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Breath of Fire 3

Playstation Hints & Cheat Codes

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PlayStation Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Beat the Dragon Zombie Easily:
Battling with the Dragon Zombie after Ryu becomes older is almost always a tough battle because of it's poisoning abilities. To quickly destroy this monster have Ryu cast all his best heal spells on the Creature. This takes care of him in no time. This trick will work on any undead creatures, EXCEPT vampires. Note: Do not use items! Healing Herbs and Vitamins WILL give HP back to the Zombies.

Infinite Croc Tears:
Go to Ceder woods and find the pond go to the middle of it were there is a small little ditch and press x and you should get a Croc Tear also you can keep pressing the x button and get infinite of them.

20% off magic:
If you want to get 20% off of magic equip 2 Shaman's rings and it should work. This is good for ryu with his accension ability because it takes a lot of AP.

Have Vital Item Flier:
Go to Genmel when you're still a child, go near the item shop and press R1 and change the camera. You'll see a manillo eating in the corner. Talk to him and he will give you the flier. This will decrease your buying items to 20 to 30% OFF!

Walk around with ryu and slash people with your sword. Sometimes you get money.

Easy Experience:
Later in the game, develop the fairy village until you have a copy shop, and copy a Ivory Dice until you have 12. Then use those dice in battle on a enemy (example: the Vulcans in Mt. Zublo). Depending on what enemy you use them on, you'll get 20,000 to 80,000 experience!

Using the Ivory Dice in battle increases the amount of experience points you gain in battle. Using it once doubles the points gained, twice quadruples the points gained, and three times multiplies it by 8.

Free Berries:
For free berries go to the coffee shop and kick the tree with apples in it for berries the berries give you 5 hps back.

Master of Agility:
To get the fairie Meryleep to become your master, go east of Wyndia where there is a spring that is said to be home of the fairies. Have Peco run and knock a rock into the middle of the pool, and a fairie will appear. She will send you on a mission to get an object stolen from her by a crow. Then go to the mountain west of the Arena, and if you walk behind the mountain a "?" should appear. Enter have Peco hit the tree with the crow on it. Take the object back to the fairie and she will offer to be your master. Your agility will go up +2, but your Hp, Power, and Defense go down -1.

Lotsa Life:
When you grow old select rei and go to the mountain where you fight the GooTitan and use pilfer as many times as you want and you will get the life shard and your life will go up one point with one so collect as many as possible.

goo titan galor
In myria's castle in char xhan if you go to the door where you can fight all the bosses of the game, if you walk around this door you will be able to fight many goo kings. This is a good trick because each goo king you defeat will give you 5000 experince points.

Master List:
These are all the masters in the game. And the skills they teach you.

Bunyan Risky Blow, Focus, Super Combo, Disembowl

Mygas Frost, Meditation, Magic Ball, Typhoon

D'lonzo Monopolize, Intimidate, Steal

Durandal Unmotivate, Feign Swing, Backhand

Yggdrasil Sanctuary, Recall, Shield

Meryleep Charm, Shadowalk, War Shout

Giotto Trump, Berserk, Death

Hondara Purify, Kyrie, Benediction

Fahl Charge, Counter, Resist

Emitai Barrier, Mind Sword, Enlighten

Bais Chain Formation

Lang Cupid's Lyre (Item)

Lee Magic Fopmation

Wynn HP Formation

Hachio Mighty Chop, Demonsbane

Deis Inferno, Blizzard, Myollnir, Sirocco, Celerity

Ladon Mind'sEye, Holy Strike,Ward Of Light, Aura

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