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Brave Fencer Musashi

Playstation Hints & Cheat Codes

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PlayStation Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Unlimited Money :
In the village bar, which is open in game time from 6pm until 2am, you can play a high-low game with a character named Macho. The game costs 100 to play and will return doubled amounts in this sequence: 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12800, 25600, 51200, and lastly 102400. However if you get 102400 he will no longer play the game with you. If he picks a number less than 7 then select high and if he picks 7 or higher pick low. Starting with just a few hundred or so for a loss cushion you can quickly become extremely wealthy. Always stop your winnings at 51200 though or you can't keep raking it in! Incidentally, time doesn't pass in the game while you are doing this so knock yourself out!

Find missed items and secrets :
After successfully completing the game, allow the credits to end. Press X when the Square Soft logo appears and save the game. Load this saved game file to return and collect missed items and find secrets that were previously missed.

Defeating Skullpion :
Hold R1 until the special is all they way up while having the earth scroll on. Do this while the bucket or rock is hanging above him, and when he is shooting out of his mouth. Note: Dodge his shots before you do anything.

Minku locations :

Grillin' village :
Near the tree to the left of Twin peak Mountain entrance and Steamwood administration.

Grillin' village†:
On the cliff above the gondola lift, near the ventilation shaft. Requires l-brace.

Grillin' resevoir :
In a recess in the cave walls near the church bell. Requires water scroll.

Somnolent forest :
Through the hidden path in the trees above the wooden sign that points to Steamwood forest and Meandering forest.

Somnolent forest :
In a small clearing above the stream that passes through the forest between the two wooden bridges. Requires water scroll.

Somnolent forest :
At the foot of the wind scroll statue. Requires fire scroll.

Steamwood forest :
Near the wind crest on a cliff above the earth crest. Require mend-earth scroll.

Twin peak mountain :
On a high ledge to the ledge of the area where you have the climbing competition with Rootrick. Requires free jon.

Twin peak mountain :
On a small ledge across the river from the area with the three poles and south of the area of the climbing competition. Requires water scroll.

Hell's valley :
In the same pit where the crest guardian skullpion was fought. Only after chapter 2.

Underground lake :
On a small ledge along the perimeter, where the plant misteria is found. Requires mine key.

Upper Binchotite mine :
Down the left side tunnel from the entry point, with the dead ant.

Stronger Lumina swing
When you fill up the speed guage, try the lumina button right when it's full or try the lumina button after you hold the speed guage button for a while(but keep holding the speed guage button.

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