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Character Build Up Guide

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

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Xbox Cheats & Hints

Written by KG21

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
for XBOX

Version 2.0
Written by: Stephen Townsend (GameFaqs username: KG21)
Copyright 2003 by KG21
E-mail: lxKG21xl@hotmail.com (that's LXKG21XL)
AIM: lxKG21xl (that's LXKG21XL)

This FAQ was created with the purpose of informing people of the 
various aspects of character building in Star Wars: Knights of the Old 
Republic. It includes suggestions for the various character classes, 
and advice on how to upgrade the various playable characters in this 

This FAQ DOES NOT reveal major plot points, however it DOES reveal the 
different playable characters. If you wish this information remain 
undisclosed to a particular person and/or persons, then do not read the 
text below.

--------   INTRODUCTION   --------

The following includes information detailed above. Please send 
suggestions or comments to the e-mail found at the very beginning of 
this FAQ. If using Windows use the Find feature (Ctrl+F) and Table of 
Contents to locate a section of the guide quickly and efficiently, and 
read that sections briefing and information.

This FAQ is to only appear on www.gamefaqs.com unless a personal e-mail 
addressed by Stephen Townsend, whose username is KG21, gives permission 
to use it.

--------   TABLE OF CONTENTS   --------

1. Update Information
2. Game Controls
3. Stats
4. Skills
5. Feats
6. Force Powers
7. Character Class Strategies
8. General Upgrade Tips
9. Character-specific Strategies
10. Thanks
11. Copyright Information

--------   UPDATE INFORMATION   --------

JULY 21, 2003

Started FAQ today. Future updates will most likely include little 
things like specific items to improve stats, additional strategies, 
etc. The majority of this FAQ will appear in its first few 

July 22, 2003

FAQ still hasn't been posted as of 4:09 pm, but I decided to start 
revising the FAQ. Things like more detailed descriptions and ratings 
have been added. Remember to throw any suggestions at my e-mail which 
can be found at the beginning of this FAQ. Expect even more detailed 
descriptions in the future, such as individual Feat/Force Power 

--------   GAME CONTROLS   --------

Left Trigger - Cycle through menus, items, objects, friends, and 
enemies using the Left Trigger.

Right Trigger - Cycle through menus, items, objects, friends, and 
enemies using the Right Trigger.

A Button - Use to confirm choices and select combat and dialogue 

B Button - Use to cancel combat or menu selection. 

X button - Use to stack combat orders. Example: Select "Attack" by 
pressing "X", then select "Medpack" by pressing "X". Your character 
will then attack, then use a medpack. Slightly time efficient.

Y Button - Use to cancel any stacked orders issued by the "X" button.

Left Analog - Used to move your character throughout the areas of 
KOTOR. Also used to select dialogue, combat, and menu options.

Start Button - Used to pause the game at any time during the game 
(except cutscenes).

--------   STATS   --------

The following section includes information on the stats of the game 
(which includes Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, 
Wisdom, and Charisma) and their functions. For specific stats, see 
section "Character Class Strategies".

STRENGTH - Strength is a very vital stat to anyone who wishes to engage 
in close quarters combat. Seeing as how lightsabers are much cooler 
than blasters, most people will opt to increase this stat quite fairly. 
Strength also increases your chance to hit an enemy, which is important 
to keep in mind if you wondering why your character never seems to make 
contact with a melee weapon. 
Recommended for Soldiers and Scouts.

DEXTERITY - Dexterity is basically Strength for ranged weapons. It is 
the attribute which determines how often a ranged weapon will hit the 
enemy it is aiming at. This stat also determines how often your 
character blocks and dodges attacks. If you plan on using blasters, 
upgrade Dexterity. If you plan on using melee weapons, upgrade 
Dexterity for it will be effective for dodging attacks in close 
quarters combat. 
Recommended for all classes.

CONSTITUTION - This stat determines any extra hit points your character 
can have. Don't bother upgrading Constitution past a stat level of 10. 
The only circumstance in which you should upgrade Constitution past 
this is if you are playing as a Scoundrel class character. In this 
case, consider taking it up to 12, but mostly rely on items which raise 
Recommended for Scoundrels.

INTELLIGENCE - This is a fairly useless stat for your player character. 
Some other characters like T3-M4 have a good intelligence, which is 
good because Intelligence determines your Skill bonus points. If you 
raise Intelligence, you'll have lots of points to spend on Skills. 
Rather useless, since most characters in the game are better at things 
than you anyhow. Don't raise Intelligence at all, if you ask me. 
Not recommended for any class except possibly Scoundrel.

WISDOM - Wisdom is essential for Jedi. This number determines the Force 
point bonus points. This is a great skill to invest in, for it gives 
you more points to spend on Force powers, which are essential to 
defeating more powerful enemies. It also determines how you resist the 
force powers set against you. Only upgrade Wisdom on Jedi characters. 
For non-Jedi characters, simply use items which give higher Wisdom, or 
have protection against Mind-Affecting powers. 
Recommended for players who wish to use more force powers.

