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Jet Moto 2

Playstation Hints & Cheat Codes

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PlayStation Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

On After Shock:
Make the first right turn in the city. Go to the end of the street and turn left. At the intersection take a right, and go to the end of the street once again. A section of the turn barrier is down. You can ride through, watch out for the billboards on the other side. This will cut off some time as you head straight to the drainage canal.

On Ka Ma Te:
Heading into the swamp, take a hard left at the first check point. There is a grassy ramp which will give you access to a wooden bridge and a path leading to the other side of the swamp. It cuts off a few seconds

Slickrock Gorge:
When coming around one of the last few turns on the river you should see a large hole in the canyon wall and a rock directly in front of it in the water. Head for the rock and jump through the hole. Follow the river to the left and you'll be brought out just past the checkpoint on your way to the start/finish line.

In the track of rollercide, there is a shortcut which can save you valuable time, and put you in the lead if you are good enough to do it. After the first suicide turn(where the bell is) go straight instead of heading down into the full circle turn. If you aim it right and head between the signs, you can fly straight across to the main part of the lap.

The Shaft:
In "The Shaft", after you go through the tunnel around the first turn of the track, you have to make a jump. As you leave the tunnel, go to the left of the big rock in the middle of the track. Go off the jump at an angle so that you almost hit the right wall. If done correctly, you will land very close to the turn-around point and still be given the check point at the beginning of the S-turn. This shortcut will gain you anywhere from 2 to 6 positions!

Arctic Blast:
Drive off the part of the track right before the start/finish line. When you hit the water, turn around and drive into the crack inbetween the ice wall and the wall of the track. The driver will scream, as if falling, and you will end up back on the ice part of the track. Hmmmm... must be ACID water. (Heh heh.)

Hot Shot:
Whenever you see a buffalo standing behind the track boundary, drive into it, and it will snort. The name of one of the geysers is the "Upchuck Geyser."

Trophy Tricks:
Earning a trophy unlocks several cheat codes. Here's what you get for each racer.

Lil' Dave -- Upside Down Cam
Wild Ride -- Super Brakes
Blade -- TV Cam
Technician -- Cyberspace Cam
The Max -- Unlimited Turbos
Vampeera -- Super Agility
Gadget -- Unlimited Grapple
Steele -- Remote Control
The Hun -- Ice Racing
Bomber -- Zero Resistance

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