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Jet Moto

Playstation Hints & Cheat Codes

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PlayStation Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Codes enabled mode:
Codes may be accessed after all tracks have been unlocked by winning a Full Season at Professional level. A bubble with the phrase "Codes Enabled" will appear on the title screen when this is accomplished. Alternatively, enter the options screen, set the difficulty level to "Professional", the laps to "6", return to the main screen and press Circle(3), Square, Triangle(2), Square, Triangle.Super agility: Press Down, Circle, Left, L1, Left, Right, Left, Right at the "Code Enabled" screen. Tricks will be easier and faster to execute.

Air brakes:
Press R1, R2, Right, L2, Up, Circle, Up, Circle at the "Code Enabled" screen to enable air brakes.

Double stunt points:
Press Right, Up, Circle, L2, Triangle, Circle, R1, R2 at the "Code Enabled" screen.

Ice racing:
Press Up, R2, R1, Right, L1, Square, Right, Right at the "Code Enabled" screen.

Rocket racer:
Press Triangle, Up, Up, L2, L2, Up, Up, Up at the "Code Enabled" screen. Your vehicle will run at turbo speed all the time.

Show-off cameras:
Press Triangle, Down, Square, Triangle, L1, L1, R1, R1 at the "Code Enabled" screen.

Two-player mode with other bikes:
Press Circle, Square, R2, Circle, Triangle, L2, Right, Up at the "Code Enabled" screen. Two players can complete against the rest of the racers, for a total of 20 bikes racing.

Unlimited turbos:
Press Triangle, Circle, Right, R2, Up, Square, Up, Triangle at the "Code Enabled" screen.

Zero resistance:
Press Square, L1, Triangle, Right, L1, Down, R2, Triangle at the "Code Enabled" screen.

View all riders:
Select the "Amateur" difficulty level, disable turbos, and disable the grapple at the options menu. Hold L1and select the "Credits" option.

View all endings:
Select the "Amateur" difficulty level, disable turbos, and disable the grapple at the options menu. Hold L2 and select the "Credits" option.

Play the game disc in an audio CD player. The soundtrack, including the bonus tracks, can be heard past track two.

View dedication:
Select "Dakota" as a racer, then enter the options screen from the main menu. Set the number of laps to "2", and the trophy presenter to "Female". Then, hold R2 and select the credits option.

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