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Driver 2

Playstation Hints & Cheat Codes

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PlayStation Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

To unlock the secrets in Driver 2, you have to 'Take a ride' in the different cities. The secrets are unlocked by pressing different buttons and doors. You press buttons with the Triangle button while you are out of the car. The cheats and secret games can be found at the 'options-gameplay-secrets' menu. The secret cars can be used in 'Take a Ride' in the cities you've found them.

Train Mystery In Vegas
In vegas take any car you want. Now for you to notice the difderence, look for any wall in the city. Now crash your car against it and once youve crashed youll see that the car bounces of the wall not ver roughly. TRUE? It is. Now to prove somethng else, look for the same wall and make the front of your car softly touch the wall untill it stops. When it's touched the wall accelerate to the maximun and you'll notice it does'nt acceleratte, it just brakes automatically. Now go to ghost town into the train track area. There are two different end. Go first to the end were the bridge is. There you will see a train that has stopped. Very slowly make the front of your car touch tha en of the train. Now accelerate to the max and the car will keep on going as if there were no walls and you would just drive normaly. SEE? Now go to the other end and go very slowly again to the train. Make the front of your car touch the train vey slowly and your car will fly away 4 times farther than normal. SEE?
Now if you walk into the trains it'll say you drowned. Weird!



Secret Area, Wrigley Field:
Go to the baseball arena, you can find it at the top of the map at the Wrigleyville area. At the north side of the stadium, you can see a sign that says 'Tickets'. Walk over to it and press Triangle. Then the gates to the stadium will open up.

Secret Car, Yellow sports car:
Get into the stadium and walk up the stand. Continue to the right and you will find a yellow sports car whith black stripes. You have to press the button to open the gates.


Secret Area, Underground:
Take a look at the map. To the left of the map, where the tunnel is, you can see a road that doesnt seem to lead anywhere. Drive down that road and you will come to a locked gate. Drive a little to the right and you will find a pole with a button on it. Press the button and the gate will open up.

Secret Car, Pink and White Minor:
Drive into the secret area and continue down underground. Keep going down until you see a big machine. Dont go down that last level where the machine is, but find another way that eventually leads down. There you will find a platform with a white and pink car. Press the button on the wall to lower the platform. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Las Vegas:

Secret Area, Construction Site:
Take a look at the map. On the bottom of the map you will find the airport. Just to the east of it you can find a big curve. If you drive in between the buildings at that curve, you will find a ramp that leads over a fence and into a construction site. Jump over the fence and you have found the secret area.

Secret car, Lowrider Pickup:
Take a look at the map. Just beneath the word 'Tropicana' you can see that the raod curves a little. There you will find some small buildings and a wooden gate that is closed. When you are facing the gate, walk to the right and around the house. There you will find a button. Press it and the gate will open up. Inside you will find blue lowrider truck.

Cheat, Invicibility:
Take a look at the map. Find the intersection of 'Mid Strip' and 'Tropicana'. Just to the north of it there is a road that leads to the right. Just before that road you can see a house with a small sign that says '99 c'. There you will find the button to unlock the cheat.

Casino time!
Go to the area with all the yellow mailboxes, get out of your car, and look for a bloke in a dark suit. press triangle on him and the display will say "you unlocked a secret game". after that, get back in your car, drive to the hotel, a secret door should now be open and now get out of your car and go in. you will be able to play the slot machines, video poker, roulette tables. - From Super Solid Snake 2001


Secret Car, Semi-Truck:
Take a look at the map. On the very top of the map, you will find a small hump in the road. In the middle of that hump is a building. The button is located to the right. It opens up the gate to the left of the building. Drive inside and you will find a Semi-Truck you can drive.

Secret Area, Racetrack:
Take a look at the map. To the left is a big lake called 'Largoe Rodrigo de Freitas'. To the left of the lake you can see the oval racetrack. Drive around to the left side of the track to find the gate. Get out of the car and turn around. Follow the building you have in front of you to the right and you will find the switch that opens the gate.

Cheat, Immunity:
Take a look at the map. To the left is a big lake called 'Largoe Rodrigo de Freitas'. Drive to the top, right corner of the lake. There you will find a building. Go around the back of that building. On the right corner of the building is a door, just press it and you have unlocked the cheat. You should see a garage with barbed wire just to the right of this building if you are in the right place.

