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Syphon Filter 2

Playstation Hints & Cheat Codes

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PlayStation Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Hard mode:
Highlight the One Player option at the title screen. Then, hold Square + Circle + L1 + R2 + select + Up + X.

Mission select:
Pause game play and highlight the Map option. Then hold Right + L2 + R2 + Circle + Square + X Enter the options screen and select Cheats.

Movie theater:
Pause game play and highlight the Briefing option. Then, hold Right + L1 + R2 + Circle + X.Super Agent mode:
Pause game play and highlight the Weaponry option. Then hold L2 + Select + Circle + Square + X, a sound will confirm correct code entry. Enter the options screen and select Cheats.

End level:
Pause game play and highlight the Map option. Then hold Right + L2 +R2 + Circle + Square + X, A sound will confirm correct code entry. Enter the options screen and select Cheats. This allows the current mission to be successfully completed.

Cheat Menu:
Press start while playing, and enter the map option.
while in map, press and hold Right + L2+ R2+ Circle + Square + X.

Rockies multi-player map:
Find the H11 sniper rifle on the first level to unlock the Rockies multi-player map. The H11 is near the waterfall and ice arch where you first meet Chance. Instead of jumping over the waterfall chasm, hang from the edge of the chasm and drop down into the tunnel. The H11 is in there.

Additional multi-player characters:
Find the M-79 grenade launcher on the second to last level (New York Sewers) to unlock the following seven multi-player characters: Ninja Gabe, Scuba Lian, Unit1 from the Bio-Lab, Dr. Elsa Weissinger, Uri Gregorov, Lawrence Mujari, and SWAT officer. The M-79 is near the end of the level (in the parking garage). Near the top of the stairs is an open doorway into the parking garage, where a black van is driving past. Instead of exiting the stairwell at that location, keep climbing up the stairs. There will be five Agency operatives scattered on the Landings above armed with silenced HK-5s, grenades, and M-79s. Use the M-79 to take them out. The M-79 is on the top landing.

Ghost Logan:
On multi player mode on Small Village select Gabe Logan and any other player. When playing hang onto a ledge and let the other player kill Gabe with a knife. Once you are dead you will be a ghost.

H11 sniper rifle:
In the first level, when your parachuting, control where you land on the rock above the man with the broken leg, and you find a H11 sniper rifle.

In the streets of Moscow level, when you get the tear gas launcher, stand facing right up against a wall and fire you tear gas, wait about two seconds and pause the game, go to weaponry, and get the .45, and exit. You will be holding the tear gas launcher but firing .45 bullets.

Agency Computer Lab multi-player stage:
In the second room at the start of the Agency Bio-Lab Escape level, (after receiving the incoming radio traffic) are two vents that you can crawl through. The one on the left is the correct exit out of the Bio-Lab. The other vent leads back the way you came toward the Operating Room where you overheard Dr. Weissinger in the previous level. Head down this second vent back the way that you came from. When you exit the vent, there will be one Unit 1 trooper on the left in an alcove. Run past him down the U-shaped hallway which leads to the Operating Room. You should be able to see the autopsy table through the door. There are three more armored troopers in the operating theater -- one low by the door and two on either side up in the theater seats. Roll into the room past the low trooper. If this is not done, when you get near the door he will run in front of it to block your path. Run immediately toward the table with the computer! .Climb up on to the table, and then up onto the balcony (you will probably get shot up pretty bad while climbing up). Then, roll toward the center of the back wall and into a small room. There is an M-79 grenade launcher in this little room which unlocks the Agency Computer Lab map. Gabe will say "Got it" to confirm that it has been collected. You do not have to finish the level for the map to be unlocked.

Bunker multi-player stage:
Find the PK-102 in the Moscow Streets level. There is a point where two cars will try to run you over at the same time, and you have to leap and grab a pole above you to avoid them. After this happens, drop down, and go back and search the two newly crashed cars. Face the tail ends of the cars. The car on the right has the PK-102 inside. Warning: The cars are on fire, so search carefully. Also, after they crash an enemy will get out of each car. At least one of them has a M-79 grenade launcher.

Caves multi-player stage:
Find the binoculars in the Colorado Interstate 70 level you must find the Binoculars. They are located behind the first closed door on your left that you reach. Press Triangle to open the door. This reveals a passage. Go left, open another door, and enter the room. The box containing the binoculars is in this room.
D.C. City Park multi-player stage: Find the dirty laundry in the New York City Slums District level in one of the washing machines in the first Sniper Building of the level. This is the building that is similar to the slums district level in multi-player mode.