CHARISMA - Charisma determines your Persuade skill to an extent, as 
well and modifying various elements such as force powers. This is 
mainly used when relying on defensive Jedi powers and using the 
Persuade ability to gain more conversation options. I'd recommend not 
raising Charisma too high. 10 is a solid number to leave it at, just to 
negate the negative modifier effects. 
Recommended at low levels for all characters.

--------   SKILLS   --------

The following section outlines various Skills used outside of combat 
situations. Your player character will most likely not be dominate in 
more than three or four of these attributes. I'd suggest not even being 
dominate in more than two. Keep to a few aspects to thrive in. This 
results in a specific character that does specific things. This also 
further implies the uniqueness of each character.

COMPUTER USE - The higher this skill, the fewer amounts of Computer 
Spikes needed to use commands on computer systems. Have T3-M4 be a 
character high in this skill. You may want to upgrade your own 
character by two or three, and then wear items to bump it up to four, 
just to save a spare spike or two. Later in the game, spikes aren't 
expensive, and you'll have plenty of cash, so don't bother upgrading 
this with your main character. 
Recommended at low levels for Scoundrel class and possibly Scouts. 
Recommended at high levels for T3-M4 and possibly Mission
Skill Rating: 3.5/5

DEMOLITIONS - Mines are items that are put in various fields around the 
game. The ability to disarm or recover these mines is determined by 
Demolitions. Most the time mines have very minor effects and hardly 
harm your party, but concentrate on having T3-M4 and at least one other 
character skilled in Demolitions. You can attempt to recover and use 
mines against your enemies, but often the mines are ineffective 
compared to your other weapons. 
Not recommended for character classes. Recommended for Canderous, T3-
M4, Zaalbar, and possibly HK-47.
Skill Rating: 3/5

STEALTH - Scoundrels are really the only class who will use this skill. 
Use Stealth to sneak up on enemies and get the first hit. Don't bother 
upgrading this with anyone except Juhani (and possibly Mission) and 
your player character if you are a scoundrel. 
Recommended at medium levels for Scoundrels. Recommended for Juhani and 
possibly Mission.
Skill Rating: 2.5/5

PERSUADE - This is a great skill for any character, especially if they 
wish to follow the Light Side of the game. It can open up different 
options, and often leads to earning greater rewards. Other characters 
can't access this skill, however, which makes it unique and a skill 
worthy of at least 6 points (I had mine around 10+). 
Recommend for all player characters.
Skill Rating: 3.5/5

REPAIR - This skill is vital for your droid characters. Upgrade this to 
around 10 for each, if not more. For droids this stat determines the 
extent to which they heal themselves. For player characters, this 
determines the ability to repair broken droids and the amount of repair 
spikes it will cost. Zaalbar is a good non-droid character to be 
skilled in repair with.
Optional: Your player character can "repair" one of the other playable 
characters (HK-47) and increase its stats. You might, therefore, want 
to invest in Repair. 
Recommended for characters wishing to improve HK-47. Recommended for 
T3-M4, and possibly Zaalbar and HK-47.
Skill Rating: 3.5/5

SECURITY - Early in the game most locked doors can be forced open with 
the "Bash" option. Later, however, certain areas are inaccessible 
unless they are broken in to by using Security. I wouldn't recommend 
upgrading this will too many characters. It's useful, but most the time 
locked areas contain average items you have several of and can go 
without. It's good to at least have one party member in your party with 
at least 2 security, though. 
Not recommended unless you do not have characters in your party skilled 
at security. Recommended for T3-M4, Mission, and possibly HK-47.
Skill Rating: 4/5

TREAT INJURY - Early in the game this skill in very valuable. Later, 
however, when you have Jedi powers to heal yourself, this skill is 
rather pointless. Raise this at least to 5 on every character, and 10 
to characters using ranged weapons that might not be healed by a Jedi's 
powers during combat. 
Recommended at medium to high levels for all classes. Recommended for 
Canderous and Zaalbar.
Skill Rating: 4/5

--------   FEATS   --------

Feats are some of the most important abilities in KOTOR. They are often 
combat-specific moves which make dispatching foes much easier. Most of 
these have their drawbacks, however, which will be explained here. 
Others simply permanently increase stats and abilities. All Feats are 
explained here.

