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Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone

Playstation Hints & Cheat Codes

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PlayStation Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Control main menu:
Press Square at the main menu to cause a lightning strike.

Alternate ending sequence:
Collect all 17 Famous Witches and Wizards card to view an alternate ending.

Potion lesson:
When going through the potion lesson, you will be approached by a dark figure. It will make you fall down a level. When you get to the part with the bubbles, go to the top level of the room. Press Square to go into a room where Nearly Headless Nick is. He will tell you to push the cauldrons. When you complete this task, he will give you a Famous Wizards And Witches Card. Go out of the room, then enter again. Do the same thing with him. Each time you do this, he will give you a different Wizards And Witches Card. Also, check out the other bookcases in the castle that you cannot climb.

Defeating Voldemort:
After drinking the Ice Potion, you will go in a room with four suits of armor. The cloaked figure will say "I wondered whether I'd be meeting you here Potter. You're far too inquisitive to remain among the living." You must defeat the four suits of armor, then you will face a large suit of armor. Defeat it, but avoid its sword's ray. Rocks will fall, including one that takes off Quirrels Cloak. He will then say "Damn you Potter. But, Master. it wasn't my fault." You will cross the bridge, drink the Wiggenweld Potion, and follow him into the room. The Mirror Of Erised will give you the Stone. Press Square to escape the ropes and Flipendo the poles. Then, shoot Flipendo twice inside the mirror after avoiding his green spells. He will pin you on the ground. Press Square to power up. Press X when prompted. After awhile, he will scream and you have won.

Defeating the last Troll:
Run as fast as you can until you get you get to an object that can be used with Wingardium Leviosa. Then, use the Charm, move it to the side, and let it drop. When it gets to the bottom, press Triangle. Keep doing this until all of the objects are on the side and you should see a hole. Jump over the hole and wait until the Troll falls in. Then, go to the door.

Keeping Troll asleep:
When you are in the dungeons for Snape's class, you will meet a sleeping Troll. In order to keep the Troll asleep, you must Wingardium Leviosa the basket with the key onto the haystack next to it.

Grabbing the Snitch:
When the Snitch is about an inch away from your hand, grab it. This may require a few attempts.

Behind bookshelves:
Behind one bookshelf you have to shoot pumpkins, cauldrons, and chocolate frogs with your Flipendo. You will have to shoot them back for a Slytherin. This is located in the Slytherin door across from your door in the entrance hall.

Find secret areas:
If there is a bookshelf that you cannot climb on, press Square and it will open. You will find different things that will help you inside. Also, there are parts on the castle walls outside that can be opened. To tell if the wall can be opened, it will be a lighter color. Press Square to open it.

House Cup:
Although you may think you have lost at the end of the game, defeat Voltamort to win the House Cup.

No chasing Malfoy:
Win the Quidditch cup at the main screen before you start a new game. You will not have to chase Malfoy for the Rememberall.

Sloth Brain for Snape:
First, get the Fire Seeds for Hagrid, which will open the gate behind his hut. Go through the gate and follow the path until you find Ron Weasly. Follow him to the Quiditch Pitch. While he is talking, Neville Longbottom will appear. Ron will say "Hey, here comes Neville. He looks quite upset. Best go see what he wants". Harry will go to Neville automatically. He will say "Malfoy stole my Rememberall and ran onto the school grounds with it". Harry will automatically follow Neville. Malfoy will speak and you must defeat him. He will speak again and throw the Rememberall and Harry will catch it. Professor McGonnagal will appear and speak about Quiditch. You will go to the Quiditch Pitch where Ron, Hermione, and Hagrid will wish you good luck. Once you finish Quiditch, you will run into Snape who tells you about the missing Sloth Brain. He will confiscate your "Quiditch Through The Ages" book and a map will fall out. Walk over to the map and Ron will appear and speak. After that, you will follow him to a gate. He will unlock it and you will walk inside. Once inside, go straight and turn left to the Puffapod Patch. Ron will speak. Next, you need to find the tunnel that leads to a Venomus Tentacular. Defeat the Tentacular and proceed. You will find a lever. Use the lever and return to the Puffapod Patch. The door behind it will now be unlocked, Enter the door and defeat the Horklumps. The Sloth Brain is past the Horklumps on a tree stump, Pick up the Slot Brain and jump to the bush in front of you. Jump off the bush and you will be near the lever from earlier in the area. Go to the gate and return to Hogwarts.

View game completion:
When defeat Voltamort the game credits will begin. Try to go back to your saved game. Although you cannot start it again since Voltamort was defeated, the game will display the percentage that was completed.

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