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Dragonball Z- The Ultimate Battle

Playstation Hints & Cheat Codes

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PlayStation Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

basic controls
The Basic Controls For Each Characters Are Quite Simple And Similar:-
There Are Two Energy Bars For Each Fighter. The Top One Is Energy, Which
Goes Down As You Take A Hit. Note Different Colours Means Different Multi-
Ples Of The Bar. E.g. It Goes From Blue To Green To Yellow. The Bottom Bar Is The Power BarG Which Denotes Your 'Chi' Which Decreases As
You Use A Fireball. It Charges Up On Its Own Very Slowly. When It Goes Down
To Nothing, You Are Then Tired And Is Not Able To Move For A Few Seconds.
(During Which Time You Are Completely Vulnerable To Attacks) Notations:
s = Square Button f/b = Forward / Back On The Directional Buttons
x = X Button u/d = Up / Down
o = Circle Button uf/db = Up Forward / Down Backward...Etc. qcf= Quarter Circle Forward = d,df,f
qcb = Quarter Circle Backward = b,db,b
hcf = Half Circle Forward = b,db,d,df,f
hcb =Hale Circle Backward = f,df,d,db,b t = Triangle Button s - Basic Punch
x - Basic Kick o - Basic Fire Ball(Causes The Power Bar To Go Down)
t - Fly This Is Actually A Form Of Martial Arts When You Use Your 'Chi' To
Move Your Body In The Air!
l1/r1 - To Speed Along In The r/l Direction On The Ground Or In The Sky Hold Down Either x, o, Or s - To Recharge Your 'Chi' Quickly. You Will Have
To Do This Quite Often. You Will See Your Character Has Some Sinuous Energy
Around Him. (Note You Are Vulnarable To Attacks During This.) f Or b + s (When You Are Close To The Opponent) - For A Close Range Attack. Fireballs (All The Direction Here Assumes The Opponent Is On The Right.
All The Characters Has Basically Three Types Of Special-Move Energy Projec-
tile Attacks
1)Continuous Or Spread-Out Fireballs (Depending On The Character) - qcf + o
2)Medium Strength Energy Attack - hcf + o
3)Super Energy Projectile Attack - qcb,f + o All 3 Uses Progressively More Chi Energy And Thus Will Cause More Damage. 4)Release OF Chi (Few Of The Characters Has An Invisible Fireball- The
Strength Of A Normal Fireball) - b (Hold), f + o
Of Course, There Are Also The Unblockable Fireballs (Read On) Defense
1)Basic Block - b Or db ( You Can Block A Kicks, Punches And Basic Fireballs
With This But Will Take Some Damage From A Medium To Super Fireball)
2)Breaking A Medium/Super Fireball - s +x (When Done Right You Will See Your
Character's Arm Lash Out And No Damage Will Be Taken. Have To Time This
One, Ie When The Fireball Is Near You.)
3)Energy Shield - qcb + o (This Will Also Block The Fireballs But Will Cost
You Your Chi Energy Depending On The Length Of Time)
4)Quick Step - Tap b Twice (You Can Avoid Fireballs This Way, Again Need
Timing Though.)
5)Run Away! - r1 Or l1 Or t (I've Found By Far The Best Method Is To Avoid
The Fireball By Moving Away Quickly) Hypermoves (Rush)
For Most Hypermoves To Work, One Needs To Stand Close To The Opponent And
The First Punch Or Kick Of The Move Must Connect With Your Opponent. Hyper-
moves Do Not Use Any Chi Energy.
Modes Of Game Play
1)Player Vs Computer - Self-Explanatory. The Computer Will Randomly Chose
Your Oppponent After You Have Chosen.
2)Player Vs Player
3)Tournament - It's One Player, You And The Computer Will Each Choose A
Number Of Characters To Enter The World's Number One Martial Arts Tour-
nament. You Can Choose The Same Character More Than Once. Then The Com-
puter Will Draw Up A Match Table To See Who Will Fight Against Who. The
Rest Is Pretty Straight Forward. Note This Is An Important Mode Of Game
Play Because Son Gokou's Adventures In The Comics Repeatedly Brought
Him Back To This Tournament Which Was Held Every Three Years.
