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PaRappa The Rappa

Playstation Hints & Cheat Codes

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PlayStation Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Cool Bonus:
If you get a Cool rating in each stage, you will get a crown on the 'Stage Select' screen. When you get all 6 crowns, a bonus stage will appear. The bonus stage is called KT and The Sunny Funny Band. Katy & Sunny are in this stage, dancing. Press Triangle, to change what they are wearing, Square or Circle, to change their dancing, R1, R2, L1, or L2 to zoom in and out. You can move the camera around using the D-Pad.
Note: You need to complete each stage, then replay to be able to get a Cool flashing, then embellish the second pattern thus:

Level 1: --/Circle-Circle Circle/-Circle-Circle

Level 2: --/Triangle-Triangle-/Square-Square Square/-Square-/Square---

Level 3: --/Circle Circle Circle Circle/-Circle Circle-

Level 6: --/Circle--Circle/Circle--Circle/Circle--Circle/Circle---

Change Parappa's Voice:
Get a Cool rating after completing the first two levels. Press X, X, X, Triangle ,Circle, Triangle ,Square, Square,R1,L1,Square, X and then finish the level that you are on. When you get to level 4, press X, Square, Triangle, Circle, X. Hold R1 and then press one out of Circle, and Triangle, to go through the voices of all of the other characters in the game.

Play as the beetle
To play as the beetle that you face on the last stage, beat the firstboard on Cool!, The second board on Good! The third board on Good!The Fourth board on Cool! The Fifth board on Cool! Finally beat the last stage on Good!, But the Cool! Word has to be blinking.

If you do all of these directions, there should be a new game that you can choose called, the Beetle Rappa!

Best Ending
Get a COOL, {finish the level with a cool rating}, on every level and you get a new level were you watch Sunny Funny and Katy Kat dance on a table. You can change the view with the D-pad, zoom in and out with R1 and L1, and change Sunnys' and Katys'clothes with the X and Triangle buttons.

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