TWO-WEAPON FIGHTING - VERY important skill for any character planning 
on using two lightsabers or a double bladed lightsaber. Lessening the 
penalty of Hit% and allowing you to dish out more damage, this feat is 
essential to any character using two weapons or a double bladed 
lightsaber. Master level is pretty useless for characters you won't be 
using much in combat, so only acquire it for combat-heavy characters.
Recommended to any characters using two weapons or a double bladed 
Feat Rating: 5/5 

ARMOR PROFICIENCY - Don't bother upgrading this with any Jedi 
characters. Only bother upgrading to Heavy Armor Proficiency with 
characters like Carth and Canderous. While this WILL decrease their 
DEX, which IS important to range-attacking characters, using 
upgradeable heavy armor and increasing their DEX through upgrades is 
the best course of action. For other non-Jedi characters, focus on 
Light armor like Combat Suits, which offer average defense with average 
Dexterity bonuses.
Recommended to and Jedi you wish NOT to use Force Powers with, and any 
non-Jedi characters fighting in close quarters combat.
Feat Rating: 2.5/5

CAUTION - Adds bonuses with Stealth and Demolitions. Only acquire this 
skill with T3-M4, and possibly others high in Demolitions and Stealth, 
like Juhani, Zaalbar, and possibly Mission. For the most part, ignore 
this skill.
Recommended for T3-M4.
Feat Rating - 2/5

CRITICAL STRIKE - Use this skill with characters like Zaalbar who are 
in the thick of combat. This skill can potentially cause double the 
damage your character would usually cause, at the cost of Hit%. When 
combined with Lightsaber crystals which increase Critical Strike damage 
and Hit%, this skill is one of the most effective. Only applies to 
melee combat.
Recommended at second level for all melee combat characters.
Feat Rating - 4/5

EMPATHY - Increases bonuses in Awareness, Treat Injury, and Persuasion. 
This isn't useful for anyone except your character. Don't bother 
upgrading it unless you want higher Persuasion, Treat Injury, or 
Awareness. Ignore this skill.
Not recommended for anyone except the player character should they have 
a lower persuade skill and no Mind Affect Force Powers.
Feat Rating: 1.5/5

FLURRY - Probably the best melee combat feat. This skill lowers your 
defense by -4,-2,-1 respectively, but it enables you to make an extra 
attack each round of combat. Get ATLEAST level one Flurry with all 
melee combat characters. Level two grants a 50% reduction of defense 
reduction, and is well worth the Feat Point. Level three, however, only 
lowers it by a single point, so only acquire level three Flurry with 
possibly your main character, and other Jedi characters you plan on 
using a lot. Only applies to melee combat.
Recommended at level two for any combat characters. Pursue level three 
for Scoundrels and low defense characters like Jolee should they be 
involved in melee combat.
Feat Rating: 5/5

GEAR HEAD - Gives +1, +2, and +3 respectively at higher levels to 
Security, Computer Use, and Repair. As with Caution, use this only with 
T3-M4 and characters you want skills with in Security, Computer Use, 
and Repair. Ignore this skill for the most part.
Recommended for T3-M4 and possibly Mission.
Feat Rating: 2/5

CONDITIONING - Give this skill (+3, if possible) to every character you 
have. This gives you bonuses on all your saving throws 
(Reflex/Will/Fortitude). Very useful skill, although other combat-
oriented skills should be acquired before this one.
Recommended for all characters, and should be acquired late in the 
Feat Rating: 3.5/5

IMPLANT LEVEL - Scouts start with this ability, although acquiring it 
with a few ranged attackers is a good idea. It can increase various 
stats like DEX and CON. Don't bother upgrading this with Jedi, but 
rather with characters like Carth and Mission, who could benefit from 
the extra DEX due to wearing a medium or heavy armor.
Recommended for a few select characters like Canderous and player 
character if not a Scout.
Feat Rating: 3/5

POWER ATTACK - Don't upgrade this at all. In the beginning, Zaalbar's 
Improved Power Attack is very useful, however at later levels Critical 
Strike and Flurry blow this feat out of the water. Don't upgrade this 
feat with any characters. Applies to melee combat only.
Not recommended for anyone. Don't upgrade this feat unless you feel you 
have absolutely nothing to gain from choosing a different feat.
Feat Rating: 2/5

POWER BLAST - Same as above. Don't bother upgrading it. It only adds up 
to 10 points of damage, whereas a Rapid Shot feat can add several, 
several more.
Not recommended for ranged attackers or anyone else. Only acquire if 
you have all other essential Feats acquired.
Feat Rating: 2/5

RAPID SHOT - The "Flurry" version for ranged attacks, this skill should 
be your main feat used by ranged attackers. Considering ranged 
characters are usually outside the melee combat characters, the defense 
penalty of using this feat is nearly negated. Only upgrade the first 
Rapid Shot, unless you insist on the reduced defense penalty.
Recommended for all ranged attackers.
Feat Rating: 4.5/5

SNIPER SHOT - This is the "Critical Strike" version for ranged attacks. 
Capable of stunning an enemy, use this with Canderous, and master it 
with Mission (who starts with it at a Regular level). Upgrading Carth 
with this is optional, although it isn't a bad idea. Also upgrade this 
with HK-47.
Recommended for HK-47, Mission, and Canderous.
Feat Rating: 4/5

