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Tony Hawks Pro Skater

Playstation Hints & Cheat Codes

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PlayStation Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

All Levels, Stats, Videos, Officer Dick:
Pause the game hold , Down, L1, press Circle, Right, Up, Down, Circle, Right, Up, Square, Triangle.

Fewer falls on grinds
Pause game and hold L1 and pres Left, Circle, Up, Circle, Down, Up, Right. screen should shake

Full Special
Start playing, push start, hold L1 and press X, Triangle, Circle, Down, Up, Right.

Infinite Money
press x,x,x,up,up,up,circle,,up,x

Slow motion:
pause, hold L1 + press...... Square, Left, Up, Square, Left.

Another Slow Motion:
just hold L1 and Press Square, Left, Up, Square and Left.

Infinite special bar:
pause, hold L1 + press......X, Triangle, Circle, Down, Up, Right.

Random start locations:
pause, hold L1 + press....... Square, Circle , X, Up, Down.

Attributes x13:
pause, hold L1 + press....... X, Square, Square, Triangle, Up, Down.

Special Cheat:
pause game, hold L1, and press X, Triangle, Circle, and then, Down, Up, Right.

To get Officer Dick and all levels in single session and free skate:
Pause Game Hold L1 Press Circle, Right, Up, Down, Circle, Right, Up, Square, Triangle

Big Head Mode:
After pausing the game HOLD L1 and press Left, Up, X, Down, Up, X. A shaking screen will confirm entry

Special Available Anytime:
After pausing the game HOLD L1 and press Square, Up, Left, Up, Circle, Triangle. A shaking screen will confirm entry

Get 10X Multiplier:
After pausing the game HOLD L1 and press Triangle, X, Triangle. A shaking screen will confirm entry

Get 13X Multiplier:
After pausing the game HOLD L1 and press X, Square, Square, Triangle, Up, Down. A shaking screen will confirm entry

Slow Motion:
After pausing the game HOLD L1 and press Left, Square, Left, Square, Left, Square, Left. A shaking screen will confirm entry

Level Select:
After pausing the game HOLD L1 and press Triangle, Right, Up, Square, Triangle, Left, Up, Square, Triangle. A shaking screen will confirm entry

Start in Random Area:
After pausing the game HOLD L1 and press Square, Circle, X, Up, Down. A shaking screen will confirm entry

Go To Restart Option:
After pausing the game HOLD L1 and press Circle, Square, Circle, X. A shaking screen will confirm entry

More Points:
Do a trick with Circle when in the air press it when going to land let go don't believe me e-mail me at Julio Crusher@aol.comGet

All Practice Mode Levels:
Pause the game then hold L1 and press Square, Up, Left, Up, Circle, Triangle. Quit the level you are playing and go to the menu and you will have all practice mode levels

Half Pipe Moves:
Tony Hawk - Press Left, Left, Square. while on the half pipe in the street course to do a 540 Board Viral

Bob Burnquist Press Left, Left, Square. while on the half pipe in the street course to do a Finger flip Air walk

Bob Burnquist Press Up, Up, Down, Circle while on the half pipe in the street course to do a Back flip 900

Use Tony Hawk:
With your special meter blinking yellow push Right, Right and then Circle. You need to start this trick just before leaving the jump to pull it off.

Christ air:
Press Left-Right-Circle off a jump.

Kick flip MC Twist:
(with Tony Hawk) In any half pipe while the special meter is blinking yellow press Right, Right then Circle and he will do a kick flip Mc Twist.

Big Combo:
On demo, when you first start, hold Down,Xand Left. Ollie into the wall and hit X to do a wall ride. Do a few tricks (3 360 flips gets most points) and hit Triangle.

Hold X ,Down and do shove its (Up + Square) into nose grinds (Up + Triangle) and impossible (Down + Square) into 5-0 grinds (Down + Triangle).

At the end of the quarter pipe rail hit X and you should bounce off of the wall. After this you can either play it safe by doing the above tricks again until the end of the rail, or else do a heel flip into the front corner closest to you of the beam and grind back.

At the bottom of the screen it says (number times something) dont let it go past twenty or the game pauses. Be sure to do a grab off of it for variety you should get 127,000 points.

Get Officer Dick:
Beat the game with any character and get 30 tapes

Officer Dick: Neck break Grind
When special is up, Left, Right, Triangle next to whatever you want to grind.

Special Tricks
Geoff Rowley - Right, Down, Square
Bucky Lasek - Down, Up, Square
Chad Muska - Right, Down, Triangle
Kareem Campbell - Up, Down, Triangle, Down, Up, Circle
Andrew Reynolds - Left, Left, Square, Up, Circle , Circle
Rune Glifberg - Up, Down, Square
Jamie Thomas - Up, Up, Triangle, (might be opposite) Down, Up, Circle
Elisa steamer - Up, Down, Circle

Tony Hawk's moves:
360 Flip To Mute - Down, Right, Square.

540 Board Viral - Left, Left, Square when in the half-pipe in the street course. You need to get enough air to land it.

Christ Air - Left, Right, Circle .

Kick flip Mctwist - Right, Right, Circle .

The 900' - Right, Down, Circle . Note: requires a lot of air.

