pace boots. When you put them on, your feet will be invisible.

Bal Fell: Talking Mudcrab merchant
Northeast of Bal Fell is a a rich talking Mudcrab. He is directly across from Releth Ancaestral Tomb. He has 10,000 gp and buys items full price (unless they are broken). He will buy most items. If you manage to find him and you have a spell called Mark use it there. If you Mark it, you can cast a spell called Recall to warp there. Do not kill him. You will need him after you get farther in the game and need someone to sell items to. Like all shopkeepers, he restocks his money every 24 hours.

Balmora: Easy money
After traveling to Balmora in the beginning of the game, stop by Ravi'ir the traders house. A fairly heavy weapon such as axe or longsword of some sort is also required, which can be acquired from the Armorer a few shops down. Walk up to him and begin to bash his face in. You will have a decent fight on your hands -- save before undertaking this challenge. You should win if you remember to keep hacking. This slight case of murder early in the game will earn you the "Fiend Katana", and "Fiend Tanto". One is worth 9000 gold and the other is 3000 gold. You will also get three other enchanted weapons. Sell them to the Armorer across the street or keep them to have extremely powerful weapons early in the game. He also has an armory in the back of his house which can be raided and sold.

Go to the Mage's Guild in Balmora. The nice lady upstairs must not believe in safes. She has a lot of items (Soul Gems for the most part). Go downstairs and steal something minor, such as a fork. As everyone comes for you, run about in circles to avoid most of the hits. After doing this a few seconds, get past everybody and run up the stairs. With as little mistakes as possible, quickly take the things you want and exit the Guild/ Drop the items outside and find a guard. Pay him his 20 gold then retrieve the items.

Go to Tal Barmora and enter the Tradehouse. Go up the first flight of stairs, take a left, and go down the stairs there. Once downstairs, save the game then open the desk. A glass weapon will be inside. Some are worth more than others, or you may want a certain kind. If you do not get what you want, load the game and check again. It will be different every time. If you are looking for the most valuable, it is the Glass Claymore, valued at 32,000.

Notes This trick will not necessarily work for everyone. It will also result in one less person to sell items to, but there are a lot of other towns. Go to the pawnbroker in Balmora. Steal some sort of minor object behind her. She will attack you. She is pretty weak and can be felled in about four to five blows from a two-handed sword. After you kill her, you may not have a bounty on your head and you will have access to a lot of items. Most are worth very little individually, but most are in bulk. There will also be a some books and potions. Everything can be sold for about 800 gp which may not seem like much, but combined with all the other items in the many boxes of Balmora and the money you get from delivering the package, can result in enough for your character to get some good armor, other goods, and weapons.

When Ajira in the Mages Guild asks you to place a fake Soul Gem in Galbedir's desk, go upstairs when she is gone. Replace the Soul Gem and also take the ones on her desk, which are worth a fortune.

An easier way to get all those expensive Soul Gems from Galbedir's desk is to do all of Ajira's quests up to the stolen reports. After that quest is complete, Galbedir will freeze wherever she is. You can do this in enough time that she will stop on the lowest stairwell. After she is stuck, go up and take all the desired Soul Gems. Do not try to enchant anything by her with those Soul Gems or she will realize you stole them.

Sleep until it turns to night. Enter Balmora then go around and search all boxes, urns, and other searchable items on both sides of the river. You will find lots of gold, good weapons that can be sold, and potions. You can also find other inexpensive items. If you are very desperate for gold, take these but they are not worth much. If you do not find any good items at first, do not be discouraged and keep looking. Usually guards could care less if you steel from outside, but keep a wary eye just in case.

Balmora: Get rid of bounty for free
Go to Balmora and join the Thieves Clan in the Southwall Cornerclub. The man at the counter downstairs can take of your bounty for a price. To get rid of it for free, drop all your money in one of the crates outside the Cornerclub. Go inside and talk to the man downstairs behind the counter. Choose to talk to him about the price on your head. Accept to pay, but since you have no money in your inventory, you will not lose anything and your bounty will be gone. Go back outside and get your money from the crate.

