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Playstation Hints & Cheat Codes

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PlayStation Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Bullseye's One-Hit Kill:
The way you pull this off is similar to the Energy Drain move, but instead of pressing Left Punch, press Right Punch. (Facing right) the move would be: Right, Left + 'right punch'. Bullseye's fist will start to glow and he will spin around and (if the opponent's too slow) he will chop off the opponent's head.

Delta's One-Hit Kill:
To pull off Delta's scissor move (one-hit kill); press forward then back + left kick at the same time. If done correctly, her hands will glow and she will scissor her opponent in half.

Durge's One-Hit Kill:
While fighting with press back foward + Right Punch + Right Kick.

Sabotage's One-Hit Kill:
When fighting as Sabotage, tap Left, then press and hold Left + Right Punch + Right Kick. If the move connects, your opponets head will explode.

Minoteck's One-Hit Kill:
While facing right tap Left then hold Left Punch + Left Kick + Left.

Ssapo's One-Hit Kill:
When playing press: Forward-Back-Back + LP + LK [when close to opponen

Zipperhead's One-Hit Kill:
Push Right + Left + Triangle then Zipperhead's fist glow and cuts your opponents body in half.

First-Person View:
While fighting hold L2 + R2 and press the direction opposite the direction your player is facing. It should say FIRST PERSON FIGHT CAMERA ON or something like that. To turn it off hold L2 + R2 and press Down.

Easy win with PsyClown:
You need a turbo controler for this one, Turn turbo on for R1 or Fr. Then when fighting with PsyClown push Down + Left Punch + Right Punch and PsyClown will bend down then right after he does hold down R1 and you should take 2 limbs off of your opponent and 3-4 his life.

To play as Mutilator:
This ones kinda tough, first beat survivor with Sabatoge and get 30, the highest top score, and then beat arcade on freak dificulty with Bullzeye and after you have done that save it to your memory card! Now you can play as Mutilator if you have done it correctly!

Opponent Taunt:
To taunt your opponent, while fighting press LP and RK simultaneously.

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