Roswell Glitch:
Here is the Roswell glitch:
1. Go to the fence after the big curved rail (ex. grind) that has wheels.
2.Try to wall ride the end of the fence at the end set of wheels and you should go through the ramp leading up to the roll-in.
3. You will now be outside of the fence and you can ride on the dirt.
Sent in by The Great One
In the warehouse level put in the code for unlimited special next X, Triangle, Circle , Down ,Up Right put in the slow motion code Square, Left, Up, Square, Left, I forgot that to put these in you must push start and hold L1.Then last code to put in is the code that makes you start in different parts of the level Square, Circle, X, Left Up, Down, restart in the big rail gap pick officer dick and do a assume the position and hold and keep spinning just before you hit the rail press Left, Right, Triangle, and you will do the neck break grind and if you start to fall you can try to get back on the rail by steering your self with directional buttons when you get to the press X then do a trick off the rail if you don't like officer dick you can try other tricks and other grids I like the Christ air with Rune Glifberg the only bad thing with him is he does not have any special grinds if this is done right you should get any where from 50,000 points to 250,000 points.

Another thing you could do is when you start the level go out the right side then keep going to the right go over the pipe go through the secret room while doing you plays special spin or try to combo if you stick to the right there will be a rail grind it then do a trick off it and grind on the jumps on the side of the level keep jumping off the rails doing tricks then land back on if done right you can go a round the whole level. the most I ever got on this level was 1,754,738 do not believe me e-mail me at vins@warwick.com and I will tell you how i got the best score on that level ps- I dare you to do better!!!!!!!!

In the warehouse go out and down the ramp go all the way to the end of the level just keep going straight when you get to the ramp go off it when you get to the top of your jump do a rall move if you get high enough you will have found the secret ramp!

Complete the game with officer Dick and you will automatically get the video of the people who made the game.
Start free skate on any level then pause game and hold L1 while holding L1 press circle, right, up, down, circle, right, up, square, triangle. the screen will then shake for a second. Exit free skate and then restart you should have all decks, all stats, all tapes, and all FMV's for every skater, and Officer Dick.

Play as Private Carrera:
start game in free skate then pause game and hold L1 and press Triangle, Up, Triangle, Up, Circle , Up, Left, Triangle. restart at character select screen and she will have replaced Officer Dick.
* screen will not shake and you have all tapes and everything else

Private Carerra's special moves:
Somi Spin*-- Left, Down, Circle
Well Hard flip*-- Right, Left, Square
Ho-Ho-Ho-- Left, Up, Square + Circle

When in the warehouse and have unlimited special; when you start go on the right side instead of the one in front then turn right were you should see a red logo when your in the air then stay close to the wall when you come down then to a back flip/front flip and go thru the secret room land on the grind rail then don't let go of the grind button then when your going on good balance olly up and press the 2 first buttons of the persons special grind exp: left, right Then land on the grind rail once again by hitting triangle and when you get to the part that curves jump off
note: this trick gives you up to 40 or 60 thousand points! BUT takes good practice.

On the warehouse level type in the cheats for slow motion and unlimited specials and go down the right hand side as you near the half pipe level out so you can go over the secret area jump through the secret area and do your special with plenty of degrees and if you have time a kick flip, as you near the ground attempt to get on the edge near the grind pole and do a crooked grind as you jump off put a spin and a kick flip to Indy and you should get plenty of points

The School glitch:
You must be good at wall-riding to do this...the angle is crucial. Go to the School level and ride straight off the starting ramp (hit the gimme gap grind) then that wall in front of you is the wall you will be riding. The tricky part is you must Ollie off the ramp but into the wall not into the air. Just get a good wall ride angle and Ollie really early. (Before coping) Come from the left and ride the wall towards the right then Ollie off the wall and try to get on the roof above the building across the track from the wall. (Right above that door that goes to the gym)
If you Ollie high enough you'll see that there is no roof but the world just ends up there. Your mission: to then grind the top on the edge of the map. (You can't just ride off the map, it won't let you) If you grind all the way to the left you'll grind off the edge into the blackness and then stop. You'll be free floating! able to rotate in any direction! (If you have the special mode cheat you can practice special moves!!!) Cool part: IT STILL COUNTS YOUR POINTS UP!!!! I got like 6000000 X 783 and it stopped telling me what tricks I was doing before I got bored! It will never total up your points however because you can't land the trick!!! The only way I've found to get out of the trick is to press triangle...this results in crashing losing all your points and never being able to stand up again. (Because you never hit the ground!)

At the skate park in 1 player mode use officer dick and follow instructions: where you start go as fast as possible towards the ramp and Ollie up to the rail grind right to the end and when you get there (make sure special is right up and do the yeeehaaaw front flip into the bowl you will get around 70 thousand point if you do it right

In the warehouse start and go down. don't go in any direction except straight. Then Ollie over the top of the pipe. Go to the right just so you can go up the ramp on the corner. When you're in the air pause the game and do the slow motion cheat. Then when u come down aim for the taxi. Hit it and Ollie off turn and to a trick in the air. You should land something like a 1440. The best I got was 1980. Try it.

It turns out, you can perform the Burntwist (Bob Burnquist), the Ho Ho Ho (Private Carrera) and any signature grind in the air. In the first two instances, the moves are performed by a Left, Up, Triangle motion. Instead, wait until you are in the air, and press Left, Up, Square + Circle. You'll be able to perform them as aerial moves as opposed to their basic hand plant moves. The grinds are done the same way, perform the directional presses, and then press Square + Circle simultaneously to do these grinds anywhere in the air. Not all too useful, but definitely fun, and a nice feature!

on down hill jam if you hand plant in to the wall with the yellow bottom you will get stuck and you can do a good move and wait till you get to the top and drop down

On warehouse level back flip over half pipe and secret room special grind on top of the ramp that runs around the back of the warehouse to the end then wall ride then finish off with a trick . you should get around 250 000 points

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