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Monster Rancher 2

Playstation Hints & Cheat Codes

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PlayStation Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Get the Stinger monster
To get the Stinger (Naga/ Zuum), use the SoulBlade (PSX) disk at the shrine.
[send by:Matt Warnsted

Get the Knight Mocchi
To get the Knight Mocchi, use the Final Fantasy (PSX) disk 1 at the shrine.
[send by:Matt Warnsted

Get Ducken
To get Ducken (wooden duck) use the Final Fantasy (PSX) disk 2 at the shrine.
[send by:Matt Warnsted

Unlocking The "Ebany" Monster:
To unlock to Ebany monster you need to get any type of monster to 100 fame, and in a random year while you still have that monster, if you go to the shop Aunt Verde will say that a traveling salesman gave her some seeds. She'll ask if you want to buy them(remember that you may not get the seeds on your first 100 fame monster, so be patient). After you purchase these seeds every 1 or 2 years Colt will tell you how your tree is doing. It will grow,blossom, and die. When it dies your next monster that dies, you have the funeral see the grave then the screen goes dark. Normally you would go back to town, but instead you go back to you barn and find a tree walking out of the barn. Pabs will tell you that Ebany is a rare monster and that you are lucky to have it. Colt will name it and VOILA! An Ebany monster.

Get the Phoenix:
To obtain a Phoenix monster you must join Dr. Talico on his adventure at the Volcano. Then, on your way you'll see the first building to be searched. Search it and the legendary Phoenix monster will get out of the Volcano. Search it again and you should find the Fire Feather. Combine it with any two monsters then, you'll get Phoenix 100%. This monster is strong in every areas.

Unlocking Monsters:
Having trouble trying to import monsters from your CD's? Sick of hearing the shine worker telling you that you need authorization. Well, here's something that should help. During the 2nd year of your game play, (aprox 1002) a person will come and tell you of a inter-continental battle between the IMa and another team. (And tell you this occur's every 4 years!) This person will tell you that in order to be chosen as a representative, (your class doesn't matter because they need one from each to go), that you have to win a tournament at the end of the month. Well, win! Then you'll be invited to join the team. A month later the battle will take place. It's IMa "Special through D" best monsters against theirs. If you win your battle you'll get a 1000 G. You need your team to win. (I would suggest loading again if they don't.) This will give you 2000 G more! Not to mention someone will visit you after the battle and congradulate you. Then he will tell you that the losers have given "secrets to raising certain monsters." And that only members of the winning team are allowed to use them. Then he'll show you monsters you can know unlock, either in Shrine Disks or slate memory.

Unlocking 4 Creatures:
To unlock the Mew, Gali, Worm, and a fourth one I cannot remember (perhaps the henger?, but it was from the first game); you must win the IMA-FIMBA tournament (you and your IMA team) which occurs every four years starting on the first year. And first you must qualify to enter by winning a qualification match previous to the tournament.

Getting rich:
You can find a lot of gold (which sells for 6000 each at the shop) in the tower near the top of the mountain in the Torles Mountain (Winter) adventure board.

Getting Gali's, Hengers, Worms, and Mews:
To unlock the Gali, Henger, Worm, and Mew, participate in the Fimba vs. Ima competition. In order to fight, you will need to win the elimination grade-C tournament on July 4th. (This tournament is only available every three or four years). Once you are choosen as the Ima Representative you will have to fight in the 5 on 5 match on Aug 4th week. After winning, the new monsters will be available. (You don't have to win, all you have to do is participate.)

In-game reset:

Hold Start + Select until the game returns to the opening screen.

Money with a Sueki Suezo:

If you need money, first go to the shrine and use the Monster Rancher 1 CD. This should result in a Sueki Suezo, a monster with excellent stats, except for speed. Use this monster when battling in a free-for-all. If it wins, you will get money and perhaps an item. Note: This monster lives only for one week. If you need more money, unlock it and battle again

Get Phoenix again:
Use the following steps to get Phoenix again after it is retired or flies away. Take the disc from the PC game Dune 2000 from Westwood Studios to the shrine and you will receive a Phoenix with higher stats than the original one obtained from the Fire Feather. Note: An original Phoenix has to be obtained before receiving one from the disc. To get an original Phoenix, go on an adventure to Kawrea volcano (pre- or post-eruption). Search the volcano. One of the items that can be found is a Fire Feather. Take it to the lab and use it as a secret ingredient combining any two monsters to get the Phoenix. Other CDs that will unlock a Phoenix at higher stats than the original are Frente-Marvin and Saviour Machine-Legend Part 1.

Obtain a Skipper in the third year (1003). As soon as you get it, take it to your ranch and give it a Star Prune. The monster will not accept it. It will ask for it the next week. Answer "No". Approximately one week later, it will die. The monster must be given a burial for this trick to work. It will have a black spot on its grave. Eventually, Colt will realize this and ask if you want it cleaned for 200G. Answer "No". If it remains long enough, it will grow into a giant Gaboo-looking creature. You will find it at the lab in a empty spot. Its Pow is 999 and Ski. is 800. It has nine moves; two of them S-class attacks, 4 A-class attacks.

Get a Ghost:

To get a ghost monster you have to get a monster on a style somewhere around doting. Then the monster has to be on C class or above when it dies. Some time later Coltia will forget to clean the altar and will find a stick there. Then you will be asked to upgrade the altar (note: this doesn't affect wether you get a ghost or not, so you don't have to upgrade). Master Pabs will come and tell you to take the stick to the lab. Use it when combining any two monsters to recieve a ghost.

