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Syphon Filter 3

Playstation Hints & Cheat Codes

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PlayStation Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Unlock Biathlon:
To unlock Biathlon you must go to the hotel level and get you're gear in room 413 you're mission is to kill Shi-Hao and his luietenants. After killing Shi-Hao and the fire-fight has begun his lt's. will come running after a while, to obtain the Mini-Game Biathlon you must kill at least 3 of the lt's. with the air taser.
To check if you have unlocked Biathlon, press start and then go to the options menu and click on 'cheats' if it has worked it should show if Biathlon is unlocked.

Military Base Multi-player Stage:
To obtain the Military Base Multi-player stage you must go to the first level(the hotel) and get you're gear from room 413. With the Silenced Sniper Rifle zoomed in you should be able to see Shi-hao beating a man in a purple shirt.(You must not let the man die) Kill Shi-hao and his lt. one of Shi-hao's men will start shooting at the man in purple, kill the man who is shooting at him, if done right after a second the man in purple will get up and run, Gabe will say 'Got it'.
To check if you have unlocked the level press start, go down to options and then click on 'cheats' it should have under 'Unlocked Multiplayer stages' Military Base.

Jungle level in multiplayer:
Save the 2 women in the Jungle level to unlock it in multiplayer.

Super Agent mode
Successfully complete the game to unlock "Super Agent" mode. Pause the game to access the options menu and enable the "Super Agent" option. In this mode, all shots are one-hit kills.

Get a MIL-15:
In the first level, of the game, [THE HOTEL], when you are in the Room 413, try to save the guy in the purple suit. Gabe will say [got i

when you save him. Then when your running down the stairs go into the freezer you will run into him and he will give you an MIL-15

Easy kill:
At the very end of the game, when you go to beat Myra Amarov (sp?) on the subway train, make sure you have this gun called Audi 3000. The audi 3000 can shoot through any surface except for bulletproof glass. You'll find this gun in a box before you see Amarov. Anyways, after you get the gun, you'll keep running and bomb open this door. Amarov will be there w/ a hostage. She's hiding behind bulletproof glass so don't bother shooting. However, on the roof of the train, there's a opening. Climb up this opening and you'll be right above Aramov. Aim the audi 3000 and you should see through the roof of the train and be able to aim at Amarov's head. You'll get a nice clean shot. It's the easiest kill you'll get in the whole game.

End Level
Successfully complete the game to unlock the "End Level" cheat. This allows you to end the level in missions and mini-games.

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