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Star Wars- Episode 1- Jedi Power Battle

Playstation Hints & Cheat Codes

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PlayStation Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Play as Captain Panaka:
Beat the game with Plo Koon. Then at the character selection screen, highlight Plo Koon and press Select.

Extra stages ans characters:
Beat the game using all the five Jedi's to unlock four extra stage and three extra characters.

Ultimate Saber mode:
Beat the four extra stages to unlock the ultimate saber mode.

Play as Darth Maul:
Beat the game with Qui-Gon Jinn. Then at the character selection screen, highlight Qui-Gon Jinn and press Select.

Play as Queen Amidala:
Beat the game with Obi-Wan Kenobi. Then at the character selection screen, highlight Obi-Wan Kenobi and press Select.

The Final Battle - Force Field Room:
Here are the paths to beat the multi-colored force field room in the middle of the final battle. (Note: This room has 12 sections, starting from top left when numbering them.)

The 4 secret levels:
1.Droidekas!: To get this level beat the game with Plo Koon. L.11
2.Kaadu Race!: Beat the game with Adi Gallia. L.12
3.Gungan Roundup!: Find all 3 Gungan Artifacts throughout the game. L.13
4.Survival Challenge!: Beat the game as Mace Windu,beat this level to unlock Ultimate lifesaber mode, and you kill anything in 1 hit.

Point Trick:
In almost all levels you can get thousands upon thousands of extra points easily. First what you need to do is have a buch of extra credits. Then when you encounter one of those things that let you come back there when you die, and make sure you have killed everything behind it and near it. Then hit the thing and die purposely. You will go back to the thing and all the enemies will be back. Then run back as far as you can go and kill everything. Please note that this doesnt work on all continue points but it does on most of them. If you die this can be quite time consuming so try not to die.   (1)( 2)( 3)( 4)
Exit (5)( 6)( 7)( 8) Entrance

Use the following paths when the force field is:
Red:(Entrance) 8,7,6,2,3
Orange: 4,8,12,11
Yellow: 7,11,12,8
Green: 4,8,12,11,7,6,10
Blue: 9,10,11,12,8,7,3
Purple: 4,3,7,11,10,9,5 (Exit)

Beating The Mid-Level Boss On Tatooine:
In the boss arena there will be a huge pit in the center. After the boss sequence, run to the edge of the pit where the little slope is. Then just stand there and he won't slam his tail and make boulders fall on you,he'll just roll around in circles. After a while he'll leave then you can continue on.

2500 Extra Points:
After getting to the room where you save the Queen, and after defeating all the droids in the room jump on the left side of the table then jump onto the seat - 2500 points!

How to beat the Caterpiller on Swamps of Naboo:
In one player on the second level be Ploo Kloon Anda. 2 players use Ploo Kloon and Qui Gon Jinn. When your at the caterpillar, have Ploo Kloon use the stim pack and run into the caterpillar and just starts hiting square. Qui Gon Jinn starts throwing thermal detonators at the caterpillar and when your out of specials just start swinging for the legs. It is very helpful when you have 3 or more credits and a ton of specials.

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