Disco Underground multi-player stage:
In the Disco 32 level, after killing the bodyguard on the catwalk, three more guards will run in the door. Kill all three before they can throw a grenade at you. None of them have flak jackets. When you kick open the doors to the next dance floor with big speakers in the corners, you will need to kill these three guards before the guard above you can throw a grenade. Save your BIZ-2 ammo for him, run to the right, and hide behind the speaker. Kill the two guards on the floor. As the guard above you runs around so he can throw a grenade, use the BIZ-2 for a head shot. He does have a flak jacket.

Jungle multi-player stage:
Kill Archer at the very end of the C-130 Crash Site level with one shot (head shot). It is recommended that you use the silenced sniper rifle to kill him because of its zooming capabilities.

Pharcon Site multi-player stage:
Find the girlie mag in the Pharcon Lab, after you take out the guards. It is located after you go through the Mars exhibit.

Prison multi-player stage:
Complete the Aljir prison break in without using the crossbow. You will have to sneak and roll up to the first man before he makes it out in the open. Roll a lot, but do not roll into him. You also cannot run or he will turn around. You should be able to run up very close to the male guard and the female guard who chased down the second prisoner. The last guard turns and looks around quite a bit. Walk against the left wall, and hide behind the support. He will walk out past you, and then you can get him.

Rockies multi-player stage:
Find the H11 sniper rifle on the first level (Colorado Rockies). The H11 is near the waterfall and ice arch where you first meet Chance. Instead of jumping over the waterfall chasm, hang from the edge of the chasm and drop down into the tunnel. The H11 is in there.

Surreal multi-player stage:
In Volkov Park, kill the first guard to the left very quickly before he destroys the car. After you kill him, collect the BIZ-2 in the car he did not destroy.

Additional multi-player characters:
Complete the C-130 Crash Site level under three minutes to unlock the characters from the original Syphon Filter game in multi-player mode.

Defeating Uri Gregorov:
If Gregorov sees you, he will kill you with a head shot. Remember what Gabe Logon said earlier in the game, "What they can't see, they can't hit." The strategy here is simple: Kill the lights. Sneak after Uri as he walks around to find you and at the same time observe the environment and what you have to work with. Note the statue of the man on a horse, and the lights surrounding the statue. You will have to shoot these lights using any silenced weapon. Allow Lian to die and you can get a fresh start. At your starting point, sneak after Uri and stop at the center of the far fence (to the left of the statue). Hold X and have your weapon manually aimed at the far light to your right. Pay attention to the radar. When Gregorov's dot disappears from the radar, count to about five to ten seconds and shoot the light. Now, run over to the statue and hide from Gregorov. He will come over to investigate. He knows that you are near and will crouch-walk around the statue. Avoid being seen and shoot out the rest of lights, pausing about ten to twenty seconds in between to observe Gregorov's movements. Once all the lights have been shot out you will hear him say "Damn you!" You can now walk up and zap him with your Laser. Watch for the surprise after he is defeated.

Defeating Chance:
To defeat Chance, the final Boss in Mission 20 (Finale), watch the opening FMV sequence that plays at the beginning of this level, as it provides some hints. As soon as the level begins, turn right and run out the second door. Run to the helicopter and take the flak jacket and UAS-12 auto-shotgun. It is probably a good idea to run behind the helicopter to stay out of the line of fire and take the flak jacket first. Dodge around while doing this, roll under the helicopter, and do whatever is necessary to keep the helicopter between you and him so he cannot get a clear shot. Keep checking your radar to watch his location. Once you have gotten both items, switch to the UAS-12 and run around the helicopter. Keep running around and dodge him until he is down by the tail and you are standing near the cockpit. When that happens, face the helicopter, then run out into the open to your left (which is the right side of the Blackhawk ). Wait for him to get on to yours! side of the helicopter. Then maneuver so that there is a direct line between you, him, and the tail rotor of the UH-60. Shoot him with the UAS-12. He will not be able to fire back while you are hitting him, and the impact of the shotgun blasts will carry him into the rotor.

Open Pharcom Center in 2 Player Mode:
When you are at the Pharcom center and you are in the boiler room after the Mars room, you should see lockers there. One of them has a Girlie Mag in it, pick it up to open the Pharcom center.

Get Seven Secret Characters:
Get the M-79 in the second to last stage, you get it after the smoke attack on the 4 men in the garage. When you make your way up you will pass a few stairways, then you will come to an open door with a Van driving slowly by it, don't come out instead keep walking up the stairs. Kill the men and find the M-79.

D.C Park multi-player Stage:
To get this after you have escaped the bio-lab you will be in the streets.
After you have climbed down from the bill-board go through an ally to where the place is on fire. ( look out there will be some agents lurking about.)Go to the washing machines and it will say 'Dirty laundry'. take it and Logan will say 'got it' to confirm you have taken it.
You will now be able to play in the D.C. Park area.

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