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Speed Racer

Playstation Hints & Cheat Codes

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PlayStation Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

After you get the demon cars or as you called them ogre cars, use one of them (because they have the same special features as the Mach 5)on the second track (or M track). After you enter the tunnel and you make the sharp left turn there comes a fork in the road, vear left and if you are going fast enough you will break through the wall (I had my sawblades on because I had seen it in the demo but am not sure if it is necessary). After you are inside you will want to turn on your illumination system so you can see. Then you will notice a small section to your left with 3 barricades. Move them simply by running into them until they dissapear. Behind them is another wall just like the one you broke through. Then you will want to go back to give yourself some running room.

(Like I said before I had my sawblades on but am not sure if it will work without them, it might). Try to drive as fast as you can around the turn and run head on into the wall, when it breaks keep going and you will see the GRX.

After that finish the race, you should be in last place by now, but it doesn't matter. When you go to your car selection you will have two GRX's (automatic and manual). You need to have all possbile cars available to get this code work.

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