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Game Resources: Trailers, Screenshots, Interviews, Artwork, Music
view article All Screenshots...
GameSpy's Screenshots
view article Hundreds of Screenshots
Check out the hundreds of screenshots over at gamespot.com
view article GameSpy Game Pile-On!
Thoughts and comments on the newest game in the Star Wars pantheon from the GameSpy staff.
view article E3 2003 Movie #1
The first E3 2003 movie for KOTOR displays an introduction to this Star Wars role-playing game by Lucas Arts.
view article E3 2003 Movie #2
This E3 2003 movie shows some in-game action to the anticipated role-playing title by Lucas Arts based in the Star Wars universe.
view article Game Trailer
With BioWare's penchant for creating some of the best RPGs in gaming, combined with the richness of the Star Wars universe, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic should be one of the top RPGs of the year.
view article Game Article
Further insights and loads of concept art on LucasArts' and BioWare's fantastic RPG.
view article Creature Concept Art
GameSpy's gallery of creature concept art. Hounds, Droids and other creatures.
view article Vehicles and Spacecraft Concept Art
GameSpy's gallery of vehicle and spacecraft concept art. Sand crawlers and various spaceships.
view article Game Interview with Bioware's CEOs
GameSpy chats with BioWare CEOs Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk about their upcoming Xbox RPG Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. (Nov 21, 2002)
view article Game Preview
Read what GameSpy had to say before the game was released. (July 4, 2003)
view article Lucas Arts: Official KOTOR Site
The official site from publisher Lucas Arts
view article Lucas Arts: Worlds of KOTOR
Get info and stats on all the KOTOR worlds; Dantooine, Kashyyyk, Korriban, Manaan, Tatooine, and Taris.
view article Lucas Arts: Voice Talent of KOTOR
Featuring Jennifer Hale as Bastila Shan, Raphael Sbarge as Carth Onasi, Phil LaMarr as Gadon Thek, Ethan Phillips as Mercenary and Ed Asner as Master Vrook.
view article Lucas Arts: Music of KOTOR
One of the most important elements in the Star Wars films is the music. In 1977, when those famous words: "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...." faded down, the people in the audience were blasted away by the first thunderous notes of John Williams' epic score. Movie music hasn't been the same since. It is that feeling that we want people to experience when playing Star Wars®: Knights of the Old Republic™ the feeling of good and evil, the epic struggle, and an adventure that everyone can somehow relate to, even though it takes place in a time and universe that they can only dream about.


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