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Mechwarrior 2

Playstation Hints & Cheat Codes

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PlayStation Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

overweight mechs : # O X O / A > > O /
unlimited ammo : T O X O / A X > T U
invincibility : # # X O / A > < U Z
use in good health !

OK, this one will unlock ALL (and I do mean EVERY) mission in the entire game. Use it with caution. T/XO/AZ<#*

There were two "extra" Mech chassis that were not
included in the final game -- they are, however, available via this code -- or at least one of them is. The "Elemental" Mech chassis is a very small Mech -- more like a suit of armor. Go on, challenge yourself -- play your favorite missions wearing the Mech equivalent of a spandex leotard. T#XO/AX<<< -

EXTRA VARIANTS In the "Change Mech" screen, each Mech chassis has 2 variants by default --each variant is equipped with slightly different weapons. This code will unlock extra variants, so now a single Mech chassis could have anywhere from 2 to 5 weapons variants. #AXO/A4YYA -

CRUISE THROTTLE Cruise Control throttle means you no longer have to hold down the "forward" button on the controller -- simply set your speed, then let go. #XXO/A4>Y+ -

SLOW HEAT TRACKING This will slow down the rate at which heat builds up inside your Mech. Basically you can now fire a lot more weapons in a shorter period of time with less risk of overheating and/or shutting down.

Here's a cheat code for the cruise-control throttle. Go to the password screen and enter the following: #AXO/A4YYA
Now you don't have to hold the throttle button down, and can concentrate on torso-twisting, pitch up/down, and shooting. This cruise control throttle is like the throttle in the PC-version of MechWarrior 2.
Here's a little number I like to call, EXTRA VARIANTS. Enter this code in the password screen, and the next time you visit the "Change Mech" screen you will see extra weapons variants for each Mech. Now your favorite Mech chassis comes in new flavors! Try them all!
Another one of my favorites is this little baby: EXTRA HEAT SINKS. Now the heat generated by your weapons will build MUCH slower, allowing you to fire quicker without overheating. Soon you'll be killing at a rate the other Freebirths can only hope to achieve. You'll be the envy of your neighborhood!

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