Balmora: Good armor
To get good armor at the start of the game, get very proficient with one weapon. Then, kill one of the Ordinators in Balmora. You will have a good fight and someone may see you. Make sure you save before attempting this.

Balmora: Good armor
Go to the armorer in Balmora and look behind the counter to find Orcish Cuirass and Orcish Boots. If you take them, use adrenaline rush and jump over the counter. Go out the door and immediately visit the Thieves Guild to get your bounty cleared. Drop gold and it is free. If you get caught, resist arrest. You can then go back and steal more items from him like such as the Dreugh Helm and Shield.

Balmora: Good weapon
When you arrive in Balmora go to the east guard tower. Go to the top floor where the guard is located. Jump on the small basket and look on top of the dresser. The Sword Of White Woe can be found there. It drains life and has good attack power.

Belmada: Easy items
Immediately when you get out of the office and into Seyda Neen, go straight north and into the swampy area. Keep pushing forward until you hear screaming. Look up, and a body should fall in front of you. Search the body and take his clothes and weapon. The weapon does very good damage and is needed for the next part. Head back towards Seyda Neen, but go left at the intersection. You should see a giant monster and a man. The monster is a means of transportation in this game, and if you talk to the man, you can be taken to Belmada. Go there, and once you arrive in town, go to where the shops are located. They have signs in front of the houses. Save before you do the next task. Look for the shop "Trader; R'avirr". Go into the shop and you will see a lion object to your right. Enter the back room. You will see equipment for the taking. Get out of sight of R'avirr (lion) and take what you need, but keep your sword. Then get behind R'avirr, draw your sword, and by any means necessary, kill him. Continuously press Attack and you should be fine. Once the dealer is dead, check his body and take all the weapons there. There will be a Fiend Katana and Fiend Tanto on him. The Katana is worth 9000 gp and the Tanto is worth 3000 gp. Sell the Tanto and all the other weapons on him. With the Katana, there is a spell that turns it into some sort of demon weapon that does a great deal of damage. Save the game again, then go to the other arms and armor dealer close by. Get behind the guard in there, turn your sword into demon form, then hold R and release. He will turn around and ask that you either pay him, go to jail, or resist. Pay him 40 gp. Keep doing this and he will eventually die. Kill the dealer as well. Take the best armor and equip it. Behind the counter are 2500 gp armor and 800 gp boots. Take the good items and sell the rest. Save the game and continue with your new items.

If you require fast money or enchanted items, go to the trader R'avirr. Do not worry if you are not at a high level. If you need help to kill him, summon the ancestral ghost. Take all of his enchanted items and sell or use them.

Caldera: Easy money
For easy money early in the game, go to the Mage's Guild in Caldera. Go into the tower and go up the stairs to an unguarded table. The table is filled with alchemist equipment that range in value from 100 to 4800 gold pieces. If alchemy is a major part of your class, you can use this to help you greatly. However, if you just want the money, the best place to sell it is the alchemist in Balmera next to the Fine Clothier. She is loaded with gold and if you have not made her mad, you can get a hefty pay check.

For some easy money, make sure you do not have Alchemy as one of your major or minor skills when you start the game. Start the game and immediately go about getting about 2000 to 3000 gold. Then, join the Mages Guild (you do not have to be a Mage). Go to the bottom floor and find the cat person who will train you in alchemy. Get enough training to identify the first characteristic of the raw ingredients. Then, use the Mages Guild guide to teleport to Caldera. On the bottom floor of the Mages Guild in Caldera is be a fruity sounding man standing in front of a door. Go through the door and up the stairs to find a full set of alchemy tools of Master quality. Take them and go talk to the man that was standing in front of the door. Using the "Info" button find out any two ingredients that will make any potion. Buy all he has, exit the conversation, then talk to him again. He will have more. Continue to do this until you overencumber yourself with the ingredients. Then, go about making all those potions. At first, most will fail but you will get better. Then, take you potions to the manor in town. Inside you will find a talking scamp that will buy most everything at face value. Sell all of your potions, then repeat. If the scamp runs out of money, just rest for 24 hours and his money will return. The more times you do it, the better you will get at making potions. The better you get at making potions, the more your potions will be worth and the more of them you will have. It is a cycle that you can use as many times you desired to get as much money as needed.

