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Jade Tycoon

Playstation Hints & Cheat Codes

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PlayStation Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Merge A Minion With All Four Elements:
First you need to make sure that each of the four Minions (that have the four different elements:Earth,Fire,Air,and Water) are at the same level. Then number them 1,2,3,and 4 (random it doesn't matter what order they're in). Now merge 1+2 and call it 1. Now merge 3+4 and call it 4. Now merge 1+4 and BINGO!! By the way you don't have to name them these numbers that is just an example.

Get Lots Of Great Walnuts
Go to the Normal Beetle Forest and fight the green air snakes called Skwoots. Be careful because they can easily poison you but 50% of the time they will leave behind Great Walnuts if you kill or capture them. (Note: Great Walnuts restore all of your life and add to your Max HP by 2!)

Another World
After you pass the game you will see a long boring line of credits. If you are patient enough to wait until the end you will be able to save your game. After you select the game you saved you will be able to access a new sub-quest,(THE ETERNAL CORRIDOR)! If you feel that you have mastered this game you should try it out but beware! I do not know anyone who has passed it so far because you can't save your progress in this area!

Gain Money
In the begining of the beetle forest, you meet the blue cocoon master. When asks what you want learn, choose attack and defense. You'll train in a real battle after he gives you some mugwort. When he first says to attack, don't, defend. Then he'll stop the training and you'll be back at the "what to learn" screen with an extra mugwort. Repeat until you have maxed out mugwort! It takes time but it works and saves you money(or "yan").

Other Help
To build your minions levels up quickly do the following. Firstly take one of your minions with a high level and fight an enemy of such a high level. secondly drain the enemy until it is close to death. thirdly switch to your low level minion and finish it off. By doing this you can make a level 1 minion rocket upto level 30 with a single blow.

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