4)Build Up - This Is Where By You Can Pick A Character And Train Him To Be-
Come A Better Fighter With An Increasing Energy Bar As A Reward Each
Time You Beat An Opponent. You Can Then Save This Character On To The
Memory Card And Bring Him To Your Friend's House And Use Him To Beat
Your Friends' Characters.
When You First Select The Option, There Will Be A Question In Japanese
Which Means Do You Want To Start A New Character. Choose Yes Gand It Take
You To The Character Selection Screen. After You've Chosen The Character
You Want To Train. You Will Notice That The Rest Of The 22 Characters
(Including Yourself) Will Have A Level Number 1-22 When You Highlight
Them. At This Moment You Are At Level 0.
Start With The Character Who's Level 1 And Select Him. You Will Then
Fight Him. After You've Beaten Him The Computer Will Ask If You Want To
Save The Character. Select Yes And Now You Are A Level One Character
With A Slightly More Energy To Spare On Damage And Slightly More Power-
Ful Attacks And So On.
Needless To Say From 1-22 The Opponent Is More Skilled And Fights Better
Than The Previous One.
After You've Beaten All 22 Characters, That's When The First Boss Char-
acter Appears (Level 23). After You've Beaten Him You Will Find Yourself
Back At The Start But All The Other Characters Will Be Numbered From 24
Onwards And Stronger Than The Previous 22. You Can Get UpTo At Least
Level 125 And May Be More!
5)Build Up Battle - You Can Use Two 'Built-Up' Characters From The Card/
Cards To Fight Each Other. During The Battle, Pressing L2 Will Let The
Computer Control Your Character And Pressing r2 Will Let You Control
Character Again. You Can Therefore Let The Psx Control Both Characters
And Just Watch The Match Characters And Moves
Also Please Note Any Techniques That Uses o Button Consumes Chi Son Gokou
Close Range Attack - 4 Punches And A Double Jumping High Kick
Dash Elbow - qcf + s
Forward Turtle Flip - f,b,f + x
Four Dragon Kicks- hcf + x (A Direct Translation)
jump Knee Lift - db,uf + x
Solar Energy - d,u + o (This Is A Technique To Project A Bright
Light, Thus Solar, To Stun Your Opponent Moment-
arily. Actually Learnt From Tenshinhan)
Teleport - (When Blocking An Attack), f + s
3 Continuous Fireballs qcf + o
Release Of Chi - b (Hold), f + o (A La Invisible Fireball.)
Turtle Power Ball - hcf + o ( Medium Strength Fireball Learnt From
Grampa Turtle)
Super Turtle Power Bal qcb,f + o (a Stronger Version)
Hypermove - hcb, f + s Take Enemy To The Air, Multiple Tele-
ports, Kicks And Punches, Invisible Fireball.
Unblockable Teleport qcb, hcf + o Young Son Gohan (Super)
Close Range Attack - Super Fast Multiple Punches
Jet Uppercut - qcf + s
Descending Kick - (Jump Up), f,d + x
Dash Slider - b,db,d + x
Back Roundhouse Kick - qcf+ x
3 Continuous Fireballs d,df,f + o
Invisible Fireball - b (Hold), f + o
Devils Power Ball - hcf + o (Medium Fireball Learnt From Piccolo)
Turtle Power Ball - qcb,f +o ( Of Course Being The Son Of SonGokou,
He Would Know This Move.)
Hypermove - f,b,d,u + x Close Kick, Take Enemy To The Air,
Two Kicks, Jet Uppercut.
Super Unblockable bALL qcf,b + o Son Goten (Super)
Close Range Attack - Superfast Multiple Kicks.
Goten Descending Head d (Hold), u+s (He Would Actually Jump Up Out
Of And Missle At The Opponent.)