BLASTER PISTOL - Upgrades proficiency by +1, +2, or +3. Upgrade this 
with Carth (and Mission, if you choose to give your pistols). If you 
start on this path, master it.
Recommended for characters using double pistols.
Feat Rating: 3/5

BLASTER RIFLE - Upgrades proficiency by +1, +2, or +3. Use rifles with 
HK-47. If you start on this path, master it.
Recommended for HK-47 or any characters using rifles.
Feat Rating: 2.5/5

HEAVY WEAPONS - Upgrades proficiency by +1, +2, or +3. Canderous is 
already mastered with Heavy Weapons, but if you choose to use Heavy 
Weapons with HK-47 (not advised) then master this.
Recommended for Canderous or any heavy weapon-using characters.
Feat Rating: 3/5

LIGHTSABER - Upgrades proficiency by +1, +2, or +3. Master this with 
any combat-oriented Jedi in your party. Consider NOT allowing Jolee to 
continue down this path, since he is much more useful as a Force 
character. If you start on this path, master it.
Recommended for all Jedi in your party, except possibly Jolee.
Feat Rating: 4/5

MELEE WEAPONS - Upgrades proficiency by +1, +2, or +3. At the beginning 
upgrading this might seem like a good idea, but once you get 
lightsabers this is quite useless. Upgrade with this Zaalbar and 
Mission (should you use melee weapons with her). If you start with this 
path, master it.
Recommended for Zaalbar only, unless Mission is a melee combat 
character in your game.
Feat Rating: 3/5

JEDI DEFENSE (Limited to Jedi) - This skill is the efficiency of 
deflecting blaster shots. It's advised to upgrade this skill should you 
decide not to wear armor, but Jedi robes. Upgrade this feat at least 
twice should you decide to wear robes. Mastering this feat is optional, 
though advised with Jolee.
Recommended for all Jedi in your party wearing robes.
Feat Rating: 4.5/5

TOUGHNESS - It adds +1 to health at level one, reduces damage by 2 per 
damage taken at level two, and increases another health point at level 
three. This may seem like a great skill to have, although it is 
essentially a poor feat. This is essential to Mission and scoundrel 
characters. Otherwise, ignore it, or upgrade it once or twice, or if 
you have very poor defense.
Recommended for Scoundrel characters and Mission.
Feat Rating: 3/5

JEDI SENSE (Limited to Jedi) - Upgrade this all the way for any Jedi 
using robes and not armor. It increases defense by 2, 4, and 6 
respectively and is a great skill for any Jedi, so long as they don't 
wear armor.
Recommended for all Jedi wearing robes.
Feat Rating: 4/5

DEULING - This feat increases bonus damage by 1, 2, and 3 at respective 
levels. You shouldn't upgrade this, because wielding two weapons or a 
double bladed weapon is much better anyhow. The only character you 
might consider this with is Mission, should you have her be a melee 
combat character. Otherwise, ignore this unless you prefer wielding a 
single lightsaber.
Recommended for all characters using only one melee weapon.
Feat Rating: 2/5

LOGIC UPGRADE - Adds defense to droids at plus 2, 4, and 6 at their 
respective levels. With HK-47 and T3-M4 obtain a Master level here. 
It's more or less essential for both droid characters.
Recommended for HK-47 and T3-M4.
Feat Rating: 2.5/5

DROID UPGRADE - Again, master this feat with both droid characters. It 
enables the use of more advanced upgrades.
Recommended for HK-47 and T3-M4.
Feat Rating: 2.5/5

--------   FORCE POWERS   --------

The following lists all the Force Powers, their affiliation, and a 
description. It should be noted now that if you attempt a dark side 
power with a light side character, the skill will be ineffective. The 
same goes for the opposite scenario.

CURE, HEAL - Light Side. Heals characters and the advanced version also 
heals Poison. Essential for all Jedi characters, and your main 
character should he or she follow the light side path. Ignore this 
skill if you are following the dark side.
Recommended for player characters if following the light side and all 
Force Rating: 5/5

FORCE AURA, SHIELD, ARMOR - Light Side. Useful for light side 
characters and all Jedi not fitted with armor. Ignore this skill if you 
are following the dark side.
Recommended for player characters if following the light side and all 
Feat Rating: 4/5

BURST OF SPEED - Both Sides. Increases speed, and at later levels 
defense and attack. Another very useful skill for any Jedi. Get this 
skill with any Jedi in your party, although you might want to consider 
restricting it to one or two.
Recommended for a couple of Jedi, and your player character.
Feat Rating: 4/5

FORCE VALOR - Light Side. Increases all attributes and saving throws. 
Acquire this with one or two of your Jedi characters. If your main 
character is following the dark side, you might want to consider 
gaining this power, although I would not recommend it.
Recommended for player character if following the light side and all 
Force Rating: 4/5

