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Playstation Hints & Cheat Codes

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PlayStation Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Call Your Mother:
Before heading out for the Tower be sure to tell your mother you're leaving. In return for your courtesy she'll provide you with a much-needed Pita Fruit.

Easy Money:
Here's a simple solution to money problems. First you need to build a race track. Once you've got it built, go inside and bet $1000 on the '3-4' combination (if the odds aren't high enough, leave and come back.)

When the race starts, speed up and get in horse #2's way. By doing this, horse #2 slows down and horse #3 and #4 will take the lead. All you have to do now is to lose the race. Repeat as needed.

Monster Hunting Tips:
Need to get rid of a pesky monster before it attacks? Throw one of your items at him. Magic items will generate whatever effect the would on you, leading to some interesting possibilities.
Refill Life:
Stand in any corner and repeatedly press Triangle + Circle.

Rust-Proof Sword:
Get a old sword and go into the tower and use about 4 red sands on it. Make sure to have a stronger sword with you to fight with until your gold sword is strong enough.

Skip All Levels:
When about to get into tower press X, X, X, O, O, O, X & O.

Easy money:
To win a lot of money, you must first build a casino. After building a casino, go to the tower (get out and go in again if you need to) until you get 60 000 gs. Then, go see your mother and save your game. Enter the casino and go to the roulette table. Bet the maximum amount of money that you can (10 000 gs) on blue. If you win, go save and come play again. If you lose up to 60 000 gs, reset your game and play again. (It never happened to me) Voila! Now you can buy or build whatever you want!

Friendly Monsters:
Throw holy scrolls at the monters. Then they will be on your side until they die or you leave the floor.

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