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Vandal Hearts

Playstation Hints & Cheat Codes

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PlayStation Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

To make Ash the all-powerful Vandalier, you must find the 6 keys. There is one in every chapter. You must equip Ash with the key and go to the dojo. The master will send you to another battle where the only thing that gives you experience is healing. You must get the treasure chest before you kill all the enemies in the extra battles. The first key, after you kill the Death Ant, go to the woman in the tavern and she will give it to you. The second key, the guy in Yuzu says he dropped a fruit in the plus-shaped bog, pick it up and give it to him and he will give you the key. The third key, at the Prison Fortress search the gate at the rear of the fortress where a crater is. The fourth key, you need three items. Macroman is found in the NW corner of Ygdra Canyon where there is a patch of dry ground. Tarot Card is at Basil Gate in SE corner in the middle of an X in the ground. Ramen is on the grate of the front car on the train. In Kerachi Village, talk to the collector and give him the three items for another key. The fifth key, talk to the old man in the tavern of Frontier Village. Do what he tells you, search the center of the biggest lava pond in the battle with Salamander, you need a Hawknight to do it. The sixth key, talk to the wierd man in the tavern in Glasgow City to get the last key. Advance Ash to Vandalier at the Dojo with all the prisms from the treasure chests inside the extra battles. In the extra battles, all enemies are the same level as Ash, so be careful

Extra items- In almost every scenario there will be two items that can be found.These items are located on the ground.All of them are found in areas that stand out from the rest of the map.Just move a character over the spot and examine that area.

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