FORCE RESISTANCE/IMMUNITY - Both Sides. I really don't like this skill 
too much. It is very useful against Dark Jedi towards the end of the 
game, but your characters SHOULD be strong enough by that point to 
employ their own force powers and combat feats to dispatch them before 
they even have a chance. Restricted by armor.
Recommended for possibly one Jedi player on the light side.
Force Rating: 3/5

ENERGY RESISTANCE - Both Sides. Increases resistance to elemental 
attacks. Jolee is really the only character I'd advise getting this 
skill. Only acquire this if you have no passion to acquire any other 
Jedi Force Powers.
Recommended for Jolee, and possibly Scoundrel player characters.
Force Rating: 3.5/5

AFFECT/DOMINATE MIND - Both Sides. Useful to either side of the force. 
Similar to persuade, although it is much more effective.
Recommended for player characters wishing to keep to the light side 
with a poor persuasion skill.
Force Rating: 3/5

STUN/STATIS/STASIS FIELD - Light Side. Renders enemies incapacitated 
for several seconds if successful. Obtain these as soon as possible 
with all character Jedi and your own character should he be following 
the Light Side. Dark Side characters can opt for FEAR/HORROR/INSANITY 
for a similar effect. Restricted by armor.
Recommended for player character if following the light side and all 
Jedi except Jolee if you wish for him to following the dark side.
Force Rating: 5/5

STUN/DISABLE/DESTROY DROID - Light Side. Incapacitates and at later 
levels destroys droids instantly. Useful for all Jedi, focus on giving 
this to one or two of your Jedi characters, and your main character 
should they be on the Light Side. Not restricted by wearing armor.
Recommended for all characters except your player character should they 
be on the dark side.
Force Rating: 4.5/5

WOUND/CHOKE/KILL - Dark Side. Have your main character acquire these 
should they be part of the dark side. Also consider having Jolee 
acquire these powers. The Kill technique is useful because at later 
levels it can kill any enemy should their vitality fall below 50%. Not 
restricted by armor.
Recommended for player characters following the dark side and Jolee.
Force Rating: 4/5

SLOW/AFFLICTION/PLAGUE - Dark Side. Another great skill for dark side 
characters and possibly Jolee. This skill poisons and weakens your 
enemy greatly. It should also be noted that Slow and Afflict aren't 
restricted by armor, but Plague is.
Recommended at lower levels for Jolee and higher levels for dark side 
player characters.
Force Rating: 3.5/5

FEAR/HORROR/INSANITY - Dark Side. The Dark Side version of Stun/Stasis 
force powers. Only a player character following the dark side should 
use these skills. They are very effective to slowing down enemies and 
then finishing them off with ease. Only use this with your player 
Recommended for player characters following the dark side. If you are 
following the light side, have Jolee acquire these skills.
Force Rating: 4/5

SHOCK/FORCE LIGHTNING/FORCE STORM - Dark Side. Great power for player 
characters following the dark side, as well as Jolee. It damages 
several enemies at once, causing great damage. Consider mastering with 
player character, and getting Force Lightning with Jolee. This is 
restricted by armor.
Recommended for Jolee and dark side player characters.
Force Rating: 5/5

FORCE PUSH/WHIRLWIND/WAVE - Both Sides. Incapacitates enemies while 
causing damage all at once. Use this power for Light Side Jedi and your 
player character should they be following the light side. Dark side 
players have much more powerful force powers to use, so don't bother 
using this with dark side player characters. This is not restricted by 
Recommended for all light side Jedi.
Force Rating: 4/5

DRAIN LIFE/DEATH FIELD - Dark Side. Damages your enemies and heals you 
all at once. Dark Side characters should select this skill over the 
Cure and Heal skills of Light Side Jedi. Jolee should consider passing 
up Heal and Cure as well and going straight for this.
Recommended for player characters following the dark side and Jolee.
Force Rating: 4/5

FORCE SUPPRESSION/BREACH - Both Sides. Gives possible Force bonuses. 
Don't bother with this skill with any character. It is slightly useful 
against Dark Jedi encountered fairly early in the game, however later 
in the game much more advanced powers can be used to make this power 
Not recommended for any characters except possibly Scoundrels wearing 
Force Rating: 2.5/5

THROW LIGHTSABER - Both Sides. Causes damage by throwing lightsabers 
"boomerang" style. Only master this with possibly Jolee. All other Jedi 
can hold their own in combat relatively nicely.
Recommended for Jolee for a nice ranged attack using lightsabers.
Force Rating: 3/5

--------   Character Class Strategies --------

This section is for advice on how to upgrade your characters and 
suggested starting stats and feat/skill/force power tips for each 
individual class. It is divided in to three sections, Scoundrel, 
Soldier, and Scout.