Back Round House Kick b + x
Kicking Uppercut - db, uf + x
Dash Sweep - b,db,d + x
3 Continuous Fireballs d,df,f + o
Invisible Fireball - b (Hold), f + o
Turtle Power Ball - hcf + o ( Like Father Like Son, Similar Styles)
Super Turtle Power Bal qcb,f + o
Hypermove - hcb,hcf + s Multiple Hits And Kicks On The Ground
Super Unblock. Attack D(Hold),u+o(Jump Up Of The Screen And Fireb.Down) Young Trunks (Super)
Close Range Attack - Superfast Multiple Punches Followed By A Kick
Dash Elbow - qcf + s
Back Roundhouse Kick - b + x
Middle Kick - qcf + x
Flash Kick Attack - b(Hold), f + x
3 Continuous Fireballs qcf + o
Air To Ground Energy (Jump Up),f,d + o
Energy Ball - hcf + o (Medium Strength)
Super Energy Ball - qcb,f + o
Hypermove - f,b,d,u + x Multiple Kicks On The Ground, Fireball
Unblockable Energy Bal qcf,hcf +o
Double Large Energy Ba.qcf,hcf + o, o Gotenks (Super)
Close range Attack - 4 Punches To The Head And 1 Kick
Descending Head Charge (Jump Up), f,d + s
Multiple Punches - b(Hold), f + s
Leg Sweep - d,db,b + x
Double Upper Roundhous db, uf + x
3 Continuous Fireballs qcf + o
Combined Goten Ball - hcf + o
Superfast Multi. balls qcb,F + o (About 10 Fireballs All Together! However
It Can Drain Up To A Whole Bar Of Chi Energy)
Hypermove - hcb,hcf + s Changes Into Super Saiyan Contenks 3
(With Longer Hair)And Fly And Quick Descending Multiple Fireballs
Unblockable Attack - hcb,hcf + o A Ghostly Fireball TRUNKS (Super)
Close range attack - Close Range Explosion.
Sliding Leg Sweep - b,db,d + x
Forward Flip - hcb + x
Double Hand Hit - b (Hold) , f + s
5 Multiple Kicks - f,b,f + x
Shower of Fireballs - qcf + o
Ground Energy Discharg b,db,d + o (Can Be Done When Flying)
Energy Ball - hcf + o
Super Energy Ball - qcb, f + o
Hypermove - f,b,d,u + s Take To Air,Multiple Sword Hits,Firebal
Unblockable Fireball - hcf,hcb + o Piccolo
Close range attack - Straight Up Kick
Arm Stretch - b (Hold), f + s
Super Descending Kick (Jump Up), f,d + x
Sliding Kick - f,b,f + x
Upward Swoop - db, uf + x
Energy Flame - f,b,f + o
3 Continuous Fireballs qcf + o
Electric Header - db, uf + o
Energy Missile - hcf + o
Super Energy Ball - qcb, f + o
Hypermove - f,b,d,u + s Long Hand Grab,Take To Sky, Multiple
Punches And Kicks, Close Range Explosion.
Unblockable Fireball - hcb,hcb + o Klilyn
Close Range attack - 4 Punches Followed By A Kick(Seems To Work Better
With b + s)
Forward Charge - qcf + s
Descending Gail Kick - f,b,f + x
Flowing Double Kick - b,db,d +x
Super Sweep - (Jump Up), f, d + x
3 Continous Fireballs qcf + o
Forward Bounce - qcb + o
Solar Energy Bomb - d,u + o (Same As Son Gokou's Used To Momentarily
Stun The Opponent)
Turtle Power Ball - hcf + o (Same Master As SonGokou)
Energy Saw - qcb,f +o (As Seen In The Intro Sequence)
Hypermove - hcb, f + s Take To The Sky, Multiple Hits To Sides
Unblockable Energy Saw hcf,hcf + o Tenshinhan
Close Range Attack - Head Butt
Multiple Hand Slap - Tap s Repeated
Horizontal Head Charge f,b,f + s
