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Newman-Haas Racing

Playstation Hints & Cheat Codes

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PlayStation Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Bonus tracks and challenges
At the main menu, hold L1 + R1 for approximately one second. Then, press Left, Right(7), Left(15) to unlock all challenges and four bonus tracks. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear the sound of a crash.

Race with double decker buses
At the main menu, hold L1 + R1 for approximately one second. Then, press Left(3), Right(15), Left(3), Right(11), Left(14), Right(5), Left(25). If you entered the code correctly, you will hear the sound of a crash.

Bonus tracks
Win the championship with Scott Pruett to unlock two additional tracks.

Game Shark Codes
Infinite Turbo 800D3C80 E04C
Track Modifier D007B48C 0000
3007B674 00??
Driver Modifier D007B48C 0000
3007B490 00??
Championship Points Modifier Codes
S. Pruett (0000-7FFF) D00DE6EC FFF6
800DE6FE ????
A. Luyendyk (0000-7FFF) D00DE6EC FFF6
800DE6FC ????
A. Zanardi (0000-7FFF) D00DE6EC FFF6
800DE6FA ????
R. Boesel (0000-7FFF) D00DE6EC FFF6
800DE6F8 ????
R. Gordon (0000-7FFF) D00DE6EC FFF6
800DE6F6 ????
R. Moreno (0000-7FFF) D00DE6EC FFF6
800DE6F4 ????
C. Fittipaldi (0000-7FFF) D00DE6EC FFF6
800DE6F2 ????
M. Andretti (0000-7FFF) D00DE6EC FFF6
800DE6F0 ????
G. De Ferran (0000-7FFF) D00DE6EC FFF6
800DE700 ????
A. Fernandez (0000-7FFF) D00DE6EC FFF6
800DE702 ????
A. Ribeiro (0000-7FFF) D00DE6EC FFF6
800DE704 ????
J. Vasser (0000-7FFF) D00DE6EC FFF6
800DE706 ????
P. Carpentier (0000-7FFF) D00DE6EC FFF6
800DE708 ????
M. Gugelmin (0000-7FFF) D00DE6EC FFF6
800DE70A ????
M. Blundell (0000-7FFF) D00DE6EC FFF6
800DE70C ????
B. Herta (0000-7FFF) D00DE6EC FFF6
800DE70E ????
Quantity Digits to Accompany Track Modifier Code
00 - Milwaukee Mile
01 - Toronto
02 - Midohio 200
03 - Long Beach
04 - Laguna Seca Raceway
05 - Portland Raceway
06 - Surfers Paradise
07 - Road America
08 - Emmerson Fittipaldi Speedway
09 - Houston Grand Prix
0A - Kahoona Massive
0B - Pennsylvania Speedway
0C - Woodshole 200
0D - Hill Fields 200
Quantity Digits to Accompany Driver Modifier Code
00 - Michael Andretti
01 - Christian Fittipaldi
02 - Roberto Moreno
03 - Robby Gordon
04 - Raul Boesel
05 - Alex Zanardi
06 - Arie Luyendyk
07 - Scott Pruett
08 - Gil De Ferran
09 - Adrian Fernandez
0A - Andre Ribiero
0B - Jimmy Vasser
0C - Patrick Carpentier
0D - Mauricio Gugelmin
0E - Mark Blundell
0F - Bryan Herta

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