The scoundrel class is the most advanced class. In combat, you'll take 
one of two paths to be most successful. You can be a ranged combat 
character, which can turn out good in the beginning, but ends up in an 
underdeveloped character down the road. Or you can be a sneak-attack 
close combat character. To be the latter, you must upgrade specifically 
to the following:

CLOSE COMBAT SCOUNDREL - Upgrade Stealth under Skills and a high level 
Flurry. Also be sure to get all three Toughness levels as fast as you 
can, for they will be very helpful. Treat Injury skill is important as 
well, in case your in the middle of a battle and need full health 
quickly and don't have enough "force points" for heal or cure. Force 
Powers should be restricted to making those around you better, rather 
than powering yourself up. Relying on your allies is crucial to being 
this part of a scoundrel.

RANGED ATTACKING SCOUNDREL - If you follow this path, upgrade your 
allies to be heavy hitting melee characters. Zaalbar will be essential, 
as will Jedi like Bastila and Juhani. Upgrade according to the list 
above, except instead of Flurry get Rapid Shot. You might also want to 
get some force attacking powers to aid your allies.

EQUIPMENT - Scoundrels are weak defensively. Therefore you should rely 
on armors with high dexterity (robes are good, for they will allow you 
to use many Jedi force powers). You'll be commanding your character 
directly for the most of the time during battles, so using double 
bladed weapons really isn't a problem so long as you make sure your 
never in the line of fire of enemies. 

SKILLS - As said before, Stealth is essential. Also focus on Treat 
Injury. These two are essential, and Awareness should be upgraded 
minimally, to insure you don't die from a silly mistake of running in 
to a mine inadvertently.

ATTRIBUTES - If using close combat, start out with a Strength of 12 or 
14. Have a Dexterity of 16 or more. Constitution should be at 10 or a 
recommended 12. Wisdom is also an important skill to have, and should 
be upgraded to 12-14. Charisma is fairly important, but I'd recommend 
only upgrading to 10. Don't bother with Intelligence; there are more 
important stats to build up, like Dexterity.

FEATS - Rapid skills are important, so long as you make sure your 
character isn't in the line of fire often. Keep them out of range for 
ranged attacks, or behind enemies in melee combat, with a "hit and run" 
technique. Toughness is a MUST for scoundrels. Upgrade it as soon as 

FORCE POWERS - Focus mainly on powers to aid your allies and help them 
fight better. Otherwise focus on force powers which you can cast from a 


Soldier class is the easiest class to play as. Focus on armors with 
above average defense, but still a reasonable dexterity so you can 
dodge attacks.

EQUIPMENT - As already said, wear armor that has high defense, but not 
fully at the expense of Dexterity. Obviously a soldier will be most 
effective in melee combat, so use double lightsabers, double bladed 
light sabers, etc. Also use strength enhancing items to gain more 
multipliers in the strength attribute. 

SKILLS - Focus on Treat Injury and Persuade. Other skills require two 
skill points per one skill point, which is an expensive payoff, and 
better used invested in Persuade or Treat Injury. Computer Use and 
Repair are optional, although they should only be upgrade to low levels 
like 2 or 3, then upgraded with items to 4 to gain the multiplier.

ATTRIBUTES - A starting Strength of 16 or 18 is good. A Dexterity of 14 
is optimal. Constitution shouldn't go over 10, and Wisdom isn't all 
that important to a combat-oriented character such as a soldier, so 
don't bother raising it over 10. Intelligence shouldn't be touched, 
because the poor Skill situation with the soldier really can't be 
helped, and Charisma is a fair attribute, but don't raise it over 10. 
Strength and Dexterity will be your primary concerns.

FEATS - Critical Strike and Flurry are great. As are weapon proficiency 
upgrades like Lightsaber Bonus. Don't bother with Melee Bonuses, but 
upgrade Double Weapon Proficiency is great, so master it. Toughness 
isn't that important, but if you feel you have nothing to gain go for 

FORCE POWERS - Focus on powers which stun your opponent giving you time 
to dish out more damage than normal. Powers which damage your enemy 
aren't that important, since that's what the soldier specializes in.


Scout is a mix of the two classes, in some sense. If you choose this 
class focus on using Force powers and melee combat. Scouts can't go 
running in to a room full of guards, but if you micromanage your party, 
they are just as effective as soldiers in melee situations.

EQUIPMENT - Similar to the soldier, choose armor and robes which offer 
decent defense, but a higher dexterity. Being able to dodge enemy 
attacks is essential to your thriving as a scout. A ranged attacking 
scout is also very effective early on, but later rather pointless. 
Choose items that upgrade your dexterity and possibly constitution.

SKILLS - Same as soldier, except consider putting more in to Computer 
Use and Repair.

