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Playstation Hints & Cheat Codes

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PlayStation Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Cheat mode
Enter MAXCHEAT as a password for all leagues, mirror 
mode, mega-time trials, and more cheat options. 

All easy difficulty tracks
Enter EEFNIEBA as a password, select the "Easy" 
difficulty setting, and begin game play. 

All hard difficulty tracks
Enter EEFPHMBC as a password, select the "Hard" 
difficulty setting, and begin game play. 

All expert difficulty tracks
Enter HEMPCMDD as a password, select the "Expert" 
difficulty setting, and begin game play. 

Air horn
Enter AIRHORNS as a password, then press Select 
during game play. 

Development team high scores
Enter BESTLAPS as a password to display the best 
times from the development team. 

Deathmatch mode
Finish in first place in all tracks in a league. 

Mirrored mode
Finish in first place in all leagues. 

Outworld Eruption Shortcut 
When you see a tunnel at the right side of the road, enter 
it and immediately hug the wall (to avoid the train.) You will 
exit the tunnel near the Start-Finish line 


When you are at the first straight that you can get weapons, 
go to the right side close to the wall. When you reach a dead 
end, go straight through it and you will enter a cave. When 
you get out you will be near the start-finish line. 

When you are in the straight after the tunnel turn left and 
you will enter a very large tunnel. When you get out you will 
be at the last straight of the track. 

-Neoto.Park life-
When you pass the arrows in the wall, do not go down. Go to 
the right and you will enter the park. When you get out you 
already have passed the two tunnels. 

Turbo Start 
Start your game as you normally would. Pick Jet as your driver. 
You know when the counter says "3,2,1..GO!"? Well,when it gets 
to 1, hit the gas! You will get an extra boost as if you had 2 
turbo boosts. This is VERY handy for the Time Trial Mode!

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