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Silent Hill

Playstation Hints & Cheat Codes

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PlayStation Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Finding the Silver Medallion:
WARNING: This is a spoiler. Do not read any further if you wish to solve the game yourself.
Get to the school, when you get to the room with the piano first press the 3rd key (White), then press the 10th key (White). Then press the 11th key (Black), then press the 8th key (White). Now press the 2nd key (Black). They should all have been dead keys. The Silver Medallion should now have been released. Important note: you should already have the Gold Medallion inserted into the Clock Tower for the Medallion to be accessible.

Zodiac Room Tip:
In the room with the Zodiac Signs, click the digit according to the amount of limbs in the picture (from left to right; Sagitarrius:6, Taurus:4, Gemini:8).

Zodiac Chart Puzzle:
Easy... count arms and legs and insert number. eg Fish have no legs but Bull has four and crab has ten. Reapers List. Arrange names in order of age and take initials to form the word ALERT.

Defeating Alessa:
In the last stage, Alessa will use lightning bolts to hit you. To avoid this attack, just press Forward + Left or Right and Run! Harry will keep running in circles. After tow or three circles you may stop and start shooting her. When she starts another round of lightning just stop shooting and run again.

180 Degree Turn:
Tap L1 + R1 at the same time to do a complete 180 turn.

To Title Screen:
Press and hold Start and select for three seconds, to take you back to the title screen from any where in the game.

A Lot of Ammo:
Every time you beat the game go to the secret options menu by pushing either L1, L2, R1, R2 and you can change the amount of bullets you get when you pick up a box of shells etc. Every time you beat the game it will times it by that that much. So it goes up like 15x1 15x2 15x3 15x4. When you beat it, it also gives you a chance to change the view mode to 'self' or 'normal'.

Extra Options:
Enter the options screen from main menu or item screen and press L1, L2, R1, or R2. Then it will open up the extra options.

Hidden Ending:
To get the hidden ending beat the game killing all demons hand to hand (axe, hammer, lead pipe, etc), combat [except bosse
] do not use med kits and save no more than 13 times and u will have the hidden ending.

Finding the three keys:
Go to the dog house. Look inside the kennel and find a key to the house. Go into the house pick up all the items and then go to the back door. It should have 3 padlocks on. Look at the map next to it. On it is where the 3 keys are. The first one is in the boot of a police car. The second one is on the bin in a back garden with a basketball net and the third is by the broken bridge. Follow the bridge along until you reach a plank of wood. Walk across the wood and look into the mail box to find the 3rd key.

New Options:
At the options screen press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2. Now a new option menu with selections like blood color, walk/run control, etc will appear

Help in Zodiac room:
Look at the # of limbs in the picture and click the numbers in order from left to right. Example Sagitarius:6, Taurus:4, Gemini:8

Hyper Blaster Gun:
To get this gun you first have to obtain the Channeling stone which you get by getting a GOOD+ rating at the end of the game. It will show up at the convenience store just north of the cafe. Anyway once you get it use it in these places

1. Old Silent Hill on the roof of Hell School
2. Hell Central Silent Hill Right outside of the hospital before fighting the Giant Moth
3. Resort area: In front of all the apartments at the motel
4. Hell Resort area On the bridge of old boat
5. On top of the lighthouse
That's all you have to do then beat the game and you will get a U.F.O. Ending and the Hyper Blaster will be yours. (HE! HE!)

Katana Sword:
The Katana Sword appears on the Ranking screen after the credits, next to the Chainsaw, Rockdrill and Channeling Stone - however, we're not sure what are the exact conditions to make it appear. It doesn't seem to be rating based, as we have got 7.9 stars and lots of gold ratings. You must use the "Next Fear" save that you get after this screen to find the sword. *update* It's in the House next to the Dog House, in the door that didn't open before, just as you walk in.

Saving Cybil Bennet on the carousel:
After Cybil runs out of ammunition for her gun and throws it away, use the "red liquid" found in the hospital on her. Note: The red liquid is in the "normal" hospital, on the floor next to the administrator's desk.

Door with 4 stones:
The red stone goes in the top left.
The blue stone goes in the top right.
The green stone goes in the bottom right.
The gold stone goes in the bottom left.
This unlocks the door.

Press L1,L2,R1,R2 on options screen to unravel some extra options

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