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Swoop Racing Strategy

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

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Like many others before me, I became the swoop champ of all three courses: Taris, Tatooine, Manaan.

Swoop upgrades are mentioned often by many different NPC's - other racers, mechanics, etc. You cannot upgrade your swoop bike. Because of how often this topic is mentioned, I believe BioWare most likely meant to include it but took the feature out due to time constraints. Regardless, you'll still have plenty of power to win.

  1. The cardinal rule is: don't hit the obstacles on the track. This will slow you down more than anything.
  2. There are 5 gears. Good timing is paramount. When is the right time to shift? Just before, or at the very moment the "tachometer" at the bottom reaches the red at the right end.
  3. While you're racing, hit all the booster pads you can, especially at the beginning where it's most important. Concentrate on where they are. If you're getting up there in speed, skip the booster pads that require you to move one direction or another too quickly, but go for them if they're not too risky. The smoothest line while hitting the most booster pads is the quickest. You'll find a line that works for you - there is more than one winning way - while racing.
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