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Kings Field

Playstation Hints & Cheat Codes

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PlayStation Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

I'm one of the Game Masters at ASCII Entertainment Software, and I have noticed a lot of questions concerning King's Field. Well I think I'll answer a few of them. Let's see, to start off I'd like thank the people out there (you know who you are) who have been supporting KF on the various news groups trying to help individuals with problems and hints. I'd also like to show my appreciation to the RPG supporters out there who are stressing their interest in RPG's on the PlayStation. OK then, I'm just going to spout a bunch of hints, tips and information about KF.
hints, tips and information
1. Blood stones cure conditions.
2. You can regenerate MP a few different ways: one way is to use a moon stone, dragon fruit or MP water. There is a certain item you can get which lets your character regenerate HP and MP while you walk. Once you find Seath's fountain fill as many flasks as you have with Healing water. If you have all three streams of water flowing into the fountain it will make gold water that heals all MP, HP and cures conditions (sweet!).
3. There are 2 types of "sealed" doors: ones near the fountain and all the others. The ones at the fountain open when you have all three waters flowing. The others "unlock" when you have the Dark Slayer sword.
4.Verdite- when used it permanently increases your magic points by 1
(I think you're better off selling it).
5. Dragon Fruit - restores MP, HP and conditions.
6. Memory Card blocks used? I was told by From software of Japan (the ones who developed KF) that it required up to 15 blocks to save a game. Whether this is correct or not, I do not know. I have a character that is level 99 with almost all of the items, and I can fit at least 5 to a card. So you decide.
7. Crystal shards are another form of cash!! 2 crystals can be taken to the crystal crafter and then turned into a flask. Note: Flasks are very important for trading and carrying waters.
8. You are suppose to be shipwrecked on an unfamiliar island and that is why certain items are not explained in the manual. It's all part of the game to find out what things do. Two ways of doing this are, first find the fortune teller, and she'll tell what items are used for. The Second is the Truth Glass.
9. TIP!!!! If you open a door with a Rhombus key, make sure you have another one before you go into that room. If the door closes and it's a dead end your stuck because you don't have a key to open the door from the other side.
10. TIP!!! I can't stress this enough USE YOUR GATES & GATE KEYS. These are very important for exploring. Reminder: you need 10 MP to use this item. Check the manual if you don't know how to use 'em.
11. You can kill the large Kraken like any thing else. One technique I have found that works well is hit the big boy with a magic and at the same time go in swinging. If you time it right you shouldn't have much trouble with him. NOTE: If your having trouble killing him you best wait until your levels go up because the creatures in that cave are not a piece of cake. Basically just wait until your strong enough.
12. Harvine's Flute - Fai has this item. It's used when ever you see 2 wind poles.

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