ATTRIBUTES - Starting Strength of 14 is nice and stable. Dexterity 
should be around 16-18, and then focus on upgrading it up to 20. Wisdom 
is essential, and should be upgraded to 16-18 at the beginning, then 
eventually 20 if you want lots of Force powers. Charisma should be at 
10-12, preferably 12. Intelligence, again, shouldn't be tampered with. 
Constitution might be considered upgraded to 12 if your dieing often, 
but otherwise just upgrade it to 10. If you really don't want to, don't 
even bother upgrading it at all.

FEATS - Same as soldier. You might want to consider more Jedi-implied 
feats, however, as how that will be where you strength will truly lie.

FORCE POWERS - Get all the best ones (see "Force Powers" section) 
associated with your particular force side. Use offensive and defensive 
forces. You will require a lot of force points if you use this 
technique, so be sure your Wisdom is high.


--------   General Upgrade Tips   --------

The following are just general tips for upgrading your character. While 
the above section is more character-specified, the following are just 
guidelines to go by during your adventures, should you choose a more 
customized-type character.

KNOW YOUR CLASS: Know your class and how you should be playing the 
game. Don't charge an attack with a scoundrel, and don't stand on the 
outskirts of a major skirmish as a soldier. If you use your class 
efficiently you should do fine.

PLAN YOUR UPGRADES: Certain Feats and Force Powers are better than 
others, and should be acquired before others. Some Feats you should 
obtain early on are Toughness (Scoundrel), Rapid Attack Feats (All), 
Critical Strike Feats (All), Double Weapon Proficiency (All), and many 
more. Some Force Powers that are essential are Cure and Heal for light 
side players, and the amazing array of great Dark Side force powers 
listed in the "Force Powers" section.
ATTRIBUTES ARE RARE: You rarely get a chance you upgrade your 
attributes, therefore, you should use them very wisely. There ARE ways 
of gaining points to attributes without upgrading them directly, so 
remember that. Various ways of doing that are equipping items which 
have bonus stat additions, and using Jedi Force powers to do so.

USE YOUR FEATS: Early on in the game, simply attacking is fine, but 
later on, ALWAYS use your feats in combat situations that could prove 
challenging. Once you have Level 2 Flurry/Rapid Shot, use them 
frequently, if not always. Attacking often times just doesn't get the 
job done.

ISOLATE YOUR ENEMIES: Each force side has its own unique force powers 
to incapacitate enemies. Use these to dwindle your opponent's numbers 
and gain the upper hand.

ITEMS ARE YOUR FRIENDS: There are various Strength/Stamina/etc. 
Stimulants in the game. These often mean the difference between life 
and death. Use them wisely, and buy them if you have to. They are 
priceless and great items to have handy. Also remember you have 
grenades. Three party members lobbing two sets of grenades is a result 
of six grenades, which is often a lethal combination to a pair of Sith 
troopers with blasters.

KNOW YOUR FORCE SIDE: Only use Light Side force powers with a light 
side or a character with no side affiliation. Ignoring to do so results 
in the waste of force points, as well as the reduction of potency by 
various force powers.

UPGRADING: Use crystals you find to upgrade lightsabers, and use other 
items you find to upgrade regular armor and weapons. Keep in mind these 
things can be un-equipped. That's to say, if you put a Hair Trigger on 
a pistol and Assemble it, you can take it out later if you wish and put 
it on a different weapon. You should upgrade any and all upgradeable 
weapons you acquire, as they are made in to some of the best weapons in 
the game.

--------   Character-specific Strategies --------

The following gives tips on upgrading the various characters you 
encounter during your adventures. This includes 
equipment/skills/feats/force powers/etc.


EQUIPMENT - At the onset of the game, use Carth's Blaster, which is an 
original weapon. When available, try and use Bendak Starkiller's 
Pistol. Both these weapons are upgradeable, and can be upgraded in to 
some of the best pairs of pistols in the entire game. As far as armor 
goes, try going for heavy armors which don't restrict Dexterity TOO 
much. Armors like the Mandalorian Armor are great. Use Belts and 
Headgear which raise his Will and or Dexterity, and use Gauntlets which 
raise Dexterity, Attack, or Defense.

UPGRADING - Raise his Pistol Blaster skill and his Double Weapon 
Proficiency skill. Rapid shot is also essential for Carth, and Sniper 
Shot is somewhat recommended, too. Otherwise focus on Blaster and 
ranged attack skills.



EQUIPMENT - Ideally you'll want the best pistols around, which cost 
quite a pretty penny. Mandalorian Pistols are solid pistols which don't 
put a dent in your wallet, and Cassus Fett's pistol is the ideal 
pistol. Headgear should include anything to fortify her already 
impressive Skills. Gauntlets should improve Dexterity and you might 
want Stealth belts, should you have her be a melee combat oriented 
character. Otherwise, go for your Dexterity in Belts.

