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Suikoden 2

Playstation Hints & Cheat Codes

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PlayStation Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Silent hill cameo?!
At the college. (not sure of the name). search through the gilesplies and daila gilsplies name will pop up! The old woman from Silent Hill!

Best Ending
To get the best ending, you must have all 108 characters before you talk to Shu about the Rockaxe mission. Also when you near the end of Rockaxe Castle, when Nanami jumps out to protect you from Gorudo, you must answer very quickly (doesn't matter which answer you choose). If you did this correctly, after Dr. Huan reports of her unfortunate conditon, he should ask to talk to Shu in private. Did all that? Alright, then once you've beaten the game, head back to Tenzan Path (northwest of Kyaro) and return to that place by the waterfall. Jowy's there, of course, and you'll go into a duel with him. Just keep on defending throughout it.
After that, he'll ask you to take his Black Sword Rune. Keep on refusing. Once you've refused enough, Leknaat will appear. I won't
spoil the rest, but those are the requirements for getting the best ending.

Random Name
When you are supposed to enter a name, press L1 + R1 or L2 + R2 to choose a name at random.

Random Teleportation Trick
When you get Viki in your group and ask her to teleport you somewhere, once in a while she will teleport you in the wrong place. One of which is a hidden room in Radat town. Here you'll find many nice items.

Game Shark Codes
Infinite Money 8006A4F8 423F 8006A4FA 000F
Quick Level Up D002BFAC 001F 8002BFAC 0001
Build Weapon Fast 80074828 0010 8007482A 2402

Character Codes
Aldai 3006AE79 0007
Amada 3006AE35 0007
Anita 3006AE37 0007
Annallee 3006AE80 0007
Ayda 3006AE3B 0007
Badeux 3006AE43 0007
Bob 3006AE38 0007
Camus 3006AE31 0007
Clive 3006AE16 0007
Connell 3006AE7C 0007
Feather 3006AE42 0007
Freed Y 3006AE33 0007
Futch 3006AE19 0007
Gantesu 3006AE56 0007
Genshu 3006AE3F 0007
Georg 3006AE1B 0007
Hanna 3006AE27 0007
Hauser 3006AE32 0007
Hilda 3006AE6E 0007
Hix 3006AE17 0007
Humpfrey 3006AE1A 0007
Jess 3006AE6D 0007
Kasumi 3006AE59 0007
Koyu 3006AE4B 0007
Lepante 3006AE7D 0007
Luc 3006AE45 0007
Marlowe 3006AE88 0007
Mazus 3006AE4D 0007
Max 3006AE87 0007
Miklotov 3006AE30 0007
Mondo 3006AE4F 0007
Nina 3006AE47 0007
Oulan 3006AE3E 0007
Pesmerga 3006AE1D 0007
Raura 3006AE7F 0007
Ridley 3006AE85 0007
Sheena 3006AE15 0007
Shin 3006AE1F 0007
Sid 3006AE48 0007
Sierra 3006AE3D 0007
Taki 3006AE77 0007
Tessai 3006AE7E 0007
Valeria 3006AE1C 0007
Wakaba 3006AE54 0007
Zamza 300AE2B 0007

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