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Blaze And Blade

Playstation Hints & Cheat Codes

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PlayStation Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Duplicate equipment:
Enter an auction and sell the equipment of your choice to anyone. Save only the person that received the equipment, then reset the PlayStation. The equipment will now be doubled.


Ancient Ruins: Secret room:
At the entrance of the Ancient Ruins, there will be a giant pit that you need to jump. Go near the pit but do not jump. Instead, press R1 + R2. You will see another layer of ground. Try to jump there. When you reach that floor, there will be six pillars, Go to the east or west side of the stage and jump at the wall behind a pillar. You will enter a secret room. Do this at the opposite pillar.

Old Palace: Secret room:
After defeating the Dark Wizard, jump at the wall to the north and you will enter a secret room.

Hunter skill:
The skill of a Hunter is that he can find secret paths in the forest. To enter a secret path, you must find a wall of trees with a straight line at its roots.

Warrior slash:
Press Square + D-pad with a Warrior.

Defeating the Doppelganger:
Before entering the Boss stage at the Ancient Ruins, unequip your weapon and armor. Enter the room, and when the Doppelganger's start attacking, equip your weapon and armor again.

Easy money:
Equip two Dropneal in your Accessories and use a Jewel Box to increase the money you get from monsters.

Cast Invincible without a Fairy:
You will need a Priest and a Sorcerer or Elf with Level 3 magic. Have the Elf/Sorcerer cast a Striking and Extend Spell and the Priest cast a Protection and Resist Field.

Counter status effects:
When your enemy decreases your At, Df, Mat, or Mdf, cast a spell which raises your status to counter its effect.

Cancel status neutralization:
When you have a status effect except petrifaction, cast a spell that removes the status. While it animates, run through a door and the magic will be canceled.

Get items repeatedly:
This trick requires at least two characters. When you see an item treasure chest, find the nearest save point and save the game. Player one will get the item and he will save. Exit the game and start the game using player two as the leader then repeat the process.

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