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Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2

Playstation Hints & Cheat Codes

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PlayStation Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Reveal the Sun on Skate Heaven
Do 'Time to feed the volcano' by grinding across the roof near the halfpipe on Skate Heaven.When the volcano starts to errupt do the fly cheat (also shown on this website) and fly over to the volcano. When it errupts drop into it. You will be taken back to land,go to the halfpipe and you will find the sun has been revealed.

Cheat codes:
To enter these codes, pause the game then hold L1 and enter the code.

Special meter always full:
X, Triangle, O, O, Up, Left, Triangle, Square.

Raise stats to 10:
X, Triangle, O, Square, Triangle, Up, Down

Turbo mode:
Down, Square, Triangle, Right, Up, O, Down, Square, Triangle, Right, Up, O

Blood mode:
Right, Up, Square, Triangle.

Bigger skater:
X, X, X, X, Left, X, X, X, X, Left, X, X, X, X, Left.

Thinner skater:
X, X, X, X, Square, X, X, X, X, Square, X, X, X, X, Square.

Unlock Everything:
X, X, X, Square, Triangle, Up, Down, Left, Up, Square, Triangle, X, Triangle, O, X, Triangle, O.
If you entered it correctly the screen will shake. The Skate Heaven and Big Drop off courses will be available and a lot more.

Unlock Everything 2:
To unlock every thing E.G. all levels, all characters , all money , all videos , etc pause the game while in play , hold down L1 then press, X, X, X, Square, Triangle, Up, Down, Right, Up, Square, Triangle, X, Triangle, O, X, Triangle, O. then click "end run" go to the option screen on the main menu and the go to cheats, select things like moon gravity, big heads, perfect balance, disco mode, etc.

Moon Physics:
Hold L1 and press X, Square, Left, Up, Down, Up, Square, Triangle.

Unlock McSqueeb:
After beating the Game 100% with Tony you'll unlock McSqueeb ('80s Tony).

Unlock '80s Tony Skate Video:
Earn three gold medals with McSqueeb ('80s Tony). This will unlock a video of the early days of Tony Hawk. To view the movie you have to start a session and then end run.

Unlock Neversoft Bail Video:
Earn three Gold medals with Officer Dick to unlock the Neversoft Bail Video.

Unlock Neversoft Skaters:
From the Main Menu press and hold L1, now enter: Up, Square, Square, Triangle, Right, Up, O, Triangle. You'll notice the wheel spin a little bit and then enter the Create a Skater option. Enter in a name of a person that works at Neversoft. Try these names: Joel Jewett (president of Neversoft), Connor Jewett (Joel's son) and Mick West.

More Neversoft Guys:
Aaron Cammarata
Ralph D'Amato
Noel Hines
Gary Jesdanun
Ryan McMahon
Nolan Nelson
Johnny Ow
Scott Pease
Chris Rausch
Darren Thorne
Jason Uyeda

Unlock Private Carrera:
You must search for and execute every Gap in the non-secret levels of the game.

Unlock Spiderman:
Web "Sidewalk" Surfing!! Create you own skater and beat the game with 100%. You'll unlock Spiderman, He comes with four costumes.

Unlock The Spiderman Skate Video:
Earn three Gold medals with Spiderman to unlock the Spiderman Skate Video.

Unlock the Neversoft Makes Video:
Earn three Gold medals with Private Carrera to unlock the Neversoft video.

Opening the Gym in School II:
To open the gym doors in School II, head to the Opensezmee Rail as soon as you begin the level. (This is the rail just above the long bike rack banks area). When you hear the second roll call bell sound (at 1:40), grind the length of the rail. Then head forward to get inside the gymnasium and do some serious calisthenics.

Skate Heaven:
If you achieve 100% and get 3 golds with every skater, you can open up a new level - Skate Heaven.

Slow-Motion mode:
Beat the game by completing all level objectives in career mode nine times.

Kid Mode:
beat the game by completing all level objective in career mode three times.

Big head mode:
beat the game by completing all level objectives in career mode ten times.

Get $8500:
Press up, down, and circle when on options.

Disco mode:
beat the game by completing all level objectives in career mode fourteen times.

Smooth mode:
beat the game by completing all level objectives in career mode twelve times.

Unlock Unlimited Time:
Pause the game hold L1 and press X, X, Triangle, Square, Up, Left, O, Down, Down, Square, Square, AND O.

Fly Mode:
go to the main menu and hold L1, and put in Up, Up, Up, Up, X, square, Up, Up, Up, Up, X, Square, Up, Up, Up, Up. the dial should spin around. now during a run hold X to fly and Triangle, L1, L2, R1, R2 to fly around

On the hanger level grind on the chopper to unlock outside quarter pipe with secret tape

Special moves:
All of the following moves are performed when your character's special meter is flashing yellow:

Hanger Level Hint:
In the hangar level go to the right as you enter the hangar to get to the small half pipe then grind along the blade at the end of the halfpipe to enter an extra room where there is some cash and you can do a lot of tricks easily.

Secret Room in Masville: France:
In the area with the trees, there is a pole in the middle of all the trees. Now the pole is held up by a piece of wood. You don't have to have a lot of speed, but run into it and it will knock down the pole and will fall and break the fence. A hole will appear, go down it and there you will find the rest of the money you need to 100% the level.

Secret Las Vegas level:
pause game in free skate using Bucky Lasek, hold L1, then press Triangle, Triangle, Triangle. Left, Right, Square, Square, Square, Up, Down, Down, Down. the screen should shake, then go to cheats menu to unlock the Las Vegas track

Jet Pack Mode:
Go To Free Skate Or Single Session And Pause The Game Hold L1 And Enter This Up ( 4), X, Square, Up (4), X, Square, Up(4), And Do X, To Rise And Hold Triangle To Stay In Place And Then Hold Triangle And Click Up To Move Forward Back To Backward Left To Left Right To Right.

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