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Chrono Trigger

Playstation Hints & Cheat Codes

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PlayStation Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

In-game reset:
Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Select + Start during game play.

Silver Points:
Go to the left of the tent where you bet on the racers. Talk to the man standing across the track when the runners line up. He will then tell you the name of the racer that will win. Run over to the betting tent and place you bet to get an easy 20 Silver Points. Note: The following trick requires controller with an auto-fire feature, to allow Silver Points to be collected quickly during the Millennial Fair. First, reach the point in the game where you can switch all the characters in your roster around. Go to the Millennial Fair in the year 1000 A.D., with Magus, Marle, Robo, or Frog in the first slot and Chrono, Lucca, or Ayla in the second or third slots. Go to the pop chugging contest, activate the auto-fire, and walk up the man that runs the contest. Your first character should stay in place while your second or third characters chugs. You can now leave the game unattended as your Silver Points increase.

Extra items:
Go to 600 AD and examine the black treasure chests. If one reacts to Marle's Pendant, do not remove its contents. Then, go to 1000 AD and return to the same black treasure chest. Remove the contents, and the item will be upgraded. Return to 600 AD and get the black treasure chest. Now you have both of them.

Getting Lucca's ultimate armor:
To get Lucca's ultimate armor, have Crono, Lucca and Frog in your party. Go to Lucca's house after you defeat the mud doll and the beasts. Talk to her mother. Taban will enter and tell her how much money he got that day. Walk back to the main room. Taban will be standing there. Talk to him and he will give you the Taban Armor, which is Lucca's ultimate armor.

Fighting Lavos again:
It is possible to fight Lavos again easily after completing the game. Start a new game plus, go to Lucca's telepod machine, and enter the right telepod. Fight his stage before going through his shell and verything after that point with only Crono and Marle.

Alternate endings:
A new option will appear after completing the game for the first time. Use this option and load a saved game to restart with items obtained in the previous game. Complete this special game to view an alternate ending sequence. To see dialogue from Chrono himself, choose the new game plus feature after completing the game for the first time. Defeat Lavos after Schala opens the seal on the door leading to the throne room. Before you go through the door, return and defeat Lavos to see Chrono scold Marle and Lucca for admiring men instead of showing a slide show. There are about twenty different endings in the game. To see an alternate ending which features Frog marrying Queen Leene, complete the game. After just saving the Queen go to Lavos by any way you can. If you defeat Lavos a sequence with Leene marrying Glenn, and Marle being a toad princess will appear.

Finging the final Golem on the plane:
When you are captured and taken aboard the blackbird after Chrono dies, you will fight the final Golem on the wing of the plane. Instead of wasting MP and effort fighting him, wait. After a while, his fear of heights will overwhelm him and he will run away.

Easy Sun Stone:
Have Magus join your party and have him learn the Black Hole technique. Get into the fight with the "Son of Sun" (in 2300 AD) and use Black Hole to actually kill the two flames in front of the "Son of Sun". If it does not kill both of them the first time, wait until he uses Roulette Shuffle and use it again. You can now easily find the flame that hurts the "Son of Sun". To get the Sun stone, you must go through several steps. First, defeat the Sun of Son's in the future, 2300 AD. He is hiding in the Sun Palace in the south. You need the Flying Epoch to reach him. When defeated, he will give you a Moon Stone. Travel to 65,000,000 BC and venture to the Sun Keep. Leave the Moon Stone there. Go to 1000 AD. The stone will be gone. Travel to the southern town of Poore and enter the house in that has sparkles are coming out of the roof. Talk to the Mayor -- the greedy father. He says he has not heard of the moon stone. Go to one of the houses and talk to the bartender. Buy the Jerky from him. Return to 600 AD and go to the same house that the greedy father lived in. Talk to the mother at the sink and give her the Jerky. She will reply that she will teach her children to share. Go back to the same house in 1000 AD. Talk to the former greedy father. He will say someone left the stone here and give you the Moon Stone. Go back to the Sun Keep in 1000 AD and leave the Moon Stone. Time travel back to the future, 2300 AD, with Lucca in your party. Go to the Sun Keep. The Sun Stone will be there and Lucca will make her ultimate weapon, the Wondershot, with it. You will also get the Sun Specs. If you have obtained the Rainbow Shell from Giant's claw in 600 AD, go to the basement of the 1000 AD Castle. Give Melchior the Sun Stone to get Chrono's Rainbow and the Prism Specs.

9999 damage:
There is a way to do 9999 damage to anything in the game in one strike. As Ayla's levels increase, her weapon (her fists) also changes. When her levels start getting high, her weapon will become the bronze fists. With these, her critical hit will do 9999 damage to anything (even Queen Zeals Hands will suffer it).

Fast money:
Once Ayla is with you in 65,000,000 B.C., you will be able to trade petals, horns, and feathers for new items. Trade and equip them on your characters. After that, trade for more of the items. Then go and sell the items for a quick profit.

Fast tech points:
When you get to Mt. Woe there will be a Rubble that gives you one hundred tech points that keeps appearing over and over. When you reach the first save point in Mt. Woe, go north of that save point. There will be a chain leading to the right. Cross through the chain and a Rubble will be there. Put the accessory "Berserker" on a character. Fight the Rubble, defeat it, then go south of the save point. Climb down the ladder to go to another area, then go back to the Rubble and it will appear again. Note: It is suggested you have Crono , any other character, and Ayla in your group. Place the Berserker on Ayla, since she will induce greater damage then any other character.

Chrono and Marle's ultimate weapons:
Go to the ruins where Cyrus lays and Frog gets his Masamune juiced. There are several black treasure chests inside of the ruins. Marle's pendant will react to them, but not take the contents out. Use the Time Machine and go to the Present. Go back in the Ruins and now open the treasure chests to obtain Chrono's Shiva Edge and Marle's Valkereye. Note: This can also be done to upgrade the Nova Armor.

Chrono 's Rainbow:
After the Rainbow Shell Quest, Melchior will give you the Prism Dress/3 Prism Helms/ Keep talking to him. He will eventually give you a Rainbow. This is Chrono's best sword, and is even more powerful than the Shiva Edge. You need the Sun Stone so Melchior can make the alloy to make the Rainbow.

Unlimited Nova Armors:
Go to the Black Omen with Ayla in your party. Fight a Goon and use Ayla's Charm tech on the Goon. Note: Equipping Ayla's Charm Top accessory will help. Eventually, theGoon will cough up a Nova Armor.

Rare accessories:
Use Ayla in your party while on the Black Omen. When fighting Sub-Bosses, such as the three Mutants and the Lavos Spawn, use Ayla's Charm tech. You will receive Musclerings, Gold Studs, and other items. Use the Charm tech on other adversaries as well to get elixirs and other useful items. Another option is to use Ayla and Marle together and use the Double tech, Twin Charm.

After Crono dies you will able to choose anyone in the front of your team. After you get the clone of Crono, go back to Bekkler's lab and put anyone on the front of your team. Play the game where you have to mime to win. After you win, you will receive a clone of that person that will appear at their house. Note: Since Magus and Robo do not have houses, you will find their clone in the place where they were first met.

Get a Magic Tab:
Get the Naga-ette Bromide in the cathedral (first room up the stairs at the right, next to the three treasure chests). In 600 AD, go to the uppermost residence in the first town south of Zenan bridge. There is a locked cabinet with a Tab blinking inside. Talk to the old man and he will offer to trade. If you do, you will get a Magic Tab.

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