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Need for Speed- V-Rally

Playstation Hints & Cheat Codes

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PlayStation Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Cheat Codes:
Watch the game's loading sequence carefully; when you see the Infogrames logo begin to appear on a white background, quickly press UP, Down, then Immediately hold the Triangle button and press Circle. you should see the words "LOCK OFF" in green letters, right in the middle of the screen; this allows you to access all of the tracks in Arcade or Championship mode.

As soon as you see the words "LOCK OFF," if you release the Triangle and Circle buttons immediately you can enter any or all of the additional codes show below; these buttons must be held down before the Infogrames logo is colored in and you must continue to hold them until the memory card message appears:

* Hold L1 and the words "TIME OFF" will appear; now the race won't end if the timer runs out in Arcade mode.

* Hold L2 and the words "NARROW ON" will appear; now the tracks will be more narrow in Arcade mode.

* Press Left, then press and continue to hold R2; the words "RESTART ON" will appear. This adds a "Restart" option to the "Pause" menu in both Arcade and Championship modes, allowing you to restart a race if something goes wrong.

* Press Left, then Right: the words "FULL DEBUG" will appear. Now you can see the programmers' debugging data on the screen and in a new "Pause" menu option called "Memory." Note; you can't use the "Restart" option if you enter this code.

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