Get The Mysterious Seeds:
To get the seeds make your monster the most famous (this means making your monster's fame 100).

Getting Joker:
To get the Joker monster, you must go with Dr.Talico on his secon trip to the Kawrea Volcano. This time you'll be inside the volcano and when you start, you'll have 3 ways to go. Go all the way right and follow the path. Ignore all the small shrines that branch from the route and keep going untill your in an intersection, with a tree on the bottem path and some pillars in the upper path. Push the pillars away and take the upper path and follow it. You'll eventually come to a building that has stairs leading to the top. If Dr.Talico says its some Holy Altar Ground, your in the right place. Investigate the area untill you find the Joker's Mask. NOTE: The Joker's Mask is NOT ALWAYS there, you may have to reset the game a couple times. When you do get the Joker's Mask, combine any two monsters and use the Mask as the secret seasoning and you will get the Joker monster!

Get Wooden Duck Monster:
While adventuring in the forest adventure with the treasure hunter, explore the line of three trees to the right. If your lucky, you'll find an item called "Strong Glue". The treasure hunter will tell you that it can be used on the item you receive by collecting 5 diomand marked cans of Cup Jelly. After finding the glue, feed your monster Cup Jelly (being carful not to let it get too skinny) until you collect five of the cups that have diomand marks on them (this happens randomly). Colt will automatically use the glue on the Quack Doll that comes in the mail a few weeks later. Use the glued Quack Doll as a secret seasoning in the lab when combining any two monsters and there's your Wooden Duck.

Unlock Durahan:

To successfully unlock the elusive Knight monster, Durahan, you must first trek onto the ParePare expedition and find the sheathe. Keep this item in your inventory for around 20 minutes, talk to Colt's aunt and she'll tell you many stories about the known area's sword theft. You will later be invited to a battle, 1-on-1 with a Durahan. For winning the match, you will receive the special double edge, which can also be used as a secret seasoning to acquire Durahan. Also, your Monster HAS to be a class A monster, any higher or lower and you will not be able to compete in the cup, and the double edge will not work.

Monster list:
Use the following CDs to create monsters: Hello Nasty, The Beastie Boys
And Justice For All, Metallica
Final Fantasy VII Disc3 - Pink Kato
Jet Moto 2 - Dixie
WWF Attitude - Noble Jell
Tenchu: Stealth Assassins, PSX - Ninja Kato (A)
Starwars: Episode One (Soundtrack) - Galaxy Monol (D)
Tool, Aenema - Bronze Suezo (D)
Pantera, Great Southern Trendkill - Kato/Dragon (C)
Megadeth, Hidden Treasures - Hopper/Dragon (C)
1st PSX Demo Disc ever - Henger
Pong PSX - Kato Moochie
311, Transistor Moochie - Moochie
Creed, Human clay - Plant Worm
Creed, My own prison - Hopper Pixie
Marcy Playground - Kato Kato
Sugar Ray, 14:59 - Draco Moochie
Nirvana, Muddy Banks of Wishkah - Moochie Tiger
Oleander, February Son - Ape Gali
Ultra Spank - Monol Golem
Len, Cant Stop - Bumrush Monol
Sugar Ray, Floored - Tiger Golem
Filter, Short - Bus Hopper
Beastie Boys, Hello Nasty - Jell
Metallica, S&M Disc 1 - Pixie Dragon
Metallica, S&M Disc 2 - Arrowhad Golem
Resident Evil - Henger Golem
Lit - Ape Hare
The Offspring, Ignition - Kato Gali
The Offspring, Smash - Pixie Monol
Sound Garden, A-sides - Zuum Gali
Less than Jake, Hello Rockview - Gaboo
Batman Forever, Soundtrack - Ape Plant
PSX Magazine Demo Disc #26 - Pixie Monol
PSX Underground Demo Disc Winter 99' - Moochie
Rage Against the Machine, Battle of Los Angeles - Ape Plant
Hootie and the Blowfish, Musical Chairs - Plant Monol
Stabbing Westward, Dark Days - Gali Worm
America Online v 5.0 - Tiger Zuum
Dmb, Crash - Draco Hopper
Street Sk8er, PSX - Jell Golem
Tenchu, PSX - Rare
Suikoden Ape - Hare
Test Drive Off Road 3 - Mew Tiger
Incubus, Science - Kato Tiger
Nuclear Strike PSX - Color Pandora
Thrasher: Skate and Destroy - Gaboo
Mtv Snowboarding - Worm Zuum
Army Men 3D, PSX - Rare
GTA 2, PSX - Hopper Tiger
Blink 182, Enema Of The State - Chef
The Beastie Boys, Licensed to Ill Express Worm
Mariah Carey, Merry Christmas - Satan Clause
Backstreet Boys, Millenium - Happy Mask
The Little Mermaid, Soundtrack - Mermaid
Men In Black, Soundtrack Chinosis -- Metalner/??? monster
Brave Fencer Musashi, PSX - Shogun
Devil Dice PSX - Dice
March Madness '99 SX - Ninja Kato
Bust A Move 4 PSX - Cinder Bird
Metal Gear Solid - Disk 2 PSX - Soldier Gaboo
Space Jam, Soundtrack - Henger
Gangsta's Paradise, Soundtrack - Gali
Montel Jordon - Ninja Cat
Crash Bandicoot - Liquid Worm

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