Low Kick + Close punch qcf + x (Stand Close)
Beam Attack - db,uf + o
3 Continuous Fireballs qcf + o
Upward Energy Beam - qcf + o
Solar Energy Bomb - d,u + o (Is The Original Char. Who Uses This Skill)
Energy Ball - hcf + o
Invisible Energy Ball qcb,f + o
Hypermove - hcb, f + s Duplicates, Take To Sky, Multiple Punche
Unblockable Ball - hcb,hcf + o
Combination - hcf + s (When In The Middle Of Solar Energy Bomb) Great Saiyaman
Close range attack- 5 Punches
Winning Upper - qcf + s
Super Hero Punch - f,b,f + s
Descending Kick - (Jump Up), f,d, + x
Double Roundhouse - qcf + x
Slow Energy Ball - qcf + o
Invisible fireball - b (Hold), f + o
Turtle Power Ball - hcf + o
Super Turtle Ball - qcb,f + o
Hypermove - hcb, f + Otake To The Sky With Multiple Punches And
Kicks (Posing In Between)
Unblockable Turtle Bal hcb, f + o Kaiohshin
Close range attack - Throw
Multiple Slaps - f,b,f + s ( Stand Close)
Side Slap - b(Hold),f+ s
4 Multiple Kicks - hcf + x
3 Continuous FireBalls qcf + o
Invisible Fireball - b (Hold), f + o
Ground Energy Discharg b,db,d + o
Energy Ball - hcf+ o
Super Energy Ball - qcb,f + o
Hypermove - f,b,d,u + o Telekinesis - Throwing The Opponent
Up And Down The Screen
Multiple Spread Fireba hcb, hcf + o Vegeta
Close Range Attack - Close Explosion
Dash Elbow - qcf + s
Upward Charge - f,b,f + s
Sway Attack - b,db,d + s (Close)
Descending Kick - (Jump), f,d + x
Upward Sliding Kick - db,uf + x
Side Bomb - d,u + o
Upward Fireballs - qcf,b + o
Energy Ball - hcf + o
Super Energy Ball - qcb, f + o
Vegeta Final Bomb - (Jump), f,uf,u,ub,b,f + o A Huge Radiating Energy
Attack (Useup Alot Of Chi Energy!)
Unblockable Fire Ball qcb,hcf + o
Hypermove - hcb, f + o Kick, Take To The Sky, Mutiple Hits,
Knock Opponent Down To The Ground, Super Fast
Mutiple Fireballs. Freeza
Close Range attacks - Knee-Butt
Fast Forward Charge - f,b,f + s (Covers Long Distance)
Descending Head Charge (Jump Up) ,f,d + s
Forward Flip - qcb + x
3 Continuous Fireballs qcf + o
Invisible Fireball - b (Hold), f + o
Descending Lunar chop b,db,d + o
Energy Ball - hcf + o
Super Energy Ball - qcb,f + o
Hypermove - f,b,d,u + o Hold On To Body Of Opponent And Fly Up,
Mutiple Internal Explosions.
Unblockable Energy Bal Hcb, f + o Android 18
Close Range Attack - Heavy Punch
Horizontal Head Charge f,b,f + s
Back Leg Sweep - b,db,d + x (Stand Close)
Double Low Roundhouse f,b,f + x
Back Flip Kick - qcf, b + x
3 Continuous Fireball qcf + o
Ground Discharge - b,db,d + o
Energy Ball - hcf + o
Super Energy Missile - qcb,f + o
Hypermove - hcb, f + x Multiple Hits In The Sky
Close Explosion - hcb + o Android 16
Close Range Attack - Head-Butt
Charging Punch - qcb,f + s
Body Charge - b,db,d + s
Flying Fist - qcf + s (Literally!)
3 Continous Fireballs qcf + o
Invisible Fireball - b(Hold), f + o
Upward Eye Laser - db,uf + o
Energy Ball - db,d,df,f + o Close Range Fireball
Arm Cannon - qcb,f + o
Hypermove - qcb,hcf + s Throw+Multiple Arm Cannon Attacks.
