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Breath of Fire 4

Playstation Hints & Cheat Codes

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PlayStation Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Formulas for Forging Armor:
Bent Screw/Bent Screw/Iron Scraps - Light Armor
Bent Screw/Iron Scraps/Iron Scraps - Heavy Armor
Bent Screw/Bent Screw/Bent Screw - Lightning
Bent Screw/Iron Scraps/Glass Shard - Stout Mail
Bent Screw/Dirty Filter/Glass Shard - Quicksilver
Dirty Filter/Iron Scraps/Burnt Plug - Booster
Glass Shard/Glass Shard/Glass Shard - Psychometer
Iron Scraps/Iron Scraps/Iron Scraps - Mithril Rig

Easy money, method 1:
Simply go to one off the apple trees and stock up 99 off them, then go to the nearest shop and sell them for 10Z each wich makes 990Z! in the start of the game this is a lot but later on it isn't worth the effort anymore.

Easy money, method 2:
Go to the island south of Lyp, there is a Moza plant there which you can cut Moza Grass off, again, stock up till you have 99 and sell them for 50Z each, that makes about 5000Z!

Short on money:
Well near the beginning of the game, when Nina and Ryu are in Sarai. If you put Ryu up front and have him use his slash in front of a Sarai villager. You will receive very small amounts of zenny, but at the beginning of the game it might give you the boost you need.

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