Secret game, Race Track:
Just drive your car into the secret racetrack area and you will unlock the secret game.

Secret game, Mountain Pass:
Take a look at the map. In the middle left of the map you can read 'Santa Tereza'. To the left of that, there road runs in an almost oval shape. If you drive straight to it, you can find the button just before you pass the fence. It is located to the right of the gate. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

No car damage glitch:
On Bank Job in Las Vegas when you get to the bank just drive up to it a little and if you have time left get out and run.If your car has any damage when the screen closes in it will show you driving the red car again and when the screen uncloses in you will have no damage.

Big jump in Havana:
In Havana, go to your map. Look for a place that looks like a U shape. It's on the freeway. Go to that place and keep driving East on normal settings. You will get to a green place, pass that. Look to your right, and you will see a little place with a road that goes up to it. Go up the road and turn. Drive to the far wall where there is a clearing of just grass and turn left. HIT THE GAS!!! When you are just about half way over the ledge, get out and press up. Watch your car fly about 20 feet to the ground!

Run down the crowd in Chicago:
Go to Wrigleys Field and get the yellow car. Instead of going out of the gate, turn back around the way you came in. Drive up the slope and face the crowd. If you fly off just right, and you jump out the second your car leaves the slope, your car will fall into the crowd, or coast down the crowd into the field.

Another Havana jump:
I like jumping out of my car on this one, but it works both ways. Go to the place where it says "Ferry" on the map. drive on that road until you see the back of the ferry. Go fast and hit the jump. your car should clear the ferry. Jump out when your car is almost over the ferry, but not quite. you will be standing on the front of the ferry, looking at your car. Your car will fall, and hit the water, but keep going. You can watch your car float there for a long time. Pretty cool.

Sit on air glitch:
On any city drive to a chair or bench. Run it over so it dissapears then get out of the car and walk to the place where the chair was. Press Triangle and Up and you should sit on air!

To Get in and out of a car Hold Up and triangle control. When being chased by a cop, When you lose him get out of your car and get into a new car, no damage or felony will appear.

To get Lamborghini:
Drive to the ghost town and press triangle on the saloon-door.
A big garage nearby will open, and inside it`s a beautiful Lamborghini.
This car is an older type of Lamborghini, it handels good, drive faster that you can imagine and its a very beautiful car, so drive on!

Zero Gravity mode:
Go to Las Vegas and go to ghost town follow the road untill it cruves and ends just before it curves u see a garage. On the left side of the garage next to the wall is a switch, press it and you've unlocked zero gravity mode, activate the cheat in options/gameplay/secrets - From sillystringer@hotmail.com

Chicago jump (Glitch):
Go to the navy pier, drive through the gate, keep to the right. HIT THE GAS! Jump out and sometimes the car goes the road.

Flip the car:
When you are just about to flip over, get out of your car A.S.A.P. If You are able to re-enter your car,press and hold Circle, X and hard steer to the side of the car that is touching the ground and the car will flip back onto all-four wheels.

See the world on the inside:
Just travel along the cuban highway and look for a bench between two buildings, (better if by cafe tables), and sit down. 2 out of 3 times you will go inside the building. Note: you will have to restart the game so be prepared.


Steal a police car in Chicago
Go to Grant Park and go around that location. There will be a police car on the side of the park. Get out of your vehicle and steal the police car the same way that you would steal any other vehicle.

Secret area in Las Vegas
After unlocking the secret car in Las Vegas, go to the street and turn left to get back on to it. Take that street to the end and turn right. Follow this street to the next intersection and turn left. When you turn left, you will see a building, a fence and a wall. Between the wall and the next building is where you turn to go to the secret area.

Avoid police chases
Drive like you are one of the city cars and the police will not follow you unless you hit a car or building.

Reset felony meter
After getting chased by the police, get out of the car and get into another car. The felony meter will go back down to 0.
Press Triangle + Circle.

Take a break
While next to a chair, press Triangle. After your character sits, press the Analog-stick to change the camera angle.

Get out off a flying car
While driving and in the air, press Triangle + Up. Your character will get out off the car, and his car will drive full speed farther. Note: This cannot be done while the police are chasing him.

Last more than a minute in survival mode in Vegas:
(From Alex)
When u start go straight and jump on the stair things in front of u and try to land on the little small grass area and go in between the poles until u can't go in no more and the cops will be crashing against the wall trying to get u but they never will.

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