Unblockable Arm Cannon qcf,hcf + o
(ExecuteG These After The Rocket Punch Has Hit)
Reverse Rocket Punch qcf + s
Dash Attack - qcb, f + s
Dash Tackle - b,db,d + s Cell
Close Range Attack - Close Explosion
Forward Charge - f,b,f + s
Low Sweep + Mid Kick - f,b,f + x
Ascending Charge - db,uf + x
3 Continuous Fireballs qcf + o
Invisible Fire Ball - b (Hold) , f + o
Finger Beam - b,f + o
Energy Ball - HCF + o
Turtle Power Ball - qcb,f + o
Hypermove - f,b,d,u + o Multiple Punches In The Sky, Close
Unblockable Fireball - hcb, f + o Darbura
Close Range Attack - Lightening Strike
Sword Slash - qcf+ s
Double Sword Slash - qcf + x
Jumping Sword Attack - hcb + s
Medusa's Spit - b(Hold), f + o(In The Comic This Skill Turns People
Into Stone But Here It Merely Stuns The Opponent
Javelin - b,f + o
Forward Slide+Fireball d,db,b + o
Spitting Fire Ball - hcf+ o
Super Energy Ball - qcb,f + o
Hypermove - b,f,d,u + s Enclose The Opponent In His Cape,
Teleport To The Sky, Throw Opponent To The Ground,
Mutiple Javelin Throws
Death Flame - hcb,hcf + o (Close By) Uses Alot Of Energy Majin - Boo
Close Range attack - Clapping In Your Face.
Body Bomber - db,uf + s
Horizontal Head Charge f,b,f + s
Descending Kick - (Jump Up), f,d + x
Jumping Lower Kick - b,db,d + x
Fireball Shower - qcf + o
Invisible Fireball - b (Hold), f + o
Antenna Missile - hcf + o (Turns People Into Candy In The Comic)
Super Spitting Firebal qcb,f + o
Hypermove - b,f,d,u + s Hit Opponet Up The Sky Over His Head,
Hit Him Down, Multiple Stamping. (Hilarious)
Boo Bomb - hcb,f +o(Like Vegeta's Blast Bomb On The Ground) Super Boo
Close range attack - Close Explosion
Head Whip - b,f + s
Forward Charge - qcf+ s
3 Continuous Fireballs qcf+ o
Antenna Missile - hcf + o
Super Spitting Firebal qcb,f + o
Hypermove - hcb,hcf + s Turns Ito Liquid Mass And Enters The
Opponent's Body, Multiple Hits From The Inside.
Unblockable Fireball - hcb,hcf + o The Following Are Three Characters That I Don't Remember Very Much About.
I Think That They Were Thugs Of Freeza. Zarbon
Close Range Attack - 5 Punches To The Head
Simple Flip - d, u + x
Sliding Sweep - b,db,d + x
Shooting Star Combination - (Jump Up),f,d + x
3 Fireballs - qcf + o (Of Slightly Different Heights)
Eye Beam - b,db,d + o
Energy Ball - hcf + o
Throwing Energy Ball - qcb,f + o
Hypermove - hcb,hcf + s Sprouts Muscles, Charge, Multiple Hits
Unblockable Fireball - qcf, hcf + o Recoom
Close Range Attack - Upward Toss
Death Driver - hcb + s (When Close) Jump Up Throw
Crush Down - hcf + s (When Close) Throw, Head Hit
Ascending Charge - db,uf + x
Forward Charge - qcf+ x
Descending Charge - (Jump Up), f,d + x
Energy Ball - hcf + o
Spitting Energy Ball - qcb,f + o
Ultra Fighting Bomber hcb,hcf + o (Like Blast Bomb)
Hypermove - hcf,hcb + s Throw Opponent Up The Air, Head-Butt To
The Sky, Sit On Opponent
Power Bomb - (Jump Up) (Close By),s+x
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Close Range Attack - 5 slaps
Dynamite Punch - qcb,f + s
Forward Charge - hcf + s
Ginew Throw Tackle - f,df,d + s (Close By)
Bicycle Kick - f,b,f+ x
3 Fireballs - qcf + o
Kneeling Fireball - b,db,d + o
Throwing Energy Ball - hcf + o
Super Energy Ball - qcb,f + o
Hypermove - qcb,f,df,d + x Take To The Sky, Multiple Slaps,
Throw To The Ground.
Damage Body Change - b,hcb + o (Change Body With The Opponent And Expl.)