UPGRADING - If your using Mission as a Melee character, try Flurry and 
whatnot. Just make sure your controlling her to make sure she doesn't 
get hit too much. You should definitely upgrade Toughness as soon as 
possible, although venturing in to later level Toughness is optional. 
I'd suggest keeping her at the outskirts of skirmishes and upgrading 
Sniper Shot, Rapid Shot, and Blaster Pistols. Skills should include 
Security and Demolitions, and you should try to add as many Dexterity 
Bonuses as possible.



EQUIPMENT - Try outfitting Zaalbar with Brejik's equipment, which 
includes a belt/armband/gauntlet. Otherwise fit him with various 
shields to protect him. Beginning weapons include the prototype 
Vibrosword and Missions Vibrosword, both upgradeable. Later on, try out 
Bacca's Blade, which can be made in to a very good weapon. Otherwise 
invest in expensive weapons such as Yusani's Brand for maximum effect.

UPGRADING - Focus on upgrading weapon proficiency and double weapon 
proficiency. Implants should be used to improve Dexterity, and Flurry 
is a great skill for him. Critical Strike is good as well, but avoid 
upgrading his Power Strike ability any further.



EQUIPMENT - I'd suggest outfitting him with dual blasters, and possibly 
some special weapons like stun rays and flamethrowers. Carbonite 
Projectors are ideal, as is the Heavy Plate Type 3.

UPGRADING - There's not much to worry about here. Upgrade double weapon 
proficiency and Intelligence and Computer Skills. Having high Skills is 
very efficient. Also increase Dexterity by a good portion. For the most 
part, avoid using T3-M4 in combat. Choose HK-47 instead.



EQUIPMENT - Wear Jedi Robes and use the Yellow Double Bladed Lightsaber 
you acquire early in the game. Optionally you can buy some expensive 
headgear to increase all her stats, and gauntlets should be provided to 
increase her Dexterity. Belts should increase Fortitude or other stats.

UPGRADING - Upgrade Bastila's Dexterity, to make up for wearing Jedi 
Robes to access all those nice Jedi Force Powers. Focus on great Light 
Side Force Powers to incapacitate enemies, which will make up for her 
less than average Strength attribute. Feats should be the same as those 
for a Soldier and/or Scout.



EQUIPMENT - Keep Canderous' Repeat Blaster throughout the game, simply 
upgrade it to it's max. Armor should be Davik's armor, or heavy armor 
like suggested for Carth (Mandalorian). Just make sure the dexterity 
isn't restricted too much. Also consider having implants which improve 
dexterity/reflex/etc. There are some fairly cheap items like 
GenoHaradan which can be purchased that are ideal for Canderous.

UPGRADING - Upgrade Rapid Shot, Power Blast, and Heavy Weapons 
Proficiency. Don't bother with double weapon proficiency. Just use 
Heavy Weapons with Canderous. Demolitions is a nice skill to have, and 
upgrading Dexterity and Treat Injury are advisable.



EQUIPMENT - It's up to you whether you want Juhani to use two or one 
lightsabers. If you wish you use one, just keep and upgrade her 
original lightsaber. Use gauntlets and implants which improve 
Dexterity, and use other items which improve strength and fortitude. 
There are several expensive items like the Power Glove which can allow 
you to do so.

UPGRADING - If you choose to do double lightsabers, choose double 
weapon proficiency, if you choose to use one, upgrade Dueling. 
Lightsaber Bonus upgrades are advisable, and raising her Stealth skill 
is wise as well. Have Juhani use a few Dark Side powers, as well as 
Light Side force powers. She's good at using Slow and Lightning force 
paths. Choose either one (Lightning is recommended). Upgrade Strength 
and Dexterity, ideally Strength first.



EQUIPMENT - Get the biggest and the best. Items like Heavy Plate Type 3 
are great, and again the carbonite projector are great. The Advanced 
Flamethrower is nice, although outfitting HK-47 with a weapon like the 
Jurgan Assault Rifle is ideal.

UPGRADING - Upgrading Blaster Rifles is the best. Don't bother with 
Heavy Weaponry. Power Shot and Rapid Shot are great. Sniper Shot might 
be worth your while, but I'd avoid it. Focus on increasing his ranged 
Feats. Soon he'll become a very reliable member of your party.


Jolee Bindo

EQUIPMENT - Keep Jolee with his original lightsaber, preferably 
upgraded with a crystal to fortify his defense (like Jenraux) against 
certain enemies. Use headgear to raise his Dexterity and give him high 
level Jedi Robes (Master level). Belts should fortify his Fortitude, 
and Gauntlets should increase his Strength, if you wish him to join the 

UPGRADING - Upgrade Wisdom and Charisma. Jolee can use both light side 
and dark side force powers effectively. This is great later on, so be 
SURE you upgrade his Wisdom a little, and if possible give him Wisdom 
increasing equipment/powers. Use him mainly to strengthen your party, 
using powers like Valor/Knight force powers.


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