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WWF Smackdown

Playstation Hints & Cheat Codes

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PlayStation Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Bonus Wrestlers in season mode:
Complete the indicated number of years in season mode to unlock the corresponding bonus wrestler.

Ivory†............1 year
Prince Albert.....2 years
Jacqueline........3 years
Viscera†..........4 years
80 ability points in Create a Superstar...5 years
Mideon............6 years
Pat Patterson.....7 years
Gerald Brisco†....8 years
No bonus..........9 years
90 ability points in Create a Superstar...10 years
100 ability points in Create a Superstar..20 years

To get the extra wrestlers characteristics in create superstar mode follow these steps in preseason:

Stephanie McMahon:
Lose first five matches, say thanks to debra, lose next two, tell hardys to shut up, lose next three, tell the godfather to shut up, lose royal rumble, at next show triple h tells you to attack vince McMahon, say no, lose next match, say thanks to vince and stephanie. ( to lose matches quickly leave the ring and get counted out ).

Stevie Richards & New Steve Austin:
Win first six matches, lose next match against Mankind, win next two, tell kane to shut up, lose royal rumble, chyna tells you to attack Ken shamrock say no and you'll be attacked by her and x-pac, win next match, the Big Bossman tells you to attack The big show, say no, now win next three.†

New Rock & Blue Meanie:
Lose first four matches, win next one, tell debra to shut up, win next four, win royal rumble, next month the Bossman attacks Al Snow and you save him, al snow thanks you, tell him not to worry about it, then beat him, say thanks to HHH Mr Ass and road dogg, win final tag match.

Hidden characters:
To get all of the hidden characters, play pre-seasons until you receive nothing for completing one. For example, when you finish the pre-season, if all that comes up is a video with credits, you've got everything!

To do a rope flip with Jeff Hardy, all you have to do is:
Run towards the ropes, hold down square and as you get to the ropes, press X. It's simple!!!!!!!

To do Kane's Tombstone, you actually get your opponent stunned and facing towards you, and press O + Down. Enjoy!

Go to the out side of the ring and where the crowd stand press O and you bang the other wrestlers head of the wall!

All Finishers:
For all finishers just press L1 it works every time

To get Kurt angle Lose to mankind on pre-season, to get Linda McMahon play 45 seasons.†

To do the walls of Jericho press "Left " and" 0 "at their feet when your opponent is on the floor.

To do a MoonSault with Y2J you just simply go up to the ropes and press Triangle and X.

Where the customs are there is a custom of Kurt Angle. Well to get his head you have to win all belts ( except woman's ) with Big Show and hold onto them for two years.

Morphing Hands:
Chose the last upper body part in the create a wrestler mode and play a match. Your hands will morph into different things

To do a double Swanton bomb:
First, be the Hardy Boyz on a 2 on 1 match (1p and 2p) .Then beat up your opposition. get him or her by the ropes on the ground then both go to the top rope then with Jeff press L1 and with Matt press X. If you get him or her u will Have won the match easily.

To do the STUNNER when u do not have a green light, get your opponent stunned then press O + left.

To Get Stephanie Do 50 Years in a season.

When you whip your opponent into some of the curtains backstage there will be a weapon that falls out.

To get Kurt Angle you have to be Big Show in season mode and win every belt (except woman's ) and hold all the titles for 2 years.

To get extra weapons press R1 next to the ring outside.

In order to get Stephanie McMahon you have to do 65 separate pre-seasons with Gerald Briscoe.

How to get a table with the Dudley's. first be tag-team champs and then go in a hardcore
mach with buh buh ray and under the ring will be a table.

To get inferno matches go through a season for 50 years with kane.

To get Ivory complete 1 year in a season. To get Prince Albert complete 2 years in a season. 7 years Pat Patterson. 10 years 90 ability points. To get 100 ability points complete 20 years in a season

To go to backstage press 0 ( Irish whip) in front of the ramp ( you only can do it on an anywhere match hardcore match or an i quit match.

Complete 1 Pre-season to get .....wealth.
Complete 2 Pre-season to get .....European Title and Ability

To get a different style Austin complete pre-season once.†
To get a different style Rock complete pre-season 3 times.†
To get 100 character creation points finish 20 years in season mode.

Perform a double-team springboard plancha:
Pick either the Hardy boyz or Edge & Christian. Set your opponent up in the corner, then move one of your guys a few steps in front of him, the other guy should be a couple steps behind him. Have the guy in front press L2 and he will squat down on all fours. then have the other guy press Triangle and he'll run run on and jump off his partner, and if you press X in the air.

To change the format in the Season Mode:
Just press START on the second controller and then press Triangle, X, Up, Down, Left, Right.
To talk using microphone during fight just get your opponent down, get a microphone and press O.

To do a rope flip by Jeff Hardy just press triangle to run, and than press square, X, You can also try to do that with other wrestlers

To do a MoonSault from the top rope. Select Chris Jericho or Matt Hardy, then while near ropes, press Triangle + Direction button to the ropes, and then immediately press X.

To hit a person between legs while he or she is in the steal post, make him to be stunned in the corner facing front, then quickly go out and of the ring go to the person in the corner and press circle near him.

Rock Bottom
Get your opponent standing (he/she has to be stunned), then press Left + O.

Get season mode bonuses easily:
Enter season mode and set all wrestlers to CPU players. Then, skip each match until a season is completed to unlock the bonus (if any) for completing that season.

To change weapon:
To change a weapon, in a anywhere fall match take your current weapon out of the ring. When you get it in your hand press D-Pad and R1.

Is the 3-D in the game:
THQ have confirmed that the 3-D is not in the game.

Mia Via Hurricane:
When your the rock and your opponent is dazed simply press right and circle!

Faces For Create Mode: †††††††††††††††††††††††††
Complete the season mode and every year you will be aware that in create a superstar you will have more faces e.g Prince Albert / Pat Patterson / Steve Richards and so on.

To make Chris Beniot use Val Venus face:
Mr. ass top & Y2J bottoms. make his finisher diving head butt & special camel clutch & change it's name to " Crippler Cross Face.

To get sting win the woman's belt and lose it at king of the ring to Tori and you will have sting. press start on kane and you will be sting only in hardcore matches.

Triangle Matches:
Pick 1on1, after your music goes off press Left, Right, and O repeatedly to have a third person come out like in WWF Attitude.

Ladder Match:
To get a ladder match win the tag belts with the hardyz or Christian and Edge keep the titles for 3 seasons and then lose it at any point and then you will fight for the belt in a ladder match at the next main event!

Here's a wicked cheat for you if your having some trouble with the WWF SMACKDOWN :†
To gain extra strength (THE LITTLE RED BAR) keep taunting your opponent and the red bar will go up keep doing it until its full and you will get a extra finisher.
NOTE: Try to use this cheat outside the ring so your opponent's won't catch you whilst your taunting!

How to create Riskishi:

How to create Tazz:

How to create Kurt Angle:
finishing move: Samoan drop
rename: olympic drop

How to create Kevin Nash:
lower:any blackpants
weapon: bat
finishing move: jackknife power bomb

How to Create Goldberg:
head: 0
upper: 5
lower: 6
height: 40
weapon: bat
weight: 40%
finishing move: brain buster
rename move: jackhammer

Create Perry Saturn
Weghit:Leave it as the game set it
Finishing Move:Rev. Death Vally

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