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Syphon Filter

Playstation Hints & Cheat Codes

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PlayStation Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

All weapons and unlimited ammo:
Pause game play and highlight the " Weapons" option. Simultaneously press Right, L2, R2, Square, X, and Circle. If entered correct, it should take you to the weapon select screen with all of the weapons for that level.

Level select:
highlight options and go to select level and hold L1, L2, R1, R2, X , Square, and Circle.

One Shot Kills with 9mm Silencer:
Pause the game and go to the weapons menu. Highlight the 9mm and press and hold Left, R2, Select, L1, Square, and X. If you did the code correctly, you should here Gabe say "Understood".

Easier Enemies:
Pause the game, then press and hold Right, R1, L2, X. If the code has been entered correctly, you will hear a laugh.

Hard Mode:
Highlight 'New Game' at the title screen and press and hold Left, L1, R2, Select, Square, Circle, X.

Shoot Down Chopper:

1. After the communication breaks down with Lian, go towards to the left hand side. Press aim and fire and wait for chopper to appear from below.
2. Start shooting at the chopper until the smokes come out. (this may take couple practice before you can get the chopper on smoke in one round).
3. Run & hide behind one side of the radar block in the middle and wait for the chopper to appear.
4. When it stops on top of you, dropping his men, aim at the chopper & start shooting (Don't forget to kill the men dropped from the chopper too).
5. Now, when the chopper is gone, run on to the opposite side when the chopper has flown.
6. Repeat step 4 until you see flames coming out from the chopper.
7. Aim & follow the chopper wherever it goes, couple more rounds, the level is finished.

Survive Burning:
Quickly press Start, then press Start again after catching on fire. You will be hurt, but still alive.

X Ray Vision:
The virus scanner may be used to look through the walls to find enemies.

Keycard in the museum:
In the museum, the only way to get the keycard is to shoot the blinking light near the rocket. The elevator will then go up to the floor with the terrorist with the key card.

Toast Girdeax:
When facing Girdeax, shoot his fuel holders about 7 times and he's toast.

Grenade launcher in level 1:
Go out the window in the bar into the back alley. Look up to see two fire escapes. Climb onto the dumpster and get onto the fire escape opposite the bar first, then jump up to the pipes and go hand over hand to the other fire escape. Be careful, because two terrorists will run out to shoot half way across the pipe. After taking care of them, drop down onto the fire escape and open the box for the grenade launcher. This makes the grenade thrower in the subway section much easier to handle.

Trap Door:
In the Dinosaur exhibit room, on the 6th level. Walk into the room, take care of all of the guards, then with your laser shoot out all of the overhead lights. A trap door opens up by the display at the very front of the room.

Missile Silo:
On Mission 18, you have to retrieve missile-destruct codes and access the missile command computer in order to win the game.

Bombs in the Bank:
Go into the bank and go to where the C.B.D.C. Agent requests cover fire and go in the dark room and in the right corner, a box of grenades await you!!

Black Out:
In the bar, shootout all the lights and the guards won't see you.

Watch a movie:
On the first level after jumping out of the saloon window turn left and you should see a movie theater go in front of the door and pause the game. go to map menu and hold L2, R1, X, and Right. Then you should hear gabe say "got it." Now un-pause and you should be in, you can go thru any door.

Secret room in Base Bunker:
On the base bunker level at the end. Don't go in the elevator yet. insted go in to the control room and press triangle on the computer. A door will openin front of you.
Walk in and go to the left, kill that guard and hide behind the boxes(watch out for Mr Grenade man). Take out the 2 other guards in the room. Now go over to the boxes that look like shelves and take your reward for puting them out of there misery. You get bullets for shotgun, 9mm, M16 and a few more luxureys.

Secret room in the subway

go to where the right track is and continue to find a small hole go inside and use your flashlight to find the grenade launcher and grenades and flak jacket

kill the scientists in Rhomers stronghold

to kill the scientists you must first shoot the chandliers and watch them come tumbling down getting rid of those guards and scientists

Glitch: Invisible gabe

this is very cool go to a wall and press backwards on the d pad to make gabe invisible press foward to make gabe visible again

how to make a bad guy blow himself up to kingdom come

1. if someone throws a grenade at you run foward to the grenade lobber and he will throw the bomb at your location if its too close to where you are then he will blow himself to kindgom come

Getting Protection from the Monks

had enough of being killed by monks then let Lian xing protect you she will shoot at their heads and then shoot at they corspes

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