Dragon Lancer character creation
Race: Your choice, Nord recommended
Major skills: Spear, Armorer, Athletics, Long Blade, Heavy Armor
Minor skills: Acrobatics, Mercantile, Speechcraft, Medium Armor, your choice.
Sign: The Warrior

Dren: Good armor and weapons
In order to get the Daedric Katana, go to the Dren Plantation. When you arrive, look for a large building labeled "Dren's Villa". Enter it, then go all the way down to the last floor. When you get there, look around for a stair that leads to a door downstairs. There should be three guards located there (some are in the second door). All of them are easy to kill if you are a good warrior, but a very strong weapon or high level is recommended. One of the guards has no shirt and a red Daedric Shield. His name is Galos Farethi. He also is carrying the Daedric Katana. The other two just have Glass Daggers and Glass Wild ViperBlade. Also, go to the top of the building to find a man that has a shelf directly behind him, holding some good items such as the Daedric Greaves. He is also fairy easy to kill, but make sure you take out everyone else first, or everyone in that building will attack you.

Go to Dren's Villa and kill all the people downstairs. At the top floor is a merchant with lots of good armor. If you kill him, you can get an Ebony Cuirass and an Endoril Helmet.

Easy money
After you are done creating your character, go over to the shelf in the first room to find a limeware platter worth 650 gold. To steal it without getting it taken away, take it then quickly press B to put it in your inventory. Then, drop it on the floor and press B .The guard will approach you and say something. Accept his offer, then look on the floor and pick the platter up, without getting into trouble. This can be done with any item on the shelf.

As soon as you start finding and acquiring more expensive items by stealing, fighting, or receiving, bring the items back to a good person to barter with and drop the items nearby on the floor. For example, use the people in Balmora and others (Creeper in Caldera). In the Mage's Guild, put alchemist tools next to Ajira, and weapons next to the lady upstairs (you can barter your scrolls here also). Then, barter when you need the money, using the sell one/buy many/sell back/wait 24 hours method. It is easy to get a few hundred thousand in gold with this trick. One good way to keep this going is to fight the Ordinators and bringing back their weapons and armor. If you have been paying to have the price on your head removed in the Thieves Guild, you can get this money back by bartering scrolls or books in the same way. Also, when fighting guards and Ordinators, make sure you pickpocket them first,. If you kill too many in cold blood you will be served with a death warrant.

Join Guilds, empty out their equipment chests, then sell the items to other Guild members. There is a new chest in each town with a Guild.

Buy a good summon spell such as Summon Flame Atronach. Then, buy many Greater Soul gems and Gem Feeder scrolls. Summon the Flame Atronach and cast a Gem Feeder scroll on it. Kill it and you will increase the amount of the Soul Gems. You can do this as many times as desired.

Gnisis: Amulet
In the Gnisis region is a woman named Synette Jeline by a pond just southeast of the Dwarven ruin of Arkngthunch-Sturdumz (where you get the Dwemer tube from in the Mage Guild quest from Edwinna Elbert). This woman will ask you to find her lost ring that she has dropped in the pond. She will not get it because she is a "lady of the evening" and cannot get dirty or wet. Instead of immediately jumping in and finding the ring, if you are a new player, save your game. Jump in and find her ring, It next to a few reeds and may be difficult to locate. . When you do, she will attack you and another person will appear nearby and start shooting arrows at you. Kill them both by any means. Some high power attack scrolls may be useful. After both are dead, the woman that appeared out of nowhere will have an Amulet on her. This is a magic Amulet that will allow you to have 80

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