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DirectX Programming Tutorials
view article DirectPlay Tutorial
A good introduction to DirectPlay, with a lot of source code examples.
view article Guide to Programming Games with DirectX
The samples in this document are developed for Visual C/C++ MFC applications, but most of the material covered is pretty much MFC-independent; so don't worry too much if you don't know MFC. By David Joffe
view article Part I: Tools, Game Loops, Keyboard Input, and Timing
This first article will concentrate on two of the most fundamental issues confronting you as a designer of real-time games: building the main game loop_the engine that drives the action_and timing events so that things proceed at a pace chosen by you rather than by the hardware or operating system. Along the way we'll also touch on the most basic form of input, the keyboard.
view article Part II: Mouse and Joystick Input Documentation
This article, the second in a series on converting MS-DOS games to the Microsoft Win32 environment, covers joystick and mouse input. The emphasis is on real-time games that require immediate data from input devices. The joystick routines are based on DirectInput™ versions 1.0 through 3.0_really just the extended services provided by the Windowsr platform itself. For the mouse, I'll look at the conventional Windows-based functions and then at the new services offered by DirectInput 3.0.
view article Part III: Sound, Graphics, Installation and Documentation
The third and last of the three part-series on converting MS-DOS games to the Microsoft Win32 environment introduces digitized sound effects, MIDI music, TrueType text, and animation with DirectDraw. It'll also touch on the subjects of installation and online documentation.


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