Body Change - f,b,db,d,df,b + o Just Change Body (Can Be Confusing
But Useful If You Are Near Death) Bosses
There Are 5 Bosses, To Access Them, At The Ultimate Battle 22 Screen,Press
u,t,d,x,b,l1,f,r1 (You Don't Need To Do This Very Quickly)
You Will Hear A Chime When You Have Done This Right.
This Will Be Followed By An Animation Sequence To Introduce The 5 Bosses
And Afterwards The Screen Will Say Utimate Battle 27 ! Young Son Gokou
Stone- b,f + s
Paper - b,f + o
Scissors - b,f + x
Eight Handed Strike - hcf + s
Rod Strike - b(Hold), f + s (The Rod Lengthens)
Descending Charge Using A Fireball (Jump Up), f,d + s
Turtle Power Ball - hcf + o
Hypermove - hcf,hcb + s Transform Into A Giant Ape, Like The
Comic, Multiple Hits.
Unblockable Turtle Bal hcb, f + o Kame Senin
Grampa Turtle Cannot Fly Nor Move Quickly Across The Screen.
Close Range Attack - Throw
Teleport - f,b,f + s
Drunken Turtle Punch - qcf + s
Drunken Turtle Low Pun f,df,d + s
Double Kick - f,b,f + x
Drunken Turtle Kick - qcf + x
Drunken Turtle Kick - f,df,d + x
Flying Kick - qcb, f + x
Drunken Tiger Punch - d,df, f + o
Drunken Tiger Punch - f,df,d + o
Turtle Power Ball - hcf+ o
Maximum Turtle Power - qcb,f + o (Very Impressive)
Multiple Beam Attack - hcb + o
Hypermove - hcb,hcf + o (Telekinesis,Spins Opponent In The Air) Satan
Close range attack - Close Punch
Baseball Bat - x
Rolling Attack - b,db,d + s
Forward Charge - qcf +s
Diving Jabs - qcb+ s
Hero Dance - hcb, f + s (First Hit Must Connect) Dynamite Kick - qcf + x Grenade - o Cannon- hcf + o Massive Missle - qcb,f + o Failed Massive Missile qcb,hcf + o (For Abit Of Comic Relief) Hypermove - hcb,hcf + s Mutiple Hits To The Opponent Which Didn't Seem To Do Any Damage, Question Mark From The Opponent, Suddenly Massive Damage Strikes. Super Son Gokou 3 Close Range Attack - 4 Punches And A Slam Dash Punch - qcf + s Descending Kick - (Jump Up), f,d + x Gale Shoot - qcb, f + x (Jump Forward + Double Ascending Kick) Gale Shoot Reverse - qcf, b + x (Jump Backward + The Kicks) Saiya 3 Attack - hcb + s (Multiple Punches, Flip, Ascending Kick) Thousand Combination - hcf+ x (Double Flip + Ascending Kick) Invisible Fireball - b(Hold), f + o Turtle Power Ball - hcf+ o Super Turtle Power - qcb,f + o Hypermove - b,f,d,u + s (Can Be Done Afar)Teleport To Opponent, Multiple Hits And Teleportation, Invisible Fireball Unblockerable Power - hcb, f + o Gogeta (Combined Son Gokou And Vegeta) Close Range attack - Throw CannonBall Attack - hcf + s Spinning Drop Kick - f,b,f + x Fast Descending Kick - (Jump Up), f,d + x Forward Kick - qcb + x (Close By) Teleport Slider - (When Dashing r1/l1), s Teleport Slash Down - (When Dashing r1/l1), o Teleport Spinning Drop (When Dashing r1/l1), x Invisible Breath - b(Hold), f + o Slow Energy Ball - d(Hold), u + o Combined Energy Ball - hcf + o Final Super Turtle Bal qcb,f + o Hypermove - hcf,hcb + s Multiple Hits With Cannon Ball Attack, Up To The Sky, Multiple Punches,Blast Bomb+Fireball Quick Ultra Ball - qcb,hcb + o ( 3X Large Energy Balls) Orginal Text By Louis Kwong Jr. Compuserve 100044,2051

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