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Grand Tour Racing 98

Playstation Hints & Cheat Codes

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PlayStation Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Horn While racing, press Up.

Bonus Car and Track

Start a race in Hong Kong, level 5. When you get to the bridge, slowly drive across then immediately turn to the right. Drive back under the bridge and get the gold medallion. You now have access to a new car and track.

Extra Easter Island 2
Start the race with any team. After the lava, go to the right off the track (after the S turn) and on to the grass just before the red and white road block. Follow the grass to a small beach. At the end of the beach you will find a gold object. Run over it for a new track.

Switzerland bonus level
Select Switzerland level 1. Drive until you reach a collection of houses and people. At a certain point in front of the houses, you can drive up around them. There are two that have a "ski house" sign on them.
Drive behind the farthest one up the hill. You should see a yellow and orange ball. Drive into it to load the secret level.

Egypt bonus level
Select Egypt level 1. Drive through the town at the beginning until you are out in the open desert. Immediately before the first tunnel is a piece of land with some buildings on the right side of the road. Drive to where the piece of land starts, and drive up the shortest side. This is the only way to get up there. Drive on it without steering back on the road.
Drive for a few seconds until you reach the end of the piece of land.
About at the end is an orange ball. Drive into it to load the secret level.

Moscow bonus level
Complete Moscow level 1 by finishing in first place to continue to level 2. At the start of Moscow level 2, drive backwards until you get to a small jump. Continue past it, turn around, and drive off it. Jump off it at an angle to land over the barrier to the right of the jump. Look between the building to find an orange ball. Drive into it to load the secret level.

Game music
Play track two and higher of the game disc in an audio CD player to hear music from the game.

Game Shark Codes
Easter Island Level Codes

Ahmed 80026936 0007

Baptiste 8002698A 0007

Ivanov 8002697E 0007

Lumiere 80026966 0007

Morgen 80026942 0007

Roberts 80026972 0007

Rossi 8002694E 0007

Xu 8002695A 0007
Egypt Level Codes

Ahmed 8002693E 0007

Baptiste 80026992 0007

Ivanov 80026986 0007

Lumiere 8002696E 0007

Morgen 8002694A 0007

Roberts 8002697A 0007

Rossi 80026956 0007

Xu 80026962 0007
Hong Kong Level Codes

Ahmed 8002693C 0007

Baptiste 80026990 0007

Ivanov 80026984 0007

Lumiere 8002696C 0007

Morgen 80026948 0007

Roberts 80026978 0007

Rossi 80026954 0007

Xu 80026960 0007
Moscow Level Codes

Ahmed 80026934 0007

Baptiste 80026988 0007

Ivanov 8002697C 0007

Lumiere 80026964 0007

Morgen 80026940 0007

Roberts 80026970 0007

Rossi 8002694C 0007

Xu 800269580007
Scotland Level Codes

Ahmed 8002693A 0007

Baptiste 8002698E 0007

Ivanov 80026982 0007

Lumiere 8002696A 0007

Morgen 80026946 0007

Roberts 80026976 0007

Rossi 80026952 0007

Xu 8002695E 0007
Switzerland Level Codes

Ahmed 80026938 0007

Baptiste 8002698C 0007

Ivanov 80026980 0007

Lumiere 80026968 0007

Morgen 80026944 0007

Roberts 80026974 0007

Rossi 80026950 0007